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THE VENGEANCE or Adam gets his Story
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THE VENGEANCE or Adam gets his Story
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Joined: 27 Oct 2004
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Location: Elmhurst, IL.

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The Lord of Gotham and Gatekeeper7 are still engaged in their psychic linked conversation when they are suddenly interrupted by the thoughts of Satania.

Dad, Satania calls out, Dad I need your help. An alarmed Gatekeeper7 quickly responds.
Daughter, I am here for you what do you need me to do?
Satania answers back, a hint of panic in her words. Dad, I had just about gotten Sailor Scout back on the ground when all of a sudden we came under some kind of attack by something.
Satania, stay calm, just give me a moment to collect my thoughts says G7.

The Lord of Gotham quickly joins in the conversation between G7 and his daughter.
Satania, what do mean by attack asks Lord of Gotham. How do you know you are being attacked, and by what?
Well, Lord of Gotham; havenít herd your thoughts in quite some time says Satania. She continues to explain her situation to Lord of Gotham. Anyway, I was watching the T.V. in the control room of Sailor Scout when this warning message pops-up. It said that we were under attack and that a defence something or other was going to be deployed, then these numbers came up on the screen, going ten, nine, eight, The Lord of Gotham interrupts Satania; Satania, I know what to do, allow me to help you. In the control room of Sailor Scout you will see a button on the green panel that has the words ĎThereís No Place like Homeí printed on it, simply touch that button with your finger and close your eyes.

Satania follows Gothamís instruction perfectly. After lifting her finger off the button a bright blue light emerges from the control room floor in the very spot on which Satania is standing, the light engulfs her entire body, small white dots that resemble snow flaks begin to encircle her from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet and then she vanishes from the control room in what seems to be less than a second it time.

The Lord of Gotham then informs Gatekeeper7 that Satania is safe from any harm and that she could be found in an old building that has a room filled with pungently sweet smelling smoke and two beings, one a baby the other a young lady whom sheíll know as a friend..

Gatekeeper7 sighs with relief and says to Lord of Gotham; thank you, I am eternally grateful to you but do not let this go to your head, do not start to think that this will give you special treatment from me. After all Gotham itís about time you do something positive for a family member.

WOW! Did G7 just say Gotham and family member in one sentence?
Whatís that about?

So, is Satania now in the company of Lupus and Baby Man?

Oh by the way, there are some other things going on while all of this stuff was happening.
Like Ice Pick Rick getting free from the duct tape he was bound in. Now heís pissed about his axe being missing.
You think maybe heíll go looking for it?

RSFGatekeeper was the last one known to have Rickís axe but does Rick know that?

Hey! What about Adam? Well it seems that Adam is considering a visit to a man named Mr. JayU, should there be wondering about this new wrinkle? MaybeÖ

Yea all come back now, Hear.

Gatekeeper7: Holds the key for the seventh seal. When the seal is opened there will be silence, then truth... For now, we live an illusion.
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Joined: 27 Oct 2004
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Location: Elmhurst, IL.

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The scene

Lupus and Baby Man are still chilling out in their room, the one with the thick pungently sweet smoke, when something unusual begins to happen. (So letís find out whatís going on).

Lupus begins to notice that there is something happening just in front of where she and Baby Man are seated.

: Lupus says to Baby Man: Hey Babe you see that blue light over there?

: Baby Man replies: Aye, me sees it Lupus, what dats be Lupus?

: Lupus says: Iím not sure Babe; it looks like a cylinder about five feet in height and, look, do you see those little white dots of light inside of it? Oh, by the way whatís with the pirate talk, Aye?

: Baby Man says: Ah, the blue light make me think of cool story I read, Bluebeard the Pirate. And I sees the little lights but look Lupus thereís something else.

Lupusís eyes open wide in disbelief as she begins to see the figure of a being, one that is somehow familiar to her. Babe, can that be who I think it is. No, wait, it is her, itís Satania says Lupus with a screeching sound in her voice.

: Baby Man looks at Lupus and says, hey how she do that? Lupus just looks at Baby and shrugs her shoulders.


Adam (Count Drendela) has stopped in his quest of stealing Honey Nut Cheerios for now. He knows he must become even more ruthless in his mission. So far Adam has been entering homes in which the occupants where not there. Now he realizes that if he is to gain control of all the Honey Nut Cheerios he must enter those homes where the people are there. But he will need advice on how to accomplish this, so he embarks on a trek across town maybe across two towns, who knows. He is going to visit the expert on ruthlessness, Mr. JayU.
Adam raises the left side of his cape and covers the lower half of his face, leaving his eyes, forehead and hair exposed. (Adam assumes that he becomes invisible when he does this) he then raises up on his tip toes and with short choppy steps proceeds to go across town.

In the meantime

Ice Pick Rick has freed himself from the four, three hundred foot rolls of duct tape that he was wrapped up in, courtesy of Doctor Duct Tape.
Now Rick is ticked and everyone knows itís not good when Rick is ticked, people have a tendency to lose things with a ticked Rick running around. Legs, arms and other assorted body parts; even lives can be lost when Rick is ticked.

Now free from his shackles Rick begins to survey his surroundings, his eyes come in contact with a car that has a missing passengers door, inside the car Rick spots his one and only friend, Doctor Duct Tape.
As Rick begins moving toward the car he turns to look behind him, he sees the large tree that he had been laying next to when he finally broke free of the duct tape. As Rick views the tree a look of wonderment becomes his facial expression.
He turns his head back to face the car and with a thunderously loud, gruff and gravelly sounding voice says, whereís my axe, somebody took my axe and I want it back, now!

So when Doctor Duct Tape whoís seated in his car, (the one without the passenger door) hears Rickís bellowing, he knows he had better have some answers by the time Rick gets to him.

Ice Pick Rick arrives at the opening of the car that used to be a door, DOCTOR, Ricks voice booms out, do you have my axe?

No Rick I donít replies the doctor.

Ricks eyes become transfixed on something that seems imaginary; he reaches into the back pocket of his pants with his right hand and pulls out an ice pick. As Rick raises his hand toward his head he begins yelling at the top of his lungs, as if he were trying to out-yell someone else. Get out. Rick shouted, get out of there, I know your in there. Iíll get you out, and with that said Rick plunges the ice pick heís holding into his right ear, he then starts a grinding motion with his hand and screams out, Iíll get you now, you canít stay in there anymore.
Rick is now jabbing and grinding the ice pick deeper and deeper into his ear.

Just then Doctor Duct Tape yells out above Ricks voice, stop Rick he says, stop it now, I think I can help you find your axe but you have to stop and listen to me.

Rick takes the ice pick and inserts it into his left ear and begins to make the same jabbing, grinding motions as he had been doing to his right ear. Rick then yells out, Iíve got you now, then Rick stops, he removes the ice pick from his left ear. Now with dark red blood streaming from both ears and down his checks he glares at the doctor and says, tell me then, where is my axe.

The doctor looks at Rick and says. I really wish you would find a different way to communicate with your inner feelings Rick. But here now, listen to what I do know about your missing axe. The doctor starts to explain.

Rick you and I were traveling along this street when you caught sight of this sidewalk magician performing for a crowed of people. Now I had just stopped for a red light when I noticed you watching him, I also noticed that the crowed of people who seemed very entertained had started laughing, perhaps the magician had just told them a joke. Then for what seemed to be no apparent reason you kicked the passenger door of the car open. Actually you kicked it right off its hinges. You then bolted from the car and charged at the crowed while swinging your axe above your head, you were shouting, you canít make fun of me, I kill you, Iíll kill all of you. Then as you reached the gathering of people you began to swing your axe.
It was incredible, arms and legs being severed off of their bodies, some had their intestines lifted right out of their torsos with some of your swings. Oh yes Rick my friend; it was truly a sight to behold as you hacked your way through them to reach your true target, the magician.
Now once you reached him you were about to remove his head with the axe when something happened, something I canít explain. I watched as you raised the axe above your head to begin a downward swing aimed directly for the magicians head, and then the next thing I saw was you just standing there, no axe in hand and no magician in sight. It was strange Rick, very strange indeed.
Rick the only thing I know for sure is the name of the magician, there was a banner attached to the table he was using for his magic act. It had his name on it, it read, the great RSFGatekeeper, magician/comedian. The sign also had this written on it, come and see RSFGatekeeper at Rockford Screamfeast throughout the month of October.

So Rick hereís how I figure it, we go to this Screamfeast thing and maybe we find him, or at least get can some kind of lead on him, where he might be or where he hangs out.

