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2013 Visitor Reviews of
Haunted Hotel (Quincy, Illinois)

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Reviewed by: Jashuh   (Event Visited: 10/13/13 @ 8:15 pm)
Review Posted: 10/14/13
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Medium | Atmosphere: Good
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Visibility/Location: This location is somewhat difficult to find, located behind the hotel and not highly marked. There is a road sign but it's dark and not lite, so it's hard to see and notice, they really need to lite this up.

Wait Entertainment: No waiting entertainment here, but maybe not required ... We only noticed several others ahead of us, so who knows. There is drinks and a nice campfire burning..

Length of Event: After you get into the basement of the hotel maybe 10 to 12 minutes.

Actor Performance: I thought the actors they had done a fair job and keep us somewhat in guessing what they were going to do next, some actors however are recycled from previous scenes which does seem kind of cheap ?

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: The flow is a guided tour so everything is controlled by the leader, I somewhat got the idea she was the only lead so in a crowd this might be a real issue.

Appropriate Ages: I would say anyone over 8 years should be able to handle this.

Props / Special FX: Some standard haunted attraction props but nothing too much here, the basic haunted house stuff here. There is a lot of stock hotel surrounding here, reworked with blood and gore - maybe this works here !! No special effects here!

Costumes / Make-up: The costumes and the make up all seemed to work ok but this event was mainly masked actors and standard clothing ..

Summary: This was the first year of this event and it just seems to have some possibilities, but could use some real work to pull this off correctly. The hotel basement needs to be more opened up with less time going back over already done tracks, it does need to have the walls more opened up. It seems like to us that the guide and the actors were not on the same page, and therefore many of the actors were not at their posts and either on break or simply wasn't there, with this light turn out tonight they should have been very well rested and ready to fire off, but nothing at several stations - the guide noted that her people wasn't where they should have been.  
I understand the first year is always one of the more difficult and maybe this event will clean up during the month, let's hope.. This haunted hotel is a nice addition to Quincy Illinois and is the only game in town, so it needs support to keep it going and it does have some good people trying to get it off and running, hope that next year they enhance what they have and pull off a great show.





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