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All 2011 Visitor Reviews Submitted by hauntee

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Event Reviewed: Fright Night (Forest City, Illinois)
Reviewed by: hauntee   (Event Visited: 10/07/11 @ 9:30 pm)
Review Posted: 10/08/11
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Medium | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: Easy to find from directions off flyer we had, which only said to turn at post office in Forest City. Had a small sign to alert you this was indeed your turn too. Attraction was clear where it began and where to buy tickets. Parking was simple and easy...small city along the street style. Cops in cars watching area well so seemed very safe even in not so lighted place...again small town so to be expected not to have bright illuminated streets but not pitch dark either by any means.

Wait Entertainment: We went on a Friday night and had no wait for tickets. Being only October 7th we didn't expect a huge rush, most haunted houses aren't even open yet this early in the month. There was a nice crowd though and event lines are timed perfectly in my opinion. Four attraction total with one having a indoor horror museum plus food and the other three near each other with a food truck and nice area to eat with a fire. Can grab warm drink waiting for wagon ride back.

Length of Event: We did all four events plus viewed the actual movie horror prop collection museum and ate some food before leaving in a total of about 2 hours. We also had our two boys with us who are 9 & 11 so it took us a tad longer to get them in line and stray them back from the bombfire pit and food stand. They were excited to see it all including outdoor decor. So adult only group i'd say less time depending on the crowd and what all you decide to do and time you take in the museum looking and reading the info in there. Attractions only I'd agree with the previous reviews with an hour though to tour all four haunts only.

Actor Performance: Okay for none of these guys getting paid they sure do give it their all that's for sure. We were amazed at how well even some of the children did...yes children aged probably same as mine I took. All ages mixed in with good acting and oh my some of those girls got lungs and sure can scream! You vote for the best scene and attraction at the end so I think this might keep the edge since they are competing against easy other in a sense. Good costumes that fit the scenes well.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Perfect they spaced it so all actors were on mark. Not sure how it will be when closer to Halloween and more busy but, when we went unlike other haunted houses I've been to in the past we were the only group in the attraction during our tour or so it seemed since I didn't hear anyone else which was a huge plus to me. This way there was no give away to monsters getting ready to jump out soon by hearing dose distance screams. It made a pleasing experience and helped with the fear factor.

Appropriate Ages: Depends on the individual and fears of course but in my judgement as a mother I would suggest no younger than 8. Not to say it would be inappropriate to take a child younger in your best judgement though. There is a handful of passageways you need to go through that require bending and climbing in a sort to exit the trail so handicap might need minor assistance or could maybe bypass the climb to leave the trail too so even though asking about age here this could play into a factor judging who its sutiable for too

Props / Special FX: Not too much high tech but that's how I like it since its more your own fears playing in here than some awesome digital or smoke and mirror etfects that most don't find scary anyways...rather just cool to look at. Here its more darkness and sudden sounds that get you. More classic spooky dark rather than want to be Hollywood props you shall find here

Costumes / Make-up: Not too over done..I think that their character and acting took control more so than any costume. They looked the part though for the scene and who needed be along with dead on acting so to me this is better combo than a awesome look on a poor actor. This is what we look for that you get here I think...keeping in mind this is a non-for-profit haunted attraction not star Hollywood sets and stars at the same time. Some could be though with the blood curdling screams and demeanor.

Summary: I think I pretty much covered everything but I found my family all liking a different attraction the best so this goes to say there just might be something for everyone here. The group rate is for 20 or more people- thought to mention that since we figured it would be less but then again your not saving a huge amount using the group rate anyways and this is raising money for good causes and not just making someone's pocket a little fatter in the process. Our family of four spent $80 so knowing its going towards a good cause makes us happy because $80 to us is a lot of money. We went during bracelet night so it cost us each $15 to see all four and then we got some drinks and two orders of nachos so pretty fair price for everything we got and did. We live in Pekin and next year would consider going back. I really dug the history to the church and loved knowing in a way your going into a possible real haunted location and such an old building. We were not sure what was up about the skinner house and why its going to be on an episode of my ghost story on a&e. Would have loved to learn more about that or an intro perhaps like we got about the church which we will leave for you to go and find out about yourself...happy Halloween and haunting all.





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