And in the mean meantime

RSFGatekeeper has just arrived at the home of his old time acquaintance Capt. Rufus T, Satan.

And in the even more mean time

The Lord of Gotham has just driven to Gatekeeper7ís location, where upon his arrival he tells Gatekeeper7 to jump into his car; Gotham would be driving G7 to rendezvous with his daughter Satania.

So now,

Will Ice Pick Rick and Doctor Duct Tape find who they seek, RSFGatekeeper

What will Lupus, Baby Man and Satania do now that they have found each other?

Who is Mr. JayU, the man that Adam is going to see?

And what reason does RSFGatekeeper have to suddenly call upon Capt. Rufus T. Satan?

Will these questions be answered in the next installment of the Vengeance? Or will there be even more questions?

?????????? Thatís a lot of questionsÖ

Gatekeeper7: Holds the key for the seventh seal. When the seal is opened there will be silence, then truth... For now, we live an illusion.

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Adam raises the left side of his cape and covers the lower half of his face, leaving his eyes, forehead and hair exposed. (Adam assumes that he becomes invisible when he does this) he then raises up on his tip toes and with short choppy steps proceeds to go across town.


Reggie Grenwych

'Twas brillig and the slithy toves,
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;
All mimsey were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe!
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.........wow, it took me a whole 2 hours to read this whole section. Mighty good show chaps.

Chris Viands

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an inner gloom as wide as an eye and fermenting
roiling hate death grip in my veins
unveiling rancid petals flowering forth foul nectar
the space between a blink and a tear
...death blooms.
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Wow that is very entertaining, and I will get back to wrighting as soon as I figure out stuff to wright. FUN FUN FUN.

I wish I were a Time Lord from Gallifrey, I would have 13 lives and each life I lived would be a new personality and a new face.
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Reggie Grenwych

'Twas brillig and the slithy toves,
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;
All mimsey were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe!
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The Scene

Itís a little past midnight in Rockford and the threat of rain lingers in the sky above the sleepy town. In viewing one of the streets it is noticed that there is an absence of cars, trucks, buses and any one of the townís local residents. There is however a bit of activity going on, an activity that if it were seen by the locals it might have them wondering aloud, saying WTF !!! So letís take a peek for ourselves shall weÖ

Adam (Count Drendela) moves slowly along the asphalt street which is totally void of cars, trucks, buses and local residents, so Adam feels very safe in his traveling directly down the center of the street. Adam is still holding the left side of his cape up to the lower portion of his face and he is still raised up on his tip toes as he continues the short choppy steps in his effort to move across the town.
Now you should realize that Adam has been on his trek for several hours, but when someone uses short choppy steps from the tip toe position speed is reduced dramatically.

As Adam approaches an inter section he notices, hears actually, an odd whining sound coming from the crossing street ahead of him, but whatever it is that he hears can not yet be seen.
The whining sound becomes louder as Adam gets yet closer to the inter section. Then he stops, stops dead in his tracks as the sound seems to be almost on top of him. Then he sees what the sound is all about as he stands no more than ten feet away from the crossing street. As his eyes focus on the object that is now heading directly toward him he can make out (to his own disbelief) that the object is a golf cart and it has three human forms riding on it.
The golf cart and its occupants go whizzing by Adam, narrowly missing him (if you can call 4 miles an hour whizzing by) Adam turns his entire body in a half circle to watch the gulf cart and the passengers aboard it vanish out of sight, and Adam just glairs at the emptiness of the street.
Suddenly to his surprise he hears yet another whining sound, again the sound is coming from the same direction that the first sound came from, only thereís something strangely different about what he is hearing now. Itís as if there are more than even two or three sources, why it sounds like a whole bunch of sounds merging into one thunderous roar.

Adam quickly turns back to face the inter section and just as he completes his turn a whole legion of gulf carts begin streaking past him, some of the carts and the riders on the carts almost strike him, from his right side to his left side, with in inches they go by.

At this point Adam has become enraged, he has been twisted around, turned around and almost turned up- side down by the gulf carts and the maniacal drivers of these grizzly machines from some posh country club.
As the last three gulf carts in this pack of 40 drives by Adam finally loses his composure, he releases his cape from his left hand, stands flat footed on the ground then flings both of his arms above his head and begins to shout and scream the most vulgar obscenities ever herd. As the remaining gulf carts fad from Adams view he hears the sound of laughter fading into the distance as well, and then he hears another sound a very familiar one, but this one is accompanied by a voice, one that says; hey dude, get out of the freaking street, you want to get run over.

Adam turns slowly to face the one who speaks.

What did you say, says Adam.

I said get out of the freaking way or youíll get run over.

Oh really says Adam.

Yeah, says the man in the gulf cart, the man then looks to his right, at the passenger he has riding with him, this guy is an idiot says the man to his passenger.

Adam glairs at the two men seated in the cart. So Iím an idiot you say. Well let me ask this question of you and your friend, says Adam to the driver.

Are the both of you in some way related to those soon to be dead hooligans that just past through here on gulf carts such as the one you are seated in?

The driver of the cart responds to Adam.

Hey dude, whatever, o.k. were out of here, and with that said the men in their gulf cart steer around Adam and drive off.

As the men put distance between Adam and them selves they begin to converse on a subject that has a relationship to what had just occurred.

The passenger says to the driver, hey Apathy who was that loony toon?

Apathynow relates back to the passenger, well Nutt (the passengers name is Nutt) I think it was Dracula.

Dracula, says Nutt quizzically.

Yeah, you know, that guy in the horror movies, the guy with the slicked back hair, pale complexion, blood shot eyes and some really bad dental work.

Oh yeah, the guys real name was Bailey or something like that, right says Nutt

Yeah, something like that, says Apathy.

Then Nutt reveals his new plan to Apathnow.

Apathy he says, I have an idea that might save us time in our mission.

Well letís hear it says Apathy.

Nutt says, O.K. you have herd about all this stuff going on with the military and the metal monstrosity thatís hovering over Rockford right?

Yeah, says Apathy.

Then check this out for a plan, (Nutt is beginning to sound very energetic about what he has to tell Apathy.) What would you say if I told you I know how to get that metal monstrosity into our army and use it to carry out our biddings?

Tell me more Nutt says Apathynow.

So, you like what Iíve said so far, cool, hereís the rest of the plan.

Oh yeah, by the way. Gatekeeper7 and Lord of Gotham, they just pulled up in front of the building were Lupus, Baby Man and Satania are gathered together.

And Captian Rufus T.Satan has just opened the door of his home to RSFGatekeeper

As for Ice Pick Rick and Doctor Duct Tape, well their still looking for RSFGatekeeper

The military, Oh boy, their in a mess.

The Channel One News crew, their watching the mess that the military is in.

And Mr. JayU is opening a beer, imported of course.

Just wait kiddies, this gets even more psychotic in time to comeÖ.

Gatekeeper7: Holds the key for the seventh seal. When the seal is opened there will be silence, then truth... For now, we live an illusion.
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Oh look, Oh look, Oh look what I see.
Itís our fiends Ice Pick Rick, and Doctor D.T.

:the scene:

Ice pick Rick and Doctor Duct Tape are together in the good doctorís car (the one with out a front passenger door). As they travel along on Riverside Blvd. Doctor Duct Tape is going to try to have a conversation with Ice Pick Rick. The doctor wants to devise a plan on how to handle the grievance with RSFGatekeeper, just in case their lucky enough to find him at their destination, Rockford Screamfeast in the Machesney Park Mall.

Ice Pick Rick stares straight ahead at the road; his facial expression is as if he were in a trance.
Doctor Duct Tape knows that he must first get Rick to look at him as he speaks. The doctor is well aware of Ricks hearing loss, the result of too many jabs into Rick's ears with an ice pick.
The doctor reaches across the cars front seat and lightly taps Rick on the shoulder.
Rick turns his head to face the doctor and the doctor begins to use hand signals indicating to Rick that he should watch the doctors lip movement, so Rick can understand what the doctor is saying.
(Thereís something you should know about Ricks hearing loss, other than how it came to be. Rick can hear a little bit but what he hears is kind of chopped up and distorted. Hereís a simple example of what Rick would hear as opposed to what was really said. ďHey you over there. Hereís how Rick would hear it, ďHi! Youíre her. Know can you just imagine what Rick might do if he were to perceive you had just referred to him as her? You might get an axe slamed into your teeth, if he were in a good mood.)
Rick uses a hand gesture to tell the doctor heís ready for what the doctor has to say.
Doctor Duct Tape begins to multitask, paying attention to his driving by looking forward at the road, while he speaks with exaggerated lip movements.

