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I think anytime you go into any forested area you find random crap. . . like underwear, rusted material, animal bones. . . I've wandered around forest preserves enough to know that there's not just beer cans and poop
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*Please keep in mind, I haven't read this entire post, need to goto work soon*

I have been to this rainbow road mafia house, well about 2-3 years ago anyways. I parked my further down the street from the cemetary entrance with a few friends that came along, because we wanted to see what was beyond there. We went here about 2 weeks before, but some lady from across a field yelled at us saying she was going to call the police, this was when I parked my car in front of the entrance.

Anyways, we walked down the pathway towards the house. We got there, and it was dark, so we couldn't see much. I saw a house, and a structure ( building ) that was either torn down, or burnt down. I wanted to go into the house ( It looked like a house to me, another poster said it was a barn, I assume ), but my friends didn't want to stay, so I was like "whatever, lets go then, Geez".

We stayed for about 10 minutes and then we left. As we walked up the path towards the entrance, we saw a bright light, maaan I thought it was some kind of ghost trick or something, but NOPE....Was some kind of police officer, althought it didn't look like an officer. Had some kind of black van with a bunch of stuff in it ( The Phantom?, lol jk, probably not ), wasn't even in any uniform. He said:"You know, you kids could get in a lot of trouble, this is trespassing. I'm not going to call the police, but you are going to have to leave and not come back here". And so we did.

EDIT: As I read a previous post, we probably tripped on the silent alarm, I bet. Seeing that I am in the security biz, this is what most likely happened. WHen we went through here, I was in highschool and didn't know much about alarms. I wonder when the flood lights are new, those weren't there before, I oughta go check that out, haven't been over there in awhile.

Later on, I did research on this house at the local library in a book of haunted places in Illinois. This part is controversial. People say it was a mafia house and so forth. I read in this book that a family lived in the house in the late 1800's and kept a retarded child chained in the basement and was beaten excessively. It also states if you were to stay in the house overnight, you will hear the rattling of chains coming from the lower level.

Supposedly, somewhere on cuba road, well off the road anyways, according to one of my old friends, there is a basement in the ground. Not a house, a basement. I guess a few of his friends were out and about getting stoned walking around cuba, and one of them fell. No no no, no one died or got hurt, they basically fooled around with some old couch, chilled and drank some whisky or something of the like.

A question about this road is a little off topic. When you turn on this road from cuba road, there is a very nice looking house, with security cameras, electronic iron gates, rottweilers that bark like crazy when you get near it, etc. I always thought this was the mafia house for some reason. Does anybody know any information about this house ( if you know which one im talking about of course ). It gets me kind of curious, but Im not about to dress like a girl scout, hop over the wall, and get eaten by giant dogs, nooooo sir!


If anyone knows any information on how to get legal permission to 'visit' this location during the daytime, please let me know. I really want to do some photography work on this place. Thanks.
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I know people who live on Cuba rd. They are pretty wealthy. . . therefore the house you are speaking of is private property. You could try trick or treating.
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Oh my god, she is alive..... Can I poke her again?

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yea i went to cuba and got nothing. we went not once but several times. however i went to shoe factory rd and check out what i got.

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This is a picture of what my friends and I beleive to be a ghost. We just went to White Cemetery on Cuba Road a few days ago, and we snuck in the back by hopping over the fence. When we got inside, one of my friends said they saw something standing by the headstone. As he said that, the four of us turned to run, but before I did, I took this picture. If you open it up with a program that you can zoom in with, you can see it more clearly. Also, there appears to be a white orb towards the left side of the photo. I would love any feedback that anyone might have.
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well on rainbow road there is sipost to be a old farm house with a old broken down well and the story is that there is a guy with a picth fork running out of the barn and chassing u with it have u guys heard of that.
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i love really haunted places, hmmm that's perfect and great forum, all about truth or dare , yes wolfgirll i heard about that, and old farm house
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