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All Visitor Reviews
2015 Visitor Reviews of
Massacre Haunted House (Montgomery, Illinois)

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60 out of 74 people thought this review was helpful.
Reviewed by: keegs123   (Event Visited: 10/17/15 @ 8:00 pm)
Review Posted: 10/19/15
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Low | Atmosphere: Good
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Visibility/Location: This place was very easy to find since they had signs put onto the actual building and there were signs on the side of the road that pointed to their haunted house.

Wait Entertainment: There was about one or two actors total that were in the waiting line. Although we were in the VIP line we did not see very many actors come out and entertain people in line.

Length of Event: About 15-20 minutes

Actor Performance: Decent. This haunt had a lot of great potential of being really scary, but since there were so many groups going through at once, all of the good scares were being ruined for us since all of the set up scares were happening in the group in front of us so by the time it got to us, we already knew what was going to happen.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: The patron flow was horrible. By far the worst in any haunted house I have been through before. They were sending so many big groups in there in very short periods of time. At one point there ended up being a 20-30 person conga line and it was not fun for anyone. They tried separating us at some of the stopping points to go through other parts of the haunt, but it did not last very long as we were in a huge group through majority of the haunt, even though my group only had of us total in it. This was their weakest point.

Appropriate Ages: 13 and up only because this is an attraction where they use a lot of vulgar language and humor and it is recommended for older ages.

Props / Special FX: Their props and special effects were amazing. It was definitely great walking through and seeing all the detail and effects that they had throughout this haunted house. A lot of it was very attention grabbing and unique.

Costumes / Make-up: Very detailed and scary looking, although some were better and more detailed than others.

Summary: Overall, we were very let down by this haunted house, being as it was ranked #1 last year, we had very high hopes and expectations for this place. The main problem was that they were sending so many people through at once, it completely ruined our experience and made it no longer scary, but more so just annoying. The haunt was visually appealing to look at, but in the end, it felt kind of short and we did not feel like we were very satisfied by it. There also felt like there was a lack of actors throughout the haunted house. A lot of the rooms had cool scenes and potential to be scary, but there were no actors in them, so it did not scare us as much as we were hoping for. If this haunt was able to get a better handle on their patron flow, this place would easily be one of my favorite haunted houses. We really loved the set design of the jungle scene, the house scene with the surprised scare Christmas tree, and the 3-d portion of the haunt. The actors did not hold up very well and since most of the potential scares were ruined because we got sent through with such a big group, we ended up not getting scared at all.

15 out of 27 people thought this review was helpful.
Reviewed by: Justin84   (Event Visited: 10/11/15 @ 9:45 pm)
Review Posted: 10/17/15
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Medium | Atmosphere: Average
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Visibility/Location: It was a drive from where I live. GPS turned me around a bit but eventually we found it, and their sign is big and visible.

Wait Entertainment: There were 2 clown like characters that were interacting with us until a woman walked in. They broke character, led her passed the long line we had to wait in to get tickets. And brought her right into the haunt. Very tacky.

Length of Event: 20 mins

Actor Performance: The actors inside were great! You could tell they enjoyed what they were doing.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: At first it was completely understand control. About 5 rooms in we hit a long Congo line of people which was a huge let down for the 2014 #1 haunt.

Appropriate Ages: 10+

Props / Special FX: They have an amazing amount of props and special fx like the train and the spikey thing that flies at you, really cool.

Costumes / Make-up: They have some of the best makeup I've ever seen at a haunt. No cheap zombies or black eyes here. Great job.

Summary: Well first we waited 45 minutes for tickets, and after seeing the actors break character I was feeling a bit bummed. After ticket purchase we waited another hour before inside. Finally we ventured into the dark and set out to find what was lurking around the massacre corners. It was going really well until we hit the long line of patrons. For the rest of the haunt we were a 30 person line, which didn't really set the actors up for cheap scares but you could tell they were still having a good time with dialect. The rooms here were beautiful and the actors were emergetic I would have loved to got the full affect without 27 other people. Overall still a really good haunt. I would recommend it.