Rick, I have a plan about how we can deal with this RSFGatekeeper when we find him says the doctor. He, the doctor, takes a quick glance at Rick to insure that Rick has understood what has just been said and Rick indicates to the doctor to continue speaking.
The doctor continues by saying, Rick I will need you to restrain yourself when we find this scoundrel; you must allow me to approach him alone, while you stay out of sight. He has not seen my face yet, he would recognize you in a moment and that would prompt him to perform his trick on you again. Doctor Duct Tape once again looks to Rick for an acknowledgment; Rick gives what seems to be a reluctant nod of agreement.
The doctor continues,

Oh but not yet, we have to look in on some other things that are going on simultaneously with this one.

For instants:

We find the Lord of Gotham, Baby Man, Lupus, Satania and Gatekeeper7 gathered together in the room with the thick, pungently sweet smoke. They are greeting each other with hugs, yes, even for the Lord of Gotham there are hugs, which is unusual when considering the fact of Gotham being an arch enemy of the others.

Could this mean that a new age is dawning, that the Lord of Gotham would be accepted into the coven of H.N.C. (the coven of Honey Nut Cheerios, dedicated to protecting the worlds supply of this golden toasted, honey sweet, with a hint of nut yummy food.)


We also find RSFGatekeeper being greeted by Cpn. Rufus T. Satan.
The two of them are shaking hands with each other, while at the same time exchanging a robust punch to the chest with their free hand.

Captain Satan begins to speak to RSFGatekeeper, he reminisces about the time they last saw each other.

Do you remember that time when we got up into that short, yellow school bus and after butchering the driver we set out to get us them three high school young-uns. Then we took- um up to Doc Satanís place, remember that? I know ya couldnít forget what happened next, now could ya?
Boy oh boy those kids sure did put-up a fuss when we started-inta peelíen off their skin one layer after tha-other. Now that was fun, and say, didnít their skins make us some great Halloween costumes that year?

RSFGatekeeperís face lights up with a broad smile as he thinks to himselfÖ
ĎMemories, in the corners of my mind, make me think of times we had, when we were young. MemoriesÖ.

Oh yeah, then there's Apathynow and his lieutenant; Nutt, who is continuing to spell out his plan to Apathy as they drive along in their golf cart.

Now hereís the next step says Nutt to Apathy, we capture the news helicopter and then weÖ. Thatís enough of this right now. Besides, we should get back to Adam; after all, this is his story.

Adam stands in the middle of the street, he stares into the darkness of the night, seething about what had just taken peace.
He now begins to consider some options to his original plain of visiting Mr. JayU.
I can not allow those barbarians to get away with this personal attack on me. I know what I must do.

Hmmm! Wonder what heís thinking about doing? I sure hope itís sinister, diabolical, mean and down right nasty.

I mean really now, this story is about a vengeance directed at Adam, for his antics of April 1st 2005 but I wonít let any of the other characters in this story treat him like a ď Complete Shmoe ď
Sham on you Apathy and Nutt, sham, I say to you both, and I think Adam is going to make you pay for what you did to him.

Hmmm, did I mention before that this story would be getting rather psychotic?

Well you ainít read anything yet. Just come back from time to time and see.

Gatekeeper7: Holds the key for the seventh seal. When the seal is opened there will be silence, then truth... For now, we live an illusion.
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Sgt. Dick

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now now my friend, if there is to be any after the RSFgatekeeper it will bt Sergent Dick, the one whose wrath could not be equaled by that of a god, but maybe some day we can all play together, that will make one fun ol' night

ya know, tiny little pieces and a lil' bit of lemon pepper and ya'll taste just like chicken!
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The Scene

A room in a building, a room that is filled with a cloud of thick, pungently sweet smoke, the room (the one with the thick cloud of pungently sweet smoke) also contains five beings. Lupus, Satania, Baby Man, the Lord of Gotham and Gatekeeper7 represent the five beings that are engaged in a conversation.
The conversation is regarded to a current event that is occurring in the pretty good sized town of Rockford and oh yea, itís sleepy too.
(Jiminy gee whiz, too bad Rockford canít be considered a small town, which would have read much better when compared to Ďpretty good sizedí. But hey, look at a geographical map of Rockford, the sucker is big, so how can anyone legitimately write that it is a small town. Another point to be made is how hard it is to write about a town that you are not living in, or never have lived in. Does anyone understand the amount of research that has to be done just to get some details about the town right? Further more, thereís the, the, the, ahh screw it, nobody cares anyway.) So letís eavesdrop in on the conversation. Who knows, maybe weíll discover something new regarding the current situation in Rockford, but donít count on it.

Wait a minute, almost forgot about the question of the day.

ďWho knows the truth about Honey Nut Cheerios?

Now hereís how to check and see if you have guessed right.

: Answer: go to page number 1of this story, look for the 12th posting on that page. Once you find this spot in the story turn your computers monitor screen up-side down and look above Gatekeeper7. This will give you a clue to the answer.

No cheating, make your guess first. Then check to see if you are right.

Okay, now letís listen in on the conversation of five beings; in a room filled with a thick cloud of pungently sweet smoke, in a building located in the pretty good sized town of Rockford.

Gatekeeper7 speaks to Lupus, Baby Man, Satania and the Lord of Gotham.

Look, just look at the mess that has been created by Count Drendela, says Gatekeeper7.
First, he assaults one of the priestess of the coven H.N.C. and then he further adds insult to injury by steeling her lifeís blood, the very essence of her survival. He; that lowly scoundrel dares to steel her Honey Nut Cheerios.
Lupus begins to sob uncontrollably. Satania tries to comfort Lupus by telling her that everything would be o.k. Satania says to Lupus, I have a box of Honey Nut Cheerios that were given to me by Cousin Chrissy, well there yours now Lupus, the entire family sized box is for you and only you. (Oh boy, did Satania just say the name Cousin Chrissy? Letís hope thatís not a sign of Satania slipping back into her split personality.) But in spite of Sataniaís generous offer Lupus continues sobbing.
Baby Man looks at Lupus, a sad frown gives expression to his face and then he too begins to sob, almost in unison with Lupus. Then Satania stars to cry as well, and when Gatekeeper7 sees this he pauses in his speaking, his face shows a sign of compassionate understanding, a tear begins to form in his left eye, (the only one he can see out of) his hands turn into tightly balled fists and the veins in his neck begin to protrude through the skin, Gatekeeper7s face now has the look of a raging fire with in a furnace.
He directs his eye toward the Lord of Gotham and begins to speak in a voice that is strained by a subdued anger. Gotham, he says softly, how is it Sir; that you are able to just stand there with out a trace of emotion? You stand in expressionless silence as this charlatan Count Drendela rampages through the streets claiming for him that which you so dearly covet. You stand there as if the proverbial cat has gotten your tong, while you watch someone once beloved to you suffers pain and anguish.

Gatekeeper7 continues to speak to Gotham.
You Gotham, you were once a disciple of the Platinum Coven, until your penchant for creating mega-metal monstrosities became your undoing. Do you remember? Do you remember that man in black and how you became fascinated with that weapon he showed you, the one that would give an ability to the one who possessed it, the ability to steal the memories from a persons mind, do you remember that Gotham? No of course you do not remember, you could not remember even if your life depended on it, because you had gotten carried away with its power, you thought that you could steal the memories from a large group of people and thusly take control of their lives. But you blundered, you had forgotten to wear the dark glasses that would provide you protection from the weapons effect, as you activated the device its intense light beam blasted forth and in the resulting aftermath you had been robbed of your own memories. Oh the simple irony of it all.
Gotham, have you not even a sliver of memory in that mind of yours?
Someone tell me, how can someone or something make a man forget his own family, how can he forget his mother, his brother; who also served as his father and how does a man forget his own child, his own son?
Gotham, Iíll tell you this, Iím deeply grateful to you for aiding my daughter Satania, rescuing her from what might have been her demise and so I offer to you two options.
One is for free and safe passage out of this pretty good sized town of Rockford.
The second is that you and all the forces you control partner with me to put a stop to Count Drendela and to protect the worlds supply of Honey Nut Cheerios.
So tell me Gotham what is your choosing?
Gatekeeper7 goes silent and awaits a response from Gotham.

Gotham begins to speak, Gatekeeper7 he says, you and (there is a sudden interruption in what Gotham is about to say, it comes in the form of a psychic link from a being identified by himself; as Sergeant Dick.
The Sergeant has a grievance that will require Gatekeeper7ís intervention.

