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Kevin Dells

Joined: 30 Nov 2003
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Man, i just read your story's about your Building. Sounds like ours, although we haven't seen anything. Stuff falls ALL the time.

You hear stuff all the time when it's quiet.

I was working out at Screamfest for awhile today, and felt like somebody was in the building with me, Creepy.
We aslo have the electric box all the way in back, yeah long walk in the dark, alone! AAAHHHH

As far as supernatural things i have encountered. Well lets put it this way.
I grew up in Bull Valley just north of Crystal Lake , actually it's in the middle of a triangle of C.L., woodstock, and Mchenry. When i was a teen we had a big myth about the Bull Valley Strangler.
Story go's two teens were parked making out on a back country road, girl passes out from being too drunk and wakes up in the morning to her boyfreind hanging in a tree above the car.
I remember teens from all over Chicago used to drive out every weekend and asked about the myth, they wanted to go find the spot and park for kicks.

If we were smart we would have dressed up on moonlight nights and ran across the roads throught the cornfeilds. God, why did i just think of this NOW!
Imagine the story's that would have started if we did that.

Bull Valley also has a very deep history dating way back to the underground railroad days, i believe it because theres a huge old Mansion that they give tours of, supposedly there are a lot of tunnels under the house so slaves could hide.

I know for a Fact that my parents have a stage coach trail that ran through their property, i have found lots of bones along that trail, mostly large animals. And we have found a few artifacts dating a few hundred years old, spoons and plates, wagon wheel imprints where wheels were left when replaced.
Stone marker signs that are totally grown over.

We also have a house with round corners built back in the early 1800's.
The owner built it with no corners anywhere in the house, he believed ghosts and aspiritions could hide in corners, this house is still there they use it as the police station now.
Right across the street was the house we all knew all to well as " The Devil worshipers house!" Seriously! This place had huge gates to keep people out, very weird jungle type sounds came from that property. We would ride our bikes there at least once a week and stare into the holes in the fence.

This peice of property i would find would haunt me later in life!
The story, all true. Now imagine, Bull Valley mostly hilly as hell, cornfeilds everywhere with a lot of old oaks dotting the roadside. And the nearest town is 10 miles in any direction.

It was the summer of 1982 my senior year had just ended and it was mid july and i was the bar hound from hell. My buddies and I all hit the grandfather clause with the Wisconsin drinking age so we always headed up a few times a week. Hogs and Kisses and Popeyes in Lake Geneva Rock it North and Horsin Around just north of Antioch were our personal favorites. We would go to both every Saturday night.

My Freind Dave drives up this particular Saturday night with 3 of us in tow, the night go's on, i meet this reall cool girl and we hit it off. ( keep in mind in the 80's we didnt have to much to worry about as far as AIDS, people of both sexes went home togehter ALL the time, people were sluts in the 80's and i was the ringleader.)

So Dave, ASSUMES after he has had a bunch to drink that i left with this chick, asks the rest of the guys, nope haven't seen me. They LEAVE ME at the bar! I assume thier still there and kiss this hottie good night, she pulls away. I look for the guys to no avail, i know nobody else at the bar that night, so im a WALKIN all the way back to Bull Valley some 50 miles away.

I did get very lucky and get a few hitch hike rides up to the outskirts of Mchenry. It's now going on 3:00am. A cop picks me up and says he'll get me the rest of the way after hearing my story, he's laughing his ass off by this time. What does the cop do! Takes me to the other end of Mchenry, drives me 2 miles into Bull Valley and tells me thats as far as he can take me. (i could have walked a busier route and possibly Hitch hiked, but no Butthead drops me in the Boonies at 3:00am!

I now have to walk right down the road where all this strange shit is located, house with Corners, Devil guys place, the supposed strangler site, everything i named above. At 3:00am, By MYSELF!!
Im looking at at least 5 miles of child hood terror ahead of me, i get past the house with corners, and the Railroad house, even past the strangler site. All is going well, it's now 4:00 am and the booze is long gone, im dead sober from fright.

I get to the last dillema, The Devil Guys House! I dont hear the weird noises at all, it's dead quiet. Still 2 miles from my folks place with a huge hill in between the two. There are three patches where it appeared that the road had been patched. Each patch covered the whole road side to side and each was about ten steps long. I dont remember the patches from my child hood. So you have a patch then old road then patch and so on, directly in front of the Devil guys house.
I step on the first patch and all of a sudden it sounds like animals running all up and down the tall grass ditches next to me, SCARING the crap out of me! I take off running and i clear the first patch and dead silence!

Hit the second patch, same dam thing! I take off again, it stops as i clear number two. My heart at this time is pounding, i literally got very upset to my stomach freaked out as i came up to Number three patch which is directly across from the gates of this place. I hit number three, and the noises start but really loud this time, scurrying like crazy, i could see the grass moving in the moonlight and then about 10 really hard bangs on the metal gates and they start to open. THATS IT IM OUT THERE!!!

