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All Visitor Reviews
2013 Visitor Reviews of
CarnEvil (Hoffman Estates, Illinois)

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13 out of 14 people thought this review was helpful.
Reviewed by: Jhart919   (Event Visited: 10/25/13 @ 8:15 pm)
Review Posted: 10/28/13
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Very Low | Atmosphere: Good
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Visibility/Location: Very easy to find. Tons of parking.

Wait Entertainment: While waiting in lines, there were a few characters walking around trying to scare you. Actors were very nice and would pose for pictures

Length of Event: Felt like the 3 haunted attractions were rather short.

Actor Performance: Actors were not very scary.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: We had a group of 9 and were allowed to all go through together, which was nice

Appropriate Ages: I think my 7 year old could have gone through these attractions without getting to scared. Felt like these attractions were better suited for children/teens, rather than adults.

Props / Special FX: Props were good. Really like the air tunnels that were pitch black that you had to squeeze through. Overall, felt these attractions were to lit. Having darkness adds to the fun

Costumes / Make-up: I was surprised that there weren't more clowns, besides the two clowns shown in their advertisements, clowns were absent. Make-up on actors were average

Summary: I did have a good time, although walked away disappointed that I didn't have one of those "OMG" moments. Carnival was a fun touch for something different. Guy operating tilt-a-whirl gave us an extra ride for free :) Really like that actors posed for pictures with our group. There was an indoor ice skating rink, which was another added bonus. Wasn't over crowded, so the lines weren't too bad (big plus) Would be a great "first" haunted house for my kids. Probably wouldn't return with adults again.

36 out of 43 people thought this review was helpful.
Reviewed by: BIGGUN   (Event Visited: 10/04/13 @ 7:00 pm)
Review Posted: 10/06/13
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Low | Atmosphere: Fair
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Visibility/Location: At the Sears Center. GPS will lead you there if not familiar with the area.

Wait Entertainment: One clown, and a guy in a bloddy shirt at the first haunt, none at the second haunt, and 2 hillbillies at the 3rd haunt.

Length of Event: 5 minutes for the first haunt, 7 min for the second haunt, and 10 min. for the 3rd haunt

Actor Performance: Average overall. Some actors were pretty decent, and in your face, but there were some young kids in their whose acting wasnt up to par.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Decent. Ran into a group tt the first two haunts.

Appropriate Ages: 7 and up

Props / Special FX: Average. There werent too many special effects, and the props were not convincing.

Costumes / Make-up: Also very average. Ive seen better at most other haunts. Not a whole lot of thought in the costumes

Summary: Oh CarnEVIL and your $35 price tag how I hoped youd knock my socks off so I wouldnt have to write a review like this.  
The event is in the parking lot area of the Sears Center, so if its raining you will be outside waiting to get in to each haunt. The haunts themselves are inside with the exception of the one maze in the first haunt.  
The first haunt is the so called zombie haunt which is a series of trailors "stuck together", and starts with a Hellevator. The prop effect itself isnt bad with the bumping and shaking, but whover set it up didnt cover up the SEE THROUGH fence. As a result you can see the wall right through the fence, which kills the idea that the eleveator is moving up or down. Not a good way to start. 
After 2-3 minutes of body parts and torsos in various stages of decay, and some jump out actors who were decent you then walk outside to the maze, which literally took me 20 seconds to get through, Not much of a maze. Id like to add that at all 3 attractions it was WAAAAY to bright and you could often see the lights of the Carnival flashing through into the haunts. 
HAunt #2 was the doll house. Didnt see too many dolls, and the it starts off in a dark hallway with a decent scare. Lots of lonely ladies in there begging you to stay. Not bad, but not particularly scary. It seemed like that was the theme of that particular haunt. And haunt #2 like haunt #1 seemed very short. 
Haunt #3 was the best of the three. Air pops at your legs when you walk in. Gory butcher scenes with crazy hillbillies. The scented disgusting toilet scene was a gruesome mess, and the spinning vortex, followed by the chainsaw guy was effective. 
I know its the first year, but the haunt was not particularly good, especially for the price tag. Are these really the guys from Dream Reapers doing this? There seemed to be some hints of that with the scents and mirrors in some of the haunts. 
The haunts themselves as mentioned before are too bright, too many little cracks in them exsposing the outdoors, and too disjointed. The trailers that are joined together for the first haunt seemd a bit wobbily when you walked. Not sure if that was done on purpose or not.  
Its not a very good location for a haunt either. Too much going on outside, and the atmosphere suffers as a result.

18 out of 37 people thought this review was helpful.
Reviewed by: lilwish96   (Event Visited: 10/04/13 @ 9:30 pm)
Review Posted: 10/08/13
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: High | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: It's held at the Sears Center Arena so it's very easy to spot. What makes it even easier is the lighted ferris wheel and carnival rides.

Wait Entertainment: They had tons of wait entertainment! Got to meet Chokey the clown and three other clowns were around as well as members from Carny Town and Ma Buckners Doll factory! They had a little boy all dressed up crawling up the fences. Very entertaining!

Length of Event: It's 3 separate haunts! Carny Town (cannibal hillbillies) minimum of 10 min. Tomb of Laveau minimum of 15 minutes. Ma Buckners Doll Factory minimum of 15 minutes. Could be faster or slower depending on your group we wanted to look at all the scenes and detail.

Actor Performance: None of the actors broke character. They were all into their roles. Which made it even more fun! All of the actors fit in with the houses were they were in from the cannibals to the zombies, and the crazy dolls. Even the little boy, when people wanted to take pictures of him he stayed in character!

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: They spaced us out very nicely. Never bumped into another group. The only 2 times is at the end of Tomb Laveau they have a spinning tunnel a group of 12 was still standing there staring and laughing. Other than that great job!

Appropriate Ages: 14 and up

Props / Special FX: They had amazing props in scenes in all of the houses. Carny Town had lots of blood and gore, dead animals and people everywhere, different rooms in the hillbilly houses were very intricate. Tomb Laveau was VERY FOGGY AND SMOKY when you walked in which was awesome it disorientated you and the actors popped up from everywhere. The graveyard acenes and crypts were very detailed, coffin room, and the spinning vortex is always fun. Ma Buckners Dollhouse was awesome they had the shaky elevator, the animatronics were crazy, sparks flying everywhere, and at the end a HUGE robot looking thing that looked like a twisted Big Daddy!

Costumes / Make-up: The makeup was good some better than others I don't think I saw many masks at all, which is awesome. Lots of latex and crazy costumes bloody great variety. All the costumes were very detailed depending where they were they weren't just people in street clothes with a mask slapped on. My favorites were the clowns, they had the best makeup and the actors from the doll factory crazy costumes all different and amazing makeup!

Summary: I really enjoyed this haunt. I liked how all the houses were separated into the different themes (Carny Town, Tomb of Laveau, and Ma Buckners Doll Factory). There were hardly any masks the make up was different for each actor and the costumes were all different, some were more intricate than others.I have a couple favorites, Tomb of Laveau when you walk into the dark and smoke and the actors come from all directions I loved that. You didn't know when to brace yourself. I also loved the graveyard/crypt scenes, very creepy and detailed. The Doll Factory was something new and they had fantastic costumes and makeup in there. I loved the Big Daddy guy. It was worth the the price, then again I went with a buy one get one free coupon for this weekend only, but I think if I didn't have the coupon it still would be worth the full purchase price. You should definitely check it out!





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