Sgt. Dick begins to explain to Gatekeeper7 the nature of his grievance. (Sgt. Dickís voice has a southern accent)

: Sgt. Dick to Gatekeeper7:
Gatekeeper7, I apologize for the interruption Sir; but my business with you is quite urgent.
: G7 to Sgt. Dick:
Sergeant Dick, are you the same Sgt. Dick that people refer to as the Instructor of Pain?
: Sgt. to G7:
Ahhh, well Sir; I really do hate to brag but yep, thatís me, Sir.
: G7 to Sgt. Dick:
Well Sergeant Iíve herd things about you, is it true that you train men to endure pain as well as administer pain, both to varying degrees, from the ďthat was nothing levelĒ to the ďOh shit that really hurt ďand then beyond that, to the excruciating ďI canít take it any more ďlevel, which by the way is my personal favorite especially when Iím the one providing the experience.
So tell me Sergeant why you have psychic link to me?
: Sgt. Dick to G7:
Golly, shucks! G7, I feel flattered that you know all about my good points. But now about why Iím contacting you.
Gatekeeper7 sir, do you know the man who calls himself RSFGatekeeper?
: G7 to Sgt. Dick:
Sergeant, are you referring to the chap that performs magic tricks on the street corners and tells an occasional joke to his audience, that RSFGatekeeper?
: Sgt .Dick to G7:
Yep, thatís the one, Sir! Gatekeeper7, I have to settle a dispute with RESGatekeeper and it must be a face to face confrontation, so Iím asking for your permission to peruse this matter.
: G7 to Sgt. Dick:
I see, tell me Sergeant Dick, is this a personal issue with RSFGatekeeper or are you being solicited by a third party to settle the dispute? By the way Sergeant, I am very impressed with your professionalism, and I appreciate that you demonstrate respect for my authority.
: Sgt Dick to G7:
Gatekeeper7 sir, this is all personal, no one but he and me, excuse me, he and I are involved. RSFGatekeeper has decided to add a new dimension to his personality; he has illicitly acquired the infamous axe of the one that is called Azzhole, whom you might know as Ice Pick Rick.
Now itís been told to me by some of my trainees that RSFGatekeeper has been going around flaunting the axe in their faces and telling them that their instructor, me; has nothing to offer when it comes to the teachings of pain now that he, RSFGatekeeper possesses the axe of Azzhole.
So ya see sir, this is a matter of honor. My intent is to confront RSFGatekeeper and take from him the axe of Azzhole. I would of course return the axe to its rightful owner, the one that is now called by the name of Ice Pick Rick.
: G7 to Sgt. Dick:
Sergeant, your cause seems noble enough to me so I grant you the permission you seek. I will ask of you Sergeant that collateral damage is kept to a minimum, itís so difficult these days to explain to people way some innocent bystanders may become fallen victims of a noble cause.
: Sgt. Dick to G7:
I understand perfectly sir; no innocents shall suffer my wrath of pain more than RSFGatekeeper.
Gatekeeper7, I have one more request. I ask that you do something to get Ice Pick Rick and his friend Doctor Duct Tape to call off their personal hunt for RSFGatekeeper. I donít think I have to tell you sir; that Ice Pick Rick and Doctor Duct Tape would make collateral damage history were they to get to RSFGatekeeper first.
: G7 to Sgt. Dick:
Yes Sergeant your point is well taken, Iíll do my best to side track those two. However, I know them well; I can tell you quite frankly that they wonít rest easily with my request, so your time to achieve your objective may be limited.
: Sgt Dick to G7:
Thank you sir; I will not embarrass you in this matter.

The psychic link between Sergeant Dick and Gatekeeper7 ends.

(Hereís something for you to know. The psychic link between Sgt. Dick and G7 was so powerful through out transmission that it enabled Lupus, Satania, Baby Man and the Lord of Gotham to overhear the entire conversation.)

Gatekeeper7 begins an attempt to psychic link with Doctor Duct Tape, the good doctor is his only option, Gatekeeper7 knows all to well that trying a psychic link with Ice Pick Rick would only lead to Rick jabbing an ice pick into his ears in an effort to rid himself of the voices inside his head.

Here are some other things that have been happening.

Apatynow and Nutt are approaching the location of the landed channel 1 news helicopter. Remember their plan was to hi-jack the chopper and fly it to the hovering Sailor Scout Big Death and although they are pushing their golf cart to its maximum speed it will be at least an hour before they reach the objective.

Captain Rufus T. Satan who continues to reminisce with RSFGatekeeper is totally unaware that is humbled abode is about to become a battle ground.

Doctor Duct Tape and Ice Pick Rick are still in route to the Rockford Screamfest location. They are traveling at a low rate of speed, which is a deliberate action on the part of Doctor Duct Tape. He wants Ice Pick Rick to simmer down a bit, the good doctor thinks that driving slowly will give Rick the opportunity to visually take in the beautiful landscape on the boarders the roadway; heís hoping that the tranquil setting has a calming effect on Rick.

And what about Adam?

Well, it seems Adam has experienced a bit of foot cramping, which isnít unusual when someone has been walking on their tip-toes using short choppy steps for several hours.
Too bad for Adam when he past on that deal for a pair of Air Jordanís.
Heís such a stickler for detail; he just has to wear those black wing-tips any time heís out and about in public.

Thereís about to be some new developments, some new characters as well, Sergeant Dick and many more will soon become embroiled in this sage, so keep in touch kiddies ďbecause this will be a thrillerĒ (Quote: from Boris Karlov on the old television series Thriller) .

Gatekeeper7: Holds the key for the seventh seal. When the seal is opened there will be silence, then truth... For now, we live an illusion.
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Hey, before we start the next episode lets see how everyone did in answering the question of the day, which was posted on Dec. 25th 2005.

? ďWho knows the truth about Honey Nut Cheerios ď?

A raise of hands by those that guessed  (this is encrypted with wingding font)

Now a raise of hands by those that guessed  (this is encrypted with wingding 2 font)

* In order to decode the encryptions use your Windows Microsoft Word program, open MS Word and go to the font dropdown window. Click on the down arrow and scroll to wingding, click on wingding and type your answer onto the page that is open on your computer, this should be the MS Word program opened and ready for typing.
You will have to do the same thing for the other encrypted item to see if thatís the answer you had. Remember to compare the characters produced by your typing with the characters that appear in the answers listed above.

O.K.!! Now how many of you followed the instructions by turning the monitor screen of their computer up-side down? Raise the hands please.

Thank you!

: Here are the results, from our super duper, high speed tabulation center, located in the pretty good sized town of Rockford.

128 guessed right (Yeah, youíre go-en to Hawaii)
214 guessed wrong (sorry, youíre not go-en any place)

Oh, by the way, we have 39 contestants that are natural blonds. This is also the number of individuals that turned their computers monitor screen up-side down to get the answer. This by the way yielded only 1 right answer. The other 38 naturally blond contestants submitted answers that where at first unintelligible. However, the contest committee determined that the answers that where provided might have been encrypted. The contest committee decided that in fairness to the contestants an effort would be made too decode the seemingly encoded answers.
The contest committee then used the Super-duper, Ultra-fast, Code-cracker and Analyzer with Binary Integration and Giga-ram memory 1 technology, or S. U. C. / A. / B. I. G. 1 which is the acronym for this truly fantastic decoding machine.

Here are some of the results after decoding.

2 people said Acer, only it was written up-side down and backwards.

1 person said Sony, it too was written up-side down and backwards.

5 people said Hewlett Packard and these were written up-side down and backwards.

1 person said DELL, which was not only up-side down and backwards but, the E was slanted in the opposite direction.

1 person said that their blood was rushing out of their feet and into their head.

3 people said hey, no fair, the answers not in English.

The remaining 25 people had answers ranging from ON/OFF, Power, Push for ON, and so on. One person even answered, the little red light is glowing.
So there you have it, the complete results of our contest.

Hey, just a little side note, about the decoding machine that was used to get the results.
Should anyone of you ever decide to purchase one of these marvels of high-tech. you should avoid using the acronym when speaking to the switch board operator at the manufacturing company.
In using the acronym please keep in mind that the switch board operator might misconstrued the nature of your call, thinking that you are expressing a complaint, stating an opinion or being offensive, in which case the operator will disconnect your call.


** The Vengeance or Adam gets his Story contest committee is not responsible for the financing of those (winner) contestants going to Hawaii.
The committee is only making a prediction, regarding the future travels of those (winner) contestants.
The committee is not predicting that the (loser) contestants may never travel to Hawaii but, the simple fact of their being losers might lend some merit to not predicting that they (losers) someday will, travel to Hawaii that is.