I ran balls out all the way to my parents 2 miles away, up the huge hill to where my P's drive starts, im now about ready to pass out, my stomachs killing me, im ready to heave, but I hadn't heard anything for the two miles except my pounding heart. I stop running, catch my breath for a minute and get ready to head up the drive which is about a quarter mile long ALL Wooded with the oaks of course.
All of a sudden i hear the rustle in the ditch all around me again and this time heavy animal breathing, Im gone again like a guy with his ass on fire, but i know im being chased this time i could hear feet pounding behind me, breath gasping behind me. I ran so fast up that drive i lost my shoe, grabbed the spare key from under the door matt and fly into the house, slamming the door behind me.

My mother who was sleeping on the couch i had woke up with the commotion comes into the hall way and see's me dam near in tears, she gets next to me and for some reason she flips on the outside porch lights and through the little side door windows we see six coyotes standing on the porch!
We both scream, shut off the lights, lock the freakin door and run up stairs and hid.

That was the most freaky ass night in my entire life, i love camping but man does that night make me think all the time when im in the woods.

Hope you enjoyed the story, i didnt and now its time for bed, this should be fun.

Kevin "Babyman" Dells

" When it comes to freaky people i win!"

Woods of Terror on Church Street
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::hides in corner::

I would have had a heart attack and died- I'm a pussy.

Reggie Grenwych

'Twas brillig and the slithy toves,
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;
All mimsey were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe!
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Ken Spriggs

Joined: 07 Jan 2004
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Next time you see Rick--the bald one
ask him about the door in the clown room!!

I don't really believe in all this ghost stuff---BUT something was messing around with us over there.

When your working in complete light--all of a sudden bloop no more light for you. You get up and look around to see who was messing around--just when you realize-HEy I am the only one here!!

That's when you know something is wrong

The woman who hatched me said I could grow up to be anything.....SO I CHOOSE TO BE A$$HOLE!!
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Oops... maybe i should've dared Charlie to stick that fork in the light socket last season...
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All right, Kevin. You are now known as "Dances with coyotes". Or maybe just "Coyote Bait". No. I got it now.

"Roadrunner" Dells.

Beep beep.

I think I've posted before around the boards how I had a distinct image in my mind as a child of my grandmother's front room populated by skeletons in formal clothing. I always hated going by it at night. No problem in daylight though. Not until I was in my teens was I informed that funerals/wakes had indeed been held in that room almost a century earlier.

Most theater spaces tend to be haunted, though I suspect the emotional energy from shows to be as much a factor as spirits. My old college (Barat in Lake Forest) had a lot of stories going around about suicide nuns or students ghosts, but there was no historical evidence. Definitely something in the air though. I think a constantly stressed out population of acting and dance students created a permanent "vibe" over the years. I was always spooked by the old main building late at night.

I added to the mythology myself, with my Batman mania at it's peak in 1989. My mock up pattern on a dummy freaked out a lot of people (including teachers) in the costume shop- I'd work late at night, and the next day, it would be by the door as folks entered- they'd catch it out of the corner of their eye and think something freaky was waiting for them. After all, it wasn't there the day before, when they left.

Then, once the costume was done, as I was crossing from one dorm to another to show it off to a bedridden classmate and her visiting mom, I saw a security guard coming towards me. I stepped behind a tree to hide, and then continued across the lawn. Later, I began hearing about a "vanishing phantom" of inhuman shape that this lady guard had glimpsed one night.

Tell me Commisioner, is there a six foot BAT in Lake Forest?!? And if so, what's he pulling down, after taxes?

I must become something black, terrible...a creature of the night. That's it! I shall become a BAT!
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yeah... the coyote thing definately woulda scared the pee out of me and im KINDA hard to scare (ha! lynnzy will disagree....)..... most of the time... I AM! lol but all this talk about that kinda stuff reminds me of this past october i was a guide at trail of screams and me and a few of my guide friends all had this feeling out by the funhouse... it started off at the top of the hill we went up and then another force added to it...

the first night i felt it i was patiently waited for my group to come out hiding in the shadows so i kind of popped out of no where when they came out... well.. i heard kind of a rustling sound in the woods to my left so i look and i see this HUGE dark figure about 50 feet from me and so im like "what the hell is that" i shine my light on it and i hear a growling sound and i dont mean like... timid "go away" growling i mean severe "im gonna eat you" growling and it didnt sound like an animal... at least not one id ever here.... just about every single night after that i felt extremely afraid when i was standing there waiting for the group.... that was really the only time I was scared... cuz i mean working at these things you get used to it....

nowadays i have that same feeling in my back yard at night... Shocked eep... maybe it followed me...

i remember my friend mike said he thought that something like "the spirits of the woods" (he said probably indians) were awakened and probably angered that we were there disturbing the peace... i dont know... hes crazy... love him though...

and then like my second night out there i was leading the group towards the checkered hallway and something seriously pulled my hair.... it hurt to... and i told andy and hes like "you know the woods are haunted right?" "psh... yeah... i was just caught off guard" it didnt scare me i ws just like... OW THATS ATTACHED!

yeah... im totally fascinated by this ghost stuff (if you havent noticed) so i could go on for hours about crazy experiences ive had.... but ill make another post about my experiences at home.... lol... i like to share! lol SHARING IS CARING!

shit... i didnt just say that.... dammit... carebears-taking-over-brain.... AAAAAAAH! HEEEEEELP! lol

im hyper... bye...

come and meet a few fiends... oh... 'scuse me... friends of mine.
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I donít know how many people on this message board really believe in ghosts and haunting, but scientific studies have been conducted that prove on a rear occasion some events can not be explained, they are for what it is worth, possibly a real haunting.

