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2015 Visitor Reviews of
Midnight Terror Haunted House (Oak Lawn, Illinois)

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31 out of 50 people thought this review was helpful.
Reviewed by: thecurse   (Event Visited: 10/01/15 @ 9:30 pm)
Review Posted: 10/07/15
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Medium | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: Right off the major street, and is in the old Beaty Lumber Yard. Its a huge place, you really cant miss it.

Wait Entertainment: They had plenty of actors out and about. the person on stilts was funny, but come on at least try and hide that youre on stilts, it kills the whole effect.

Length of Event: 12-15 minutes. There was 2 Houses and kind of an outside see through maze.

Actor Performance: No one seemed to be lacking but no one besides the last chainsaw guys seemed to be doing anything out of the normal.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: This was the worst I have ever witnessed. So we are let in, and in the very first room we run into the group before us. So we wait 15 seconds for them to pass, and boom the group in back of us catch up to us. Then we run into the first group again. And then the group in the back of us and another group in back of them. So there was about 15 of us going through and really killed it for me.

Appropriate Ages: I would say around 8. Nothing bad here for them to really be scared of.

Props / Special FX: More on the low end of things. They used low wires to make it feel like there were rats in the room. Come on now, youre better than that.

Costumes / Make-up: Most the face paint looked pretty good. There were a few awesome full masks too.

Summary: Well, Ive lived in the area all my life and have always thought Beatys Lumber would be an amazing place for a haunt. So, when I saw there was one I was really excited and opening night I was there! 
Then I was dissapointed. The place is huge and they didnt use the main room i was hoping for, oh well no big deal. Then there was the early 2000s nu-metal playing. Does anyone still like that? 
Actor flow was a mess in this place and made the whole walk through terrible. Even trying to wait for the group to pass didnt work because the group in back was right there. We went on opening night, and there was not a lot of people there so that should have been handeled much better. 
I counted 5 black hallways, now that is just bad. Its a big cop out to me when that is in a Haunt. Very dissapointing.  
Nothing was overly detailed, but the rooms that had some were really nice, so that was a plus. Although 5 days later, I can not remember anything that stood out. 
The last chainsaw guys were by far the best of then night. They really got into it and made up for anything else that wasnt great. 
Ovearall not a great Haunt, but nowhere near as bad as some weve been too. for $9 (opening night price) it was well, well worth it. It has potential to add and become even better next year im sure, and ill be there!

7 out of 22 people thought this review was helpful.
Reviewed by: icecoldbtch0   (Event Visited: After Oct. 31 @ 9:45 pm)
Review Posted: 11/04/15
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: High | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: Not totally visible off the main roads, but if you got GPS you'll be good in finding this place. The signage is very visible once you are in the area. No problems finding this place.

Wait Entertainment: Only 1 actor being it was end of the night, we were last people to walk thru, but the one guy who was working the "line" was Excellent. He was pretty hardcore, the way he scraped the ground with his weapon causing sparks, plus he had a cool clown mask on & a good haunted house vibe, setting off the tone right away for us before the walk thru even happened.

Length of Event: I'm guessing around 18-20 minutes. Def worth the bang for your buck here.

Actor Performance: Superb. Wonderful. Very impressed. Loved this crew of actors. All fully immersed in their roles, and that's saying a lot esp when it's the end of the night!

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Perfect. We were literally the last ones to walk thru, and there was no line when we rolled up, so it was perfect. Didnt run into anyone inside the haunt, besides the actors which is exactly the way the experience should be.

Appropriate Ages: 12+ up.

Props / Special FX: From what we saw, great stuff here. Some of the areas were darker than others, but overall from what we did see, very cool & creepy looking props & room sets here.

Costumes / Make-up: Great job on both costumes, masks, & makeup in this haunt. One of the best things I saw that really stood out was this dude with a stump for an arm, & they literally gored the stump up so gross, when he walked toward me I was tripping out, wondering if that was really what I was seeing or not! Loved it. Made for a truly sick experience, which is what I expect from a haunted house. Loved the makeup on the guys with the chainsaws too, & the way the nurses were done up.

Summary: Ok, so being we went to this very haunted house last year, we knew it would be good, but wow have they improved, stepped up their game from last year to this! SO many mentions here, I hope I remember them all.....Midnight Terror is most definitely one of those haunts that will only continue to improve as the years pass, as these guys got it figured out & clearly they are building more elaborate sets than just last year, plus I don't remember seeing nearly as many actors in last years version of this haunt! So that's always a plus. From the start of this walk thru, you will realize right away this is not your mild factor haunt, we knew from the first door we walked into, that this was going to be a High scare factor haunted house, & boy were we right! From the room full of dolls, all lined up in white dressed & skull masks, to the toilet room with the woman eating her vomit as she talks to you, whilst getting sprayed with an unknown substance, to the gorey creepy nurses, singing "Hush little baby" & intensely staring into our souls, to the guy with the arm stump, gored out to the max, literally getting up in our faces, to the rooms you literally have to walk past the actors to get thru the room, no escaping them! To the 3 huge threatening looking guys with the chainsaws, to the psycho clown room with the female crazed clown warning me as I walk thru her room, how she's gonna "knock that stupid little hat, off your stupid little head!" in total maniacal aggression. We also enjoyed the straight jacket wearing long haired dude, very cool as he moved around like a mental patient as we walked past him. This haunted house was GREAT!!! The full experience from start to finish was nothing short of superb, & my husband and I give these guys extra credit for actually still being in FULL character on the night after halloween, AND 10 minutes before they closed!!! They really brought the energy. Bravo to this crew, & the price is nice for the time spent in the haunt, so good bang for your buck! Can't wait to see what you got in store for next Halloween season, we will def be back.





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