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All 2011 Visitor Reviews Submitted by bumblebee

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Event Reviewed: Asylum Xperiment Haunted House (Villa Park, Illinois)
Reviewed by: bumblebee   (Event Visited: 10/13/11 @ 7:00 pm)
Review Posted: 10/15/11
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: High | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: There are lots of signs and it's a huge building, so you can't really miss it.

Wait Entertainment: We were in the VIP line, so we were able to walk right up. But there was this menacing butcher type guy who was invading my husband' personal space.

Length of Event: about 20-30 minutes

Actor Performance: Very good. Pretty much everyone stayed in character the entire time and were convincing. As someone else mentioned, a lot of the actors are adults and it makes them much more convincing.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Great! We never ran into another group. The actors did a good job of keeping things moving.

Appropriate Ages: I would guess 10-12+, it wasn't too gruesome.

Props / Special FX: Awesome! I was actually the group slowpoke, because I was trying to see all the detail and take it all in.

Costumes / Make-up: Again, really great and detailed.

Summary: I LOVED this haunted house! There was so much attention to detail and it shows that the people who do produce it really love what they do. We got the 2 for 1 VIP deal (Thank you!), so we entered the VIP entrance which sets the mood with this great long, dark hallway. The blackout area had some great scares. The Hellivator was so fantastic. It does a good jobs of disorienting you. Like I said above, the attention to detail is excellent and I kept wanting to go slower to take it all in. I loved the giant toys (and the girl who said, "She looks like Barbie!" to me LOL). The hillbillys were great, too. But to me and my husband, the stand-out area was the doors. The actresses in that room were so good! Very creepy and it seemed like no matter where I turned, they were there. And the CLOWNS! OMG! The clowns nearly gave me a heart attack. There were a couple of rooms that could have had a little more going on. The hospital room had great potential, but the actor just said something like, "Need a bed?" or "Room for one more" or a similar line, rev'd his saw a couple of times and that was it. It looked great, but fell a little flat. The kitchen also looked great, but didn't have that much happening. But overall, it was a great time. My husband isn't really a haunted house fan and even he had a great time. When it was over, I think we both wanted to go through again immediately. We definitely will be back next year !!





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