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Halloween Prop Menu : Mad Man Scene

Mad Man Scene

This one will get a big reaction from all of your customers. As the audience walks around a plexiglass-enclosed room, a mad man from within starts throwing things around. He slams chairs, a table and other objects into the only thing that separates him from the audience, a window of plexiglass.

In order for this effect to have the proper impact, the path the audience takes must completely wrap around the plexiglass enclosed room (see picture below). This provides more of a scare than if they were able to quickly walk by a single plexiglass window. In order for the audience to escape, they will have to walk around the entire enclosure.

A framework should be built that will withstand a lot of punishment. To make the plexiglass windows rattle when hit by various flying objects, attach them to the framework secure enough so they will not fall out, but loose enough so they can move a little bit.

The success or failure of this effect depends on the volunteer that plays the role of the mad man. This effect takes a lot of energy to pull off effectively, so ghouls should alternate after every couple of groups of customers walk through. It is also a good idea to provide your workers with plenty of water during the night. You can really work up a sweat operating this effect!

Also be sure that the walls on all sides of the effect are VERY sturdy! When chairs and other objects come crashing against the plexiglass, customers are usually pretty rough on the walls surrounding the effect.

Mad Man Scene

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