Alrighty now, hereís some new news.

Apathynow and Nutt have arrived to with in 200 feet of their objective, the Channel One News helicopter. They are crouched behind a thicket of bushes to avoid being seen by the news crew. Apathy and Nutt must first check out the area, their attempt to high-jack the chopper must be done with minimal resistance from the news crew.

Sam the camera man and Fiona the reporter stand about 25 feet from the chopper; they appear to be encaged in conversation with each other. Thereís also the pilot of the helicopter, he is just seated at the controls of the chopper and almost appears to be napping.

Apathy looks at Nutt and says, this is ideal, we only need to contend with that fat old man and the chick with the huge ta- taís.
Nutt glances at Apathy and says, I thought everything was supposed to look bigger on T.V.?
Apathy says to Nutt, what are you talking about?
Nutt says to Apathy, what do I mean? Just look at those things, on T.V. their huge but, here in person, how can she avoid falling forward, amazing just amazing.
Apathy shakes his head and says to Nutt; yo, we donít have time for you to revisit your puberty, o.k. lets just do this and get that metal monstrosity.

Apathy and Nutt pluck some branches off of the bushes that they are hiding behind, they will use these to provide a constant cover while they low crawl on their bellies, to sneak up on the intend victims.
They begin to slowly slither forward.

The Decision

Itís been only a few minutes since Gatekeeper7 and Lord of Gotham had their conversation interrupted by Sgt. Dick.
Gatekeeper7 continues his attempt to psychic link with Dr. Duct Tape when Lord of Gotham suddenly disrupts the Gatekeeperís train of thought.

Gatekeeper7 says Gotham; alright Iíll join forces with you but, you must insure me that you will utilize the ďherdĒ.
G7 looks at Gotham and nods his head in an approving gesture.

Gatekeeper7 then speaks to Gotham; saying, you do know what youíre asking for do you not Gotham?
Gotham says, I think so, although Iím not precisely sure. I feel something with in myself that tells me itís the right thing to do but, thereís a sense of foreboding about it all.

Gatekeeper7 looks at Gotham in an almost sympathetic way and says, Gotham; perhaps there is a sliver of memory left in your noggin. Perhaps you realize whom I must call in order to deliver the ďherd ď.
Gatekeeper7 continues speaking, the one who is called Demon22; he is the one who must be called. Does this ring a bell with you Gotham? Or maybe the name Sir Nick would ring more true?
In any case Gotham you are correct in asking for the ďherdĒ to be brought into this.

Doctor D.T. & Company

As the good doctor continues the leisurely drive down a street in the pretty good sized town of Rockford, his passenger Ice Pick Rick takes notice of something happening on the road side.

Rickís gaze is transfixed on what appears to be a mugging, in progress, by four people against one little old lady, who is holding onto a walker as the four people punch and kick at her.
Rick turns to face doctor Duct Tape and says, itís good to see people havenít forgotten how to have fun and enjoy lifeís simple pleasures. You know doctor; I had all but given up on people until now, thank you for taking this route Doc. Itís really quite calming to me.

Doctor Duct Tape thinks to himself; hmmm, seems as though I made a good choice in taking this road. The doctorís face now takes on a rather smug appearing expression.

They continue to drive.

Adam to Atoms

Adam is still seated on a curb as he messages his sore and swollen feet, he also fumes that he hadnít done something to the pack of maniacs on their gulf carts that almost ran him down.
I know what Iíll do he thinks to himself; Iíll use my secret power to teach those animals a lesson they wonít soon forget.

Homeland Security

This little group of lovelies is still in a mess, nothing the likes of what has befallen them has ever happened before and their egos canít quite accept the new challenge they are faced with.

So what kind of plan might the Homeland Security folks come up with?

Will Apathy and Nuttís clever disguise of creeping shrubberies really fool the Channel One News crew?

What would the Channel One News crew do, if it didnít, get fooled by Apathy and Nuttís clever disguise of creeping shrubberies that is?

Who is Demon22, alias Sir Nick?

What is the ďHERDĒ?

What secret power. what is Adam thinking?

Is there only one way to get the answers to these questions?

Whatís the way?

Should there be another contest?

All these questions and more, well maybe next time.

Here are some new credits for some new characters in the story.

Demon22 or Sir Nick; will be played by Nick Barns

Sergeant Dick; will be played by Richard Leuellen

Gatekeeper7: Holds the key for the seventh seal. When the seal is opened there will be silence, then truth... For now, we live an illusion.
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Gatekeeper7 wrote:

Gatekeeper7 then speaks to Gotham; saying, you do know what youíre asking for do you not Gotham?
Gotham says, I think so, although Iím not precisely sure. I feel something with in myself that tells me itís the right thing to do but, thereís a sense of foreboding about it all.

Gatekeeper7 looks at Gotham in an almost sympathetic way and says, Gotham; perhaps there is a sliver of memory left in your noggin. Perhaps you realize whom I must call in order to deliver the ďherd ď.
Gatekeeper7 continues speaking, the one who is called Demon22; he is the one who must be called. Does this ring a bell with you Gotham? Or maybe the name Sir Nick would ring more true?

LOG (sing with me kiddies: It's lo-og, it's lo-og, it's big. It's heavy. It's wood. It's lo-og, it's lo-og, It's better than bad, it's good! You're gonna love it, Log! C'mon and get yer Log! New from Blammo!") had the whole belfry of Notre Dame (the one in Paris, not South Bend) clanging away in his head, but he still couldn't piece things together in any way that made sense. It was like having a tune, a smell, a taste in your mind, and yet be still unable to speak it's name out loud.

Gotham(Lord of) could remember many things:

The Dawn of Time, as the proto-matter raced to catch up to the expanding wall of Space, turning into photons, then elementary particles, and finally the stuff of reality.

The Game that was played with the first planets and stars, like marbles, but for much higher stakes.

The Garden, before Man clothed himself in flesh. And the Silence, in which the Creator's true voice resonated.

While he couldn't remember the actual message, he remembered what happened afterward. He remembered Atlantis. And how that idiot Islington had botched things up.

He had remembered how the beast (a bull) beneath Poseidonopolis had escaped the fall of the continent, forced to transform itself to survive as it fled into the west.

He remembered travelling among the Red peoples as they spread across the new land.

He remembered his search across history, in many guises. It was the gaps in memory that troubled him.

Little things, like what he had been called in the days before the Sphinx had been raised.

Or what he'd had for breakfast the day Vesuvius blew it's top.

If there'd been a girl with him in Cahokia.

If there was or was not a creature in Loch Ness, astral or otherwise.

What the Ka-Khan wore the day Gotham told him the joke about the monk and the greatest theif in the world.

Whether Roger Smith and Weyland Smythe were one and the same, and what they'd told him on his birthday.

And this stuff about the Platinum Coven the Gatekeeper had just mentioned. Smith wore black, but wasn't a MIB. Or was he? Smith didn't steal memory, he just lacked one. And while the flashie thingie was a fun toy, it didn't erase random factoids, just blanket stretches of recent time.

Gotham was quite certain he wasn't missing any time, but key little things crucial to actually knowing his own identity were gone. Could his memory have been altered BEFORE time? Gatekeeper 7 had referred to him as FAMILY.

He knew of the GK7's medallion, and the true meaning of it's inscription. But he couldn't say how he came by this knowledge, or when.

Old Rosewater had said that it was a tragedy when a crop one had held such hope for spoiled before it could be harvested. Rotten tomatoes, with no memory of the real thing. No true sense of purpose.

How do you negotiate an absence of being?

Gotham wasn't one to let trivial matters of philosophy stand in the way of a good donnybrook. Even when he had no clue who he was, Gotham, deep down, always knew WHAT he was.

He was what he did. And right now, he had an itch to do something violent. To those that deserved it most.

"Gatekeeper, my allies even now are closing on the fiend Drendela. With the herd, we'll have the firepower to tame this Count, and restore Lupus Lady's black-leather-clad honor.

He dispatched me once before on the streets of this pretty good sized town. If I hadn't ended up in Aunt Sally's, I might not have found you in time. Coffee and cherry pie enhance my psychic powers, y'know. Just ask Diane.

The fight is soon upon us. I am with you."

I must become something black, terrible...a creature of the night. That's it! I shall become a BAT!
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Gatekeeper7 then speaks out in a calm and soft voice. Lupus, Gotham, Satania, Baby Man, all of us must leave this room at once, for I fear that we shall soon have a craving for candy bars and we all know that too many candy bars can harm our beautiful dental work, so quickly now, let us go out from here and into the fresh air of the great outdoors.