14 out of 41 people thought this review was helpful.
Reviewed by: icecoldbtch0   (Event Visited: 10/04/15 @ 8:15 pm)
Review Posted: 10/06/15
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Very High | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: Vibility was good off the street, you can't miss the black Hearse out front, or the Van in back (both Massacre advertised on sides of vehicles)

Wait Entertainment: Wait entertainment had a few roaming actors/actresses, they all interacted with the crowd very well, & added to the whole waiting experience, plus we saw the Exorcist movie playing on the big screen, I especially loved that part! Hoping they play (the original John Carpenter's) Halloween next time we stand in line at the Massacre, as it's my all time fav horror film.

Length of Event: Total time took us a little over a half hour to walk thru the entire haunted house. So you def get your money's worth here.

Actor Performance: Top notch. A+. Very impressed. Usually, when I walk thru haunted houses, it is rarely the female actresses who scare me, I usually only get the bejesus scared out of me by the male actors. But not in the Massacre! Not sure where they found some of these actresses, & actors, but they def picked a great bunch. They were fully immersed in their roles, & never broke character the entire time we were in their rooms.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Flow was great, I think they got that part down! I noticed the lady was waiting a good minute or two in between letting groups in, so no one ran into eachother while walking thru the house. No conga lines here, Thank God!

Appropriate Ages: 13+ up.

Props / Special FX: All awesome, you can tell the owners put a ton of money into this place.....There is not 1 area in 1 room that does not have a prop, an actor, or some kind of special FX which kept us entertained thru out the entire haunted house. No slacking in this dept. Excellent attention to detail in these sets, top notch movie set designs in every single room we walked thru!

Costumes / Make-up: Excellent make up! Great costumes, all scary looking stuff here. & I especially liked the masks, they looked just like the movies these characters spawn from. Top notch everything in these costumes, every actress or actor I saw had those creepy looking contacts in their eyes, which really added to the realism of bringing these spooky characters to life. Also some of these actors had their bodies painted/airbrushed, going the extra mile to make them look striking, almost dead like! Super cool.

Summary: Having gone to Massacre before, I kinda knew what to expect here. But these guys added a bunch of new stuff, (they always do), changed it up big time from last season! So I was pleasantly surprised, it seems they keep tweaking these sets, & adding new characters, so I never really know what to expect from this haunt....Which always makes for a wild ride. I must give mention to the Bishop, as he stood out, I also loved the Pig headed dude in the Overalls. The nurse rooms were all great, they were all scary in their own way, & I must give special mention to the Silent Hill nurse in the surgery room. She stood so still like a statue, I had no idea she was even alive (there were many other statues in that room), until she jumped out at us & literally made my whole group scream! We were practically running down the hallway, into another room, only to find 2 more scary looking nurses there to "greet" us. These people really get into their character, you can see the passion when they act....I liked how they all worked together & chased us out of the whole medical area, into the next phase of the house....The clowns were super scary, & we had a blast going thru 3D. The movie theater was cool too, we liked that guy sitting in the seats who also jumped out at us as we passed the aisles...I personally go to haunted house for the startle scares, but my friends enjoy the creepy eery effect built into the sets...We got BOTH at this haunt! Most def worth the door price, if you are into high scare factor, then this one's for you. Not for the weak minded, as this place is not your local ma & pa haunted house. You can tell they're competitive, & out to beat other haunts just by the elaborate sets, & the work put into the acting in this house. Loved the loud metal music playing on the speakers everywhere too. The guys who build these room sets, the amount of actresses & actors we saw, the super scary acting (demonstrated on Sunday night), I'm guessing is going to impress all haunted house goers alike..Talk about on point acting! This is the stuff of nightmares, people who enjoy horror films, will love this place as Massacre really nailed it here. I can see why they got voted #1 in the newspapers this past year. This haunted house stands above All. I personally have yet, to find a haunted house that comes close, anywhere in Chicagoland...(although Reapers Realm, Evil Intentions tie in at 2nd place for me).(Basement of the Dead my 3rd choice)..But Massacre is still #1. Great job guys!!! Looking forward to coming back thru, before the season let's out....That's how much fun I had at this place! My friends loved it too, said they will def be back :)





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