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A Different Tale of Cuba Road.

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A Different Tale of Cuba Road.
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Now, I live in Lake Zurich. Cuba Road is located in Lake Zurich. At first you might think Cuba Road is a normal, ordinary road with a Walgreens located on it, an elementary and middle school along with hundreds of houses.....but its not.

As I grew up, I heard more and more frightening things about the illustrious Cuba road, and since I truly think there is something haunting about that particular road, Im going to tell you a tale I heard.

The story starts off with a man named Fred Hogginson, Fred was a truly sick person. He had killed a man in his sleep late one night and was caught and sent to prison for 10 years. Fred had a lovely wife at the time and knew things had to change once he was in prison.

10 Years Later
Fred had become a new person, he was going to live his life the american way, and was on his way home after just being released from prison. Fred walked home and had just turned onto Cuba Road which is where is his neighborhood was located. He got to his house, opened the door and found his wife sleeping with another man. Fred felt a burst of anger, hate, and insanity and killed the man with a kitchen knife. While his wife screamed, Fred knew what he was going to do next. His wife's screams and yelps of terror slowly came to a hault after Fred had sunken that same kitchen knife into his wifes heart. Fred was never seen again.

On a Cloudy, warm night a boy named Josh Zirlin and Sarah williams had gone and seen a movie. It had been a pleseant night for the both of them and they were heading back to sarahs house for the night. As Josh pulled into her neighborhood on Cuba Road, he noticed the moon was suddenlu sucked away by the clouds.

They had pulled up in front of her house under a big Maple tree, with a feint street light glowing about 50 feet away. Josh and Sarah had started to make out until suddenly:


They both stopped, and looked up at the roof of the car. There was silence, until again:


Sarah was starting to feel scared. She told Josh this and ("Drip") Josh had thought it was probably nothing but some water droplets, and said he would take a look. Josh stepped out of the car, and closed the door.

The Windows had been foggy and Sarah could'nt see a thing. She started to worry, Josh would have been back within at least 10 seconds, but 1 minute had gone by. Again, it came:

"Drip Drip"

Sarah had noticed a second drip this time, at almost the same time. Sarah cried as the drips continued. She was too scared to leave the car, so she locked the doors. Sarah sat for hours until she found Josh's cell phone under the seat. She called the Police immediately.

The Police arrived, and went to the car. A Nice officer knocked on the window, while the other officer was talking on his walkie-talkie frantically. Sarah opened the door and was about to step out until the officer held her back. She said,

"What, whats happened? Wheres Josh?"

The Officer replied,

"I dont think you want to know"

"No, please tell me where he is!"

The officer slowly looked up, and at the same time, so did Sarah and saw Josh hanging by the neck from a branch of the tree next to another man. A Puddle of blood was on the roof of car.

I added the names since there werent any to the story I heard. This is to every detail I've heard and I've heard this tory from a dozen people, all relating in ways.

This might not be scary for you people, But its scary for me since one night I was walking on Cuba Road in the dark. I watched the moon creep behind the clouds.
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Thats also from one of the very old urban legends about lovers lane... just edited to fit in with Cuba Rd.
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