As they leave the room, the room that has a thick cloud of pungently sweet smoke, which is located in a building that was built in the pretty good sized town of Rockford.
It wouldn't be hard not to notice, that each member of the group had a far away, glassy eyed look, while a broad child-like grin on their faces told of a happening that was realy quite pleasent indeed.

Now as the group reassembles on the street, there are some other events taking place around the pretty good sized town of Rockford. So maybe a look see at these events would be in order right about now.

KNOCK, KNOCK, is Anybody Home?

Dr. Duct Tape and Ice Pick Rick arrive at the location of what should be the home of Rockford Scream Feast and the one who is called RSFGatekeeper. But when they got there, Rockford Scream Feast was bare.

(Which kind of reminds me of that nursery rhyme; Old Mother Hubbard, you know the one, it has Mother Hubbard trying to give her dog a bone. Only the dog gives Mother Hubbard a bone of his own. Or something like that. Never can get those nursery rhymes right.)

Anyway, when Dr. D.T. and Rick discover that entry to Rockford Scream Feast wasnít going to happen anytime soon, they began to visually survey the area around them, searching for any humans that might be able to provide some information about the one called RSFGatekeeper.
As Dr. D.T. and Rick continue to scan their surroundings the results seem to be yielding nothing. Well at least until Rick with his superior vision; (which is the result of Mother Natureís way to compensate for Ricksí loss of hearing) spots an object off in the distance.
Rick nudges Dr. Duct Tape to get the doctorís attention, then Rick points in the direction of where he wants the doctor to look and the doctor does just that but, thereís a little bit of a problem, the doctors vision although very good, is just not equal to Rick's and so the doctor asks Rick to describe what it is that Rick sees.
Rick begins to use signing to communicate with Dr. D.T. and as the doctor begins to interpret Rickís hand gestures he realizes that the human who dould provide them withh information was several hundred yards away.

Ice Pick Rick has described to Doctor Duct Tape that what he sees is a truck, which has some type of inscriptions on it, which appear to resemble military insignias. There is a figure seated behind the steering wheel of the vehicle, a man, wearing some kind of uniform that also resembles military type clothing.
Rick goes on to describe even greater detail; he tells the doctor that the man in the truck is wearing a long sleeved shirt with a military insignia on the sleeve, which depicts the rank of a Sergeant First Class. The man in the truck is also sporting a name tag on his shirt which bares the letters, SGT. DICK.
(Well, maybe we should wonder how this is going to turn out.)

KNOCK, KNOCK, no ones home here too.

As we look in on Captain Rufus T. Satan and RSFGatekeeper, we find this dynamic duo rough and ready to have some real fun. They are packing up some goodies to take with them on a little road trip, a road trip to the home of their other buddy Dr. Satan.
What they have packed up for the trip would give the appearance of two guys going ouy to do some handy man type work.
They have a packed up variety of saws, different types of hammers, and a few rather ornately styled knifes some rope and chain, and a rather unusual looking axe. All of which is packed into boxes, with the exception of the axe, which RSFGatekeeper insists upon carrying in hand.
They place the boxes onto the bed of Captain Rufus T. Satanís 1953 Ford pick-up truck, they then climb into the cabin of the trick and depart from Captain Satanís humbled abode.
As the truck reaches the bottom of the drive way, the sounds of laughing and even giggling can be herd coming from the trucks cabin. But the laughter is briefly interrupted by one voice saying, ď howís about we pick us up some of them young-uns on the way, ď olí Doc Satan would appreciate not have-en to get all gussied up to go out a-hunt-en.
(Sounds like the next time we check in on these boys, thereís going to be some serious fun taking place.)

Have you ever Ď HERD Ďof this?

Gatekeeper7 establishes a psychic link with Demon22, a.k.a. Sir Nick.

Sir Nick, I need you to assemble the Herd and then rendezvous with myself and some of the others here in the pretty good sized town of Rockford sayís G7.

Sir Nick replies at once.

G7; I by no means want you to think of this as questioning your authority but, in view of what has happened in the past with the Herd, I beseech you Gatekeeper7, to rethink what you are asking me to do.

G7 replies.

Now Sir Nick, I appreciate your concern but it is imperative for you to do as I have asked.

Sir Nick replies to G7.

Very well G7, I shall assemble the Herd at once and do as you have asked, rendezvous with your self and the others in the pretty good sized town of Rockford.
By the way G7, is it sleepy too?

Is what sleepy too? Says G7.

The pretty good sized town of Rockford, says Sir Nick.

Oh! I see says G7. You are asking if the pretty good sized town of Rockford is sleepy.
Yes, says Sir Nick, well is it?

Well Sir Nick, I wouldnít know for sure, we are all awake. As for the people that live in this pretty good sized town, I really would have to just a guess, says Gatekeeper7.

Oh! Well I wouldnít want you to guess Sir, says Sir Nick.

G7 asks, Sir Nick is there someone there with you?

Sir Nick responds, No Sir, why do you ask?

G7 says because, you said Sir twice. Sir Nick.

Sir Nick says no, G7 I only said Sir once.

G7 says no, no, no. you said Sir twice. Look! Sir Nick, go back and look at the last few sentences.

Sir Nick replies. G7, that wasnít me, that was the guy writing this story. He wrote that I was saying Sir to you, followed by him writing that I said Sir, which I did but, I only said it once, get it.

G7 replies. So you Sir Nick; said Sir to me only, once, while he, the writer of this story wrote Sir twice.

Precisely Sir, says Sir Nick. (There, he did it again.)

Sir Nick, I do not get it Sir, says G7.

Oh boy! Says Sir Nick, Sir Iím bringing in the Herd.

Gatekeeper7 then says, so you do have someone there with you. Itís a boy, whatís his name Sir Nick?
(Well this could go on for hours. Will we ever find out what the Herd is all about?)

They just canít see the Forest from the Trees

The shrubberies edge toward the unsuspecting news grew from Channel One News.
Fiona Issollow the reporter and Sam the camera man, are discussing the events of the day and are not aware of the cleverly disguised, Apathynow and his friend Nutt, who together, advance ever closer to the news crews position near the helicopter.
But progress is slow for Apathy and Nutt, they know all to well that their stealth ness depends on the very slow forward movement, of the shrubberies that they hide behind.

Fiona, is about to say something to Sam when she realizes that the cigarette sheís been smoking has one more puff off of it before it burns out. She takes the final last drag and then flicks the cigarette butt from her hand, the remnant od the cigarette butt still burning, falls into the grass just ahead of some shrubberies.
Sam the camera man sees this action by Fiona, and decides to tease her a bit in regard to the method she used in discarding the well smoked cigarette.
Fiona he says, I know youíre a woman but, that was really a wimpy flick of the finger.
Heck, my dog could flick that cigarette further, and dogs donít have thumbs to use as a launching pad. HAHAHAHA, Sam laughs with a full belly type of sound.
Here Fiona, watch this, Sam points to a brightly glowing cigar that is wedged between his thumb and forefinger.
Sam flips the cigar from his hand and the thing takes off like a rocket. Up, up and away it goes and as it returns to earth the orange colored glow from the tip of the cigar, resembles a meteor crashing into the ground.
The cigar lands behind some shrubberies and vanishes from sight.

Fiona just looks at Samís now smiling face and says, B.F.D. whoopee! Hey Sam, how about you bend over and release some of that methane gas that youíre full of, while I hold a lit match up to youíre butt.
You know what Sam, a real man could probably produce a flame about five to seven feet in length. So what do you think Sam old buddy, want to give it a try?

Samís responds to Fiona saying, just jealousy. Fiona if you could release some of that methane you have stored up inside of you, your news reporting might seem a lot more intelligent. (This is followed by more of Samís belly laughing).

As apathy and Nutt get even closer to their objective, everything seems to be going very well for them, then for some unknown reason there is a sudden pause in Nutt's forward movement.
Nutt looks at Apathy and says, Apathy do you smell a funny odder in the air?
Apathy looks to Nutt and says, hmmm, now that you mention it, yeah, I do.

What in the heck is that stench, asks Nutt.

Well if I were to make a guess, I would have to say that it smells like cotton and human flesh burning together at the same time.

And with that said, Nutt suddenly leaps to his feet, yelling out at the top of his lungs, yeeee-oowwww! Fire, fire, help. Iím on fire.