Now from the scientific side of this subject I can state a fact or two, starting with the physical laws of magnetism.
Magnetism, it exists everywhere in this universe, itís naturally occurring and it can be amplified by anyone with the knowledge of how to do so, i.e. an understanding of electricity, and how to use electrical current on objects to alter their magnetic value.

The human brain operates on electrical current, and creates magnetic fields. The magnetic fields of the brain can be impacted upon by magnetic fields outside of the human body. Itís these outside influences that may be responsible for what some people consider to be huntingís.

Scientific studies conducted at the site of a haunted experience yielded a notable result, the fact that magnetic fields in the area of occurrence are very erratic. In one reported case a young girl who experienced ghostly encounters was found to have brain wave activity that was severely impacted upon by unusual electro-magnetic fields in her surroundings. The findings set forth a project that would change the environment, and when the project was completed the haunting stopped.

Two things are compelling about this case, one that science was able to define and resolve the haunting events.
The other is the real mystery, the young girls accounting of whom the haunters were. She accurately identified people who had lived on the very land this occurred on. Her description was so accurate it left more questions, yet scientists still are without explanation.

The conclusion was that even though scientist could find the reason the haunting occurred (electro-magnetic influence on brain wave activity) and they could resolve the situation (changing the surrounding environment) there is no explanation for the girlís ability to detail the death-departed people involved in the haunting.

Gatekeeper7: Holds the key for the seventh seal. When the seal is opened there will be silence, then truth... For now, we live an illusion.
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Hey Kevin...I know exactly where your coming from...

My first "ticket", upon moving to McHenry...was in Bull Valley.
I was coming down Ridge Road...out of Wonder Lake, hung a left on Bull Valley Road,
and was heading for Walk-Up.
I had just past Cherry Valley Road, when this cop pulls me over.
50 mph in a 35.
I didn't know...I really thought it was 50, as there was a sign RIGHT THERE that said 50 MPH.

Apparently I wasn't quite there yet...

Anyway, I explained to the officer that I was new in the area, and she just gave me a "warning ticket".
Payable, of course, to the Bull Valley Police Department.

"THAT" is the CREEPIEST house on the planet!!!

It has no "corners", anywhere in the house. All the corners are "round", as the original owners felt that "demons"
hid in the "corners" of your home.

I couldn't find the Police Department at first.
I drove up and down the road twice...and couldn't find it.
NOTHING on the building/house said Bull Valley Police Department.
So, I went on down to the Ammaco Staion, at the corner of Bull Valley Road and
Walk-up...and called.
The officer told me that I passed it several times, actually.
He told me that it has no "flag" or "identifying" information because it's constantly
being vandalized!
The POLICE STATION is constantly being VANDALIZED?...!!!

Apparently, there's a HUGE "occult" presence in Bull Valley. And they veiw this
building/house, that incidently...is THE oldest house in McHenry County,
as a place of "worship".
It's always being broke into by "devil worshipers" that desicrate the place,
and then by "Christains", to desicrate whatever the devil-worshipers did.

It's a VERY freaky house.

There is no way, hose'...that I would want to "stand duty" at that station by myself.

It's definately got some evil sh&t to it.

Right across the street, just down the block, is the home of a very big SATANIC PRIEST.
Man!...talk about an evil "presence". Drive by THAT place some time. It is the
darkest place I've ever seen.
It looks like the home of...have you ever seen "Jeepers Creepers"?????.....
it looks just like that property.


It has two, great big rout-iron gates...with upside down Pentagrams on each gate.

Around this time of year, Halloween, people start complaining about their "pets" missing.

The local police believe that they're being used for Satanic sacrifices.

Bull Valley diffenately has some "heavy" sh&t going down........

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We also have a house with round corners built back in the early 1800's.
The owner built it with no corners anywhere in the house, he believed ghosts and aspiritions could hide in corners, this house is still there they use it as the police station now.
Right across the street was the house we all knew all to well as " The Devil worshipers house!" Seriously! This place had huge gates to keep people out, very weird jungle type sounds came from that property. We would ride our bikes there at least once a week and stare into the holes in the fence.

that police station in bull valley is now torn down. rumor says they left one wall standing.....i cant see why they would do that, but ive never been there to see.
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just curious...why does my computer show that i posted on this thread in 2005....but i joined in 2007...and i did really join in 2007..couldnt be me.
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