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The Old Slave House

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The Old Slave House
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In Southern Illinois, (Equality to be exact) there is a building that used to house slaves. There they were beaten and the women forced to have children. The energy in this place is definitely unreal. The building used to be open as a museum, and you could tour the place but it's privately owned and closed now. Here's a website on it!


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There is much more to the story than just the place housing slaves, them being beaten and the women forced to have children. The house belong to John Hart Crenshaw, who owned the salt mines near Equality. The house was a stop on the Underground Railroad, but instead of setting the slaves free, John Crenshaw kidnapped them and forced them to work in his salt mine or sold them to others. There was one particular slave, a large man, who was forced to father over 300 children for his blood line to be continued. There is a post out front where Crenshaw chained his slaves for punishment. They were kept in the attic in small 'cages' that were built into the wall. I've been up there and there is definately an energy up there. It is creepy to walk up the small, narrow stairway and feel what is left of the spirits of the slaves. If it ever opens to the public again, I would highly reccommend visiting it. I was fortunate enough to visit when it was still open and it is worth the visit.
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i was also fortunate enough to visit the old slave house while it was open. i only live about an hour away , so my parents took us there on daytrips a couple of times. i visited it on 3 different occasions between the ages of 7-14. my memory is very bad, and much of my childhood i dont remember, but this experience is engraved in my mind. i remember the most from the 3rd visit i made, obviously beacause i was older and actually understood what the house meant. i remember the ball and chain out in the front yard, the numerous contraptions that were used to discipline the slaves and the worst, the cells in the attic. it is hard to fathom that someone could really be that cruel. but it was truly an educational experience, and if for nothing else, they should at least reopen it for that.
i now have children of my own, and would enjoy it if i could take them there, it is an expereince that would last a lifetime.
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I went to the Old Slave House in 1968 with my grandmother and mother. Outside the house, near the corner of the porch, my grandmother and I saw a ghost. It was my 8th birthday. It was a slavegirl and though she didn't speak to us, but only gazed at us, I believed she was (or had been at the time of her death?) fourteen years old. She wore tattered clothing and, not surprisingly, she looked sad. I was only 8 years old, and I turned to tell my mother to "Look!", but I never did tell my mother about the ghost. I supposed, after realizing that my mother didn't see the ghost, that my mother wouldn't believe that there stood a ghostgirl, since my mother had walked right past the apparition.
The experience changed my life forever and I have ever since believed in God as well as spirits we called "ghosts." Many years later, I had a friend, a videographer, that was working on a "bluesmen from Chicago" series. He'd phoned me, knowing that I love the Blues and love to dance, to say, "Come out and get everyone dancing like only you can, Jill, okay?" I'd heard the bluesman-guitarist, before, so, "Yes, I will," was my response.
The only thing wrong with a good dancer, folks, is that they tend to point out every missed-musical note to the audience. The man (Mr. E. Kirkland) kept missing notes. I couldn't dance, and I asked my friend, "What is the matter with him and his playing?" My friend said that he'd asked the same question of the bass-player, who told him that the guitarist had just lost his daughter, three days prior, to a drug overdose and so, he just couldn't play well.
Well.. then I knew for sure I couldn't dance. I felt so sad for the man and headed toward the door. Yet, for some odd reason, before exiting, I decided to tell the man about my ghostgirl vision and how it had directed my life. I'd seldom, ever, to that point, told others of the vision, yet it felt as if an angel spoke from my mouth as I'd summed up the vision and it's effect on my life in few sentences, telling the man that "God works in Mysterious Ways, and perhaps your daughter's spirit is teaching a little girl something about Freedom, right now, and that is God's way." Then I began to leave. The man yelled, "Hey! Thank You!"
I couldn't believe it when my videographer friend phoned, early that Sunday morning. I hadn't been to Saturday's show, but only to Friday's show. My friend asked, "You told that man your ghost-story, didn't you, Jill?" I said, "Yes, how did you know?" He said, "Because his playing was incredible. The place was hoppin' and I asked the bass-player, What happened? Why is he playing so well?" Apparently the bass-player said, "Because someone told him a ghost-story and he was up all night carrying on about how he felt so much better, now." I no longer fear telling others about the vision.
Following, several more years, later, I met a fellow in a tavern in Wyoming. He said he was from the area, Southern Illinois, and was just passing through on his way to visit his sister in Oregon. I told him that I had been to visit "an Old Slave House" when I was there, as a kid. The man said, "Oh, there's lots of those." I told the man, "Not like this one!" I couldn't believe it when he replied, "You saw the slavegirl!" I asked if he'd seen her, and he said "No" and neither had his parents, but that his sister had seen her. For some reason, his sister, too, believed the ghostgirl was fourteen years old, he had told me, though the apparition had not spoken a word to her either.
Then, the man said that his parents took his sister to a local psychiatrist who said, "Oh, Yes, the slavegirl. I've several patients that have seen her and come to me thinking they were crazy, since none of their friends could see the girl." Seemingly, only certain folk can see the ghost. All I could think of the brief meeting with that man (whose name I regret not asking) is that he needed confirmation that his sister had, indeed, seen a ghost. I needed no confirmation, but Thanked God for my vision, my lesson in faith, and my being able to share the vision and also, after meeting the man and, at long last, realizing that perhaps I need pray for the ghostgirl's spirit to be at rest, I did pray for her.
Again, after about 40 years, I couldn't believe it when I searched the Internet for the place, typing in "Old Slave House," only to see a picture of the place that changed my life. There is was, "one of the ten most 'haunted' places in America!" Wow! I pray now, too, for understanding of such experiences and, YES, That Mystery Thing we call God does, INDEED, work in mysterious ways. No doubt about it!
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