Apathynow looks on in total amazement.
For when Nutt leaped high into the air, he basically cleared the tops of the shrubberies which he had been hiding behind, his landing back to earth was that of landing directly on top of the shrubberies. The thorny branches of the shrubs began to tear away Nuttís clothing, and his tortured screams became louder and more pain ridden.

Now, all this noise quickly gained the attention of the Channel One News team and Fiona and Sam, joined Apathynow as on-lookers, as they stood in silent witnesses to a most horrific sight.

The fire that had once consumed Nuttís backside was now reduced to smoldering embers, a result of Nuttís thrashing around in the thorn infested shrubbery.
The thorns had ripped away most of the flaming outer garments Nutt had been wearing. But Nutt would survive all of what happened to him.
He was left with his boxer shorts still enact, a few minor burns and a whole lot of scratches, which covered every inch of his body.

(hmmm, do you think the Channel One News crew might be wondering why, a man would set himself on fire and then jump into a bunch of thorny shrubberies?)

Whatís with the Count?

Do you know the number of golf carts that Count Drendela encountered?

Do you know the number of Barbarians Count Drendela encountered?

Do you know the number of short, choppy steps Count Drendela has taken in his cross town trek while poised on his tip toes?

And then it was saidÖ Let the Games Begin!!!

Gatekeeper7 begins to speak to the Lord of Gotham.

Lord of Gotham, I would like to inform you that Sir Nick and the Herd has arrived; they are within the outer limits of Rockford.
Sir Nick has asked that I join him and inspect the Herd, would you like to join me on this inspection tour?

Gotham responds. Yes indeedy dandy I do, Sir.

Gotham, please, lets knock off the Sir stuff already, you have seen what a confusing picture is created when thereís too many Sirís. Can you not Sir? Oh, sorry! Gotham. I mean sorry Gotham that I said Sir, instead of Gotham, not that you are not a Sir, Gotham, but, you know what I mean, donít you? Gotham, Sir, see here we go again.
It has to be a side effect from that blasted thick cloud of pungently sweet smoke, in that room, in that building in the pretty good sized town of Rockford.
(So I guess we will find out what the Herd is all about, wonít we?)

O.K. a Big Loony Toon ending now. (Every one say this using the Loony Toon song.)

Da, dada da, da, daÖ Da, dada, da, da, daÖ. Da, dada, da. Da, dada, daÖ Da, dada, da, daÖ Tetete tats all Folks!

Until we meet again, sometime soon, donít know whenÖ.doo dada, doo dada, do, daaaÖ(Different song, sorry,)

Psychotic, whatís that?

Gatekeeper7: Holds the key for the seventh seal. When the seal is opened there will be silence, then truth... For now, we live an illusion.

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A quick visual of Adam's pretty little tippy-toed feet...

Minus the femininity, of course...

Reggie Grenwych

'Twas brillig and the slithy toves,
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;
All mimsey were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe!
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(Reggie, I thought that was your black-leather clad honor, for which we are bringing down the apocalypse, or some such bruhaha.)

Gotham had never really indulged in the Circle before, and even now his memory of it was fading...something about meat and balloons...whatever.

Bureau 13 had issued an all points alert about Count Drendela here in the good-sized town of Rockford, and Gotham's own allies, the Magnificent Seven were in position to attack, as soon as Sir Nick's Herd was ready to drive the target to them.

Other even shadier gov't agencies would be insuring that the military, called out to respond to the bizarre appearance of a giant robot dressed like Sailor Moon, would cover up the operation and conceal any evidence of supernatural activity. With deadly force, if at all possible.

"Yes, Sir, I'd sure like to inspect that herd now, Gatekeeper sir. Yessiree Bob!"

Damn, that pungent, sweet- smelling smoke was still affecting him.


Aboard the airship PERNAMBUCO, Capt. Ferdinand Von Freidrich turned as his wireless operator called for his attention.

"Sir, I'm picking up an alert from Bureau 13. They've located Count Drendela in Rockford, IL."

"Drendela...." mused Von Freidrich."This is bad. I have to assume Gallows has cracked the Bureau's current code by now, or at least is keeping tabs on their agents. If Nigel Gallows knows where to find Drendela, he might try to help him. At the least, Drendela might escape again. At the worst...Gallows might learn the secret of the Count's power, and take it for himself."

"Shall I respond, Sir?" asked the radioman.

"No, I think not" said Ferdinand. "We aren't officially in the Bureau, and I'd just as soon use the element of surprise. Helmsman, set course for Rockford. Navigator, how long will it take us to get there?"

"At present speed, 12 hours, Sir." replied the airship's Navigation officer. He'd been listening in, and had begun calculations for Rockford, just in case.

"Crank her up to full, mister!" Von Freidrich ordered his executive officer. "That'll get us there in 8. But it's still not fast enough. I wonder...does the Avatar know what's going on? He could be useful...Sparks, place a radiophone call to our old friend the dark knight."

"Yessir!" answered the wireless operator, as the PERNAMBUCO picked up speed.

Back in Rockford, Gotham's wrist communicator began to signal an incoming call...

I must become something black, terrible...a creature of the night. That's it! I shall become a BAT!
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Have you ever HERD of such a thing?

Sir Nick (Demon22) and the Herd have settled in along the river, the one that runs along the pretty good sized town of Rockford. Sir Nick and the Herd are thirsty after their trek into town, their hungry as well and the river seems to have an offering of something that appears to be food, or at least it might have been food at some point in time.

As Lord of Gotham and Gatekeeper7 arrive on the scene Gotham expresses to G7 his amazement over the spectacle heís witnessing along the rivers edge.

In a voice that has the sound of astonishment Gotham says to G7, that is udderly amazing.

G7 says, Gotham, you mean utterly amazing?

That too, says Gotham as he goes on to say, G7 that man with the sword must be Sir Nick but who are the others?

Gatekeeper7 thinks to himself; hmmm, udder, utter, others, oh boy! Here we go again, another challenge in talking with Gotham on a cognitive level.
Gatekeeper7 just shakes his head and then says to Gotham, so your impressed by the Herd, we should leave the car and get a closer look, come along Gotham the inspection is about to begin.

Lord of Gotham and G7 exit the black Griffin sedan, the car that is owned by Gotham. As Gotham slides from behind the cars steering wheel he once again declares his awe over what he sees.

How, who, created this Herd Gotham asks.

The Herd was created by the one they call Rockfan 15 says G7.

What was used in creating it asks Gotham.

Rockfan 15 used a device called a virtual pixel generator says G7.

Fascinating says Gotham, they seem to resemble bovines, are they? Is what I am looking at actually what I think they are?

G7 responds, yes Gotham they are indeed what you have perceived them to be.

G7 continues, Gotham, you are looking at the HERD, six hundred and sixty six demonic, demented, blind, toothless, rabid, milk-less COWS.

Gotham looks at G7 and asks a question, Tell me G7 are those really udders beneath their bodies?

What others? I see no others, says G7. I do see others standing near Sir Nick, are you referring to them?

No not others, udders, udders, G7. Are those udders?

Gotham you are uttering something again that makes no scence, G7 replies. Gotham, perhaps if you stopped eating those Honey nut Cheerios while you are talking I might be able to understand you.

G7, get the ear wax out of your ears and listen to what I am asking you. Are those udders, attached to the cowís underbelly? Really G7, I speak the Queens English perfectly, why can you not understand me, asks Gotham.

Queen, I know no Queen. I know a few high-Priestesses, a princess or two but, no Queens.
You see Gotham you are a chuckle head, your looking at my Herd of six hundred and sixty six, demonic, demented, blind, toothless, rabid, milk-less COWS and your asking me which one of them is the Queen.

No Iím not, says Gotham.

You are, Says G7.

NOT! Gotham shouts.

ARE, ARE, ARE. G7 yells back.

Gotham holds up his hands to form a T, signaling a time out. Look G7, we are supposed to be on the same side now, let us not have these ridicules arguments. Here, I have an idea; lets just go on our inspection tour, then you can introduce me to the others. I would like to offer them my hand in a gesture of alliance to the cause.

: G7 says: Gotham you nincompoop, I have told you that their udders are utterly free of milk, so why would you choose to put your hand on them?

:Gotham, replies in a voice of frustration:
So you think Iím a nincompoop, you cantankerous, twit. Why Iíll, Iíll, uh, never mind G7, letís just get this business done, so we can get that Count Drendela and put an everlasting end to his buffoonery.

: G7 says:
Agreed, oh, by the way Gotham, you might consider offering your hand shake in a gesture of allegiance to the cause, when you meet the others.

Gotham just looks at G7 and with an open palm of his right hand strikes himself in the forehead, as he mumbles something about why he, has to have family members that where not give an education equal to his own, even remotely.

Gotham and Gatekeeper7 approach Sir Nick.

So what will happen upon their meeting, the meeting of Gotham and Sir Nick?

And what about the others and the udders, which are utterly unaware of who Gotham really is?

Wouldnít it be something if some of the others just happened to be Chrushorn, Brewster Bonesaw, Andythecourps, Dr. Hamilton and ????? all of which share the same mother, Nicole a.k.a. Angela di Sanque

Speaking of Count Drenela.

Adam is in the Yoga style Lotus position at the intersection of the streets where he first encountered the gulf carting gang of barbarians, lead by Apathynow.
Adam is also meditating; he is envisioning his revenge upon the gang. He sees in his vision a form in the shape of a bat, a vampire bat. The vampire bat swoops down from the night darkened sky and lands at the throat of each and every one of the barbarians, itís fangs of death impale the victims throat and blood squirts from the open wounds. Adamís face is now adorned with a broad smile of contentment. For Adam sees himself as the bat, his revenge is sweet to the taste and delightful to his sight.
Adam, in his vision now knows his course of action against the infidels; he will transform into the bat and seek out his prey.

Adam breaks from his meditative, state. He rises up unto his feet and with his right and left hands grasps each side of his cape. Clutching the cape, he raises his arms outward from his body and yells out in a fiendish voice, up, up and away.
Adam imagines himself to have just taken flight, but truth be known this is again just his imagination. However, he does have both feet flat on the ground so the foot cramping wonít be an issue this time. But, his arms might be a little worst for ware do to the constant flapping up and down. Adam is now soaring with the turkeys, which by the way canít fly either.

So will Adam ever reach his intended target, or will he run afoul once more and be made to look foolish? Sometimes you just donít know what might happen.

Be ready to find out about some other, udders and utterly profound happenings next time.

Like the meeting between SARGEANT DICK and DR. DUCT TAPE with ICE PICK RICK.

Or the get together, with Cpt. Rufus T. Satan, Dr. Satan and RSFGatekeeper.

How about them rascally, rascals Apathynow and Nutt with Fiona and Sam.

And whatís going on with Baby man, Lupus and Satania.

MR. JayU is becoming impatient with Adam and he is a bit ticked off with waiting too long for Adam to show up, which could mean more problems for the Count.

And we might even look in on our military heroes, who canít bare any more embarrassments.

Until then my dear fiends, sit back and relax, have a slice of French bread, a piece of good cheese and a glass of fine wine. For the time is coming and it shall be short, a good bye to you then and now and when. (Psychotic, of course)

Gatekeeper7: Holds the key for the seventh seal. When the seal is opened there will be silence, then truth... For now, we live an illusion.
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Ice Pick Rick and Dr. Duct Tape are now walking toward Sgt. Dick; he is still seated in his truck, the one that looks like a military vehicle.
Their only a few fee away when Dr. Duct Tape says to Rick, let me do all the talking o.k. Rick nods in agreement.
As they reach the truck Dr. Duct Tape speaks a greeting to Sgt. Dick, hey there Captain, how you doing?
Sgt. Dick turns his head to face the voice he has just herd and replies, Iím no officer, Iím a Sergeant. But what can I do for you two gents?
Well Sergeant, we are trying to get into that building over there, do you have any idea as to how we might do that says Dr. Duct Tape.
Sir, you arenít going to get in there any time soon, itís been closed for awhile and I really donít know if it will ever open again says Sgt. Dick.
That is Rockford Screamfest over there right, says Dr. D.T.
Yup! Sure was, says the Sergeant. Why you trying to get in there anyway asks Sgt. Dick.

We where looking for someone who was supposed to be working there, say, would you know any of the folks that work there, asks Dr. D.T.
Sergeant Dick thinks about answering the doctorís question, and then changes the conversation to a different subject.
Hey, you guys hear the news on the radio lately, the President of these here United States is look-in for a fella called Azzhole, seems this here guy is the only one that can put an end to all the mess over in the Middle East. Yup! Good old G.W.B. is ask-en the public to find this guy and have him contact G.W.B. personally.

Dr. Duct Tapeís eyes grow wide and his face reflects his total surprise of what Sgt. Dick has just said.
You mean the President of the U.S.A. wants this guy Azzhole to do something in the Middle East; as a patriot of our country. But what does G.W.B. want this man to do?

Iím not sure, I think itís one of them top secret type of things, says Sergeant Dick.

Dr. Duct Tape looks at Rick and begins to use sign language to communicate with him.

Rick, this is our big chance to get Azzholeís name and reputation into other parts of the world, signs the doctor, just think about the glory Rick, why you could start using your abilities for something great. Rick do you understand me?

Ice Pick Rick (Who in reality is Azzhole) looks at Dr. D.T. and replies.

Letís do it, Rick signs back to the doctor, I got to show my stuff to the world and as for this RSFGatekeeper, well I can wait. Doc, get the President on the phone and tell him he can count on this Azzhole; to take care of things.
Dr. Duct Tape smiles at Rick (Azzhole) and as the doctors eyes fill with tears, he goes into in a sudden emotional outburst, lunging toward Rick and giving him a big hug while saying, I am so proud of you my friend.

So does this mean that the good doctor and Rick (Azzhole) are off on a mission from the Prezz?

Whatís this mission about anyway? Guess weíll have to wait and see.


Fiona the reporter and Sam the camera man rush to the aid of a still smoldering Nutt, as Apathynow franticly tries to extinguish the remains of burning clothing still attached to Nuttís body.

You poor man says Fiona, as she reaches Nutt, let us help you. Fiona turns to Sam and tells him to have the pilot of the helicopter start the engine and get ready to make way for the nearest hospital.

Fiona kneels next to Nutt as he lay on the ground, we are taking you to the hospital right now, just hang in there, and weíll be there in no time.

Nutt looks at Apathynow and motions for him to come closer to him. Apathy leans his head toward Nutt and Nutt grabs onto Apahtyís shirt to pull him closer.

Look Apathy says Nutt; you canít let them take me to the hospital.

Why not Nutt, says Apathy.

Because I donít have clean underwear on says Nutt.

So what, your hurt Nutt, you have to get medical attention now, says Apathy.

: Nutt says: You donít understand. My Mommy said to always make sure to wear clean underwear, just in case I needed to go to the hospital.

: Apathy says: O.K. you didnít change your undies today, thatís not so bad, hell people probably go to the hospital with underwear they have had on for a few days.

: Nutt says to Apathy: Well its worst than that.

: Apathy says: Worst, how worst, you mean like a week Nutt?

: Nutt answers: No, worst, like seven months, eighteen days and letís see, what time is it, hummm, three thirty on the morning, so thatís six hours.

: Apathy responds: Nutt, you have had the same underwear on for seven months, eighteen days and six hours. That explains it.

: Nutt questions: Explains what, Apathy.

: Apahty says back to Nutt: The smell in your apartment, I always thought it was your dog taking poopy dumps all over the place.

: Nutt back to Apathy: Dog, I donít have a dog.

: Apathy back to Nutt: Thatís my point Nutt.

: Nutt looks at Aathynow with the facial expression of a child whoís been very naughty and says: Me sorry Apahty, please donít tell my Mommy.

: Apathy looks back to Nutt and says: Not to worry Nutt, hey, we are going to get you some help for those injuries and while your there at the hospital Iíll bet they clean your crusty butt up real nice and pretty like, you know what I mean my friend.

: Nutt gets a kind of sheepish grin on his face and says to Apathy: Do you think the one who cleans me up will be a cute female nurse or one of those three hundred pound male orderlies?

: Apathy says to Nutt: I donít know but, I think it will be someone who wonít gag and puke on you.

: Nutt replies: Well, I have had people do all kinds of things on me, but I never had anyone puke on me. I wonder what itís like, being puked on. I hope if that happens the person doing it has had some solid food during the day, I am feeling a little hungry myself right now.

Just then Sam the camera man yells out. Hey, are you guys reedy, the choppers warmed up, so we can leave now.

Fiona and Apathy help Nutt to his feet and head toward the helicopter.

So how does this affect the Hi-jacking, the one that Nutt had so carefully planed out? Will Nutt and Apathy ever get to Sailor Scout Big Death?


Captain Rufus T. Satan and RSFGatekeeper have just arrived at the home of the Captains cousin Dr. Satan.
Rufus and RSFG are knocking at the front door of Doctor Satans home when they notice a weird buzzing sound coming from the back of the home, and since no one has yet answered their knocking they decide to investigate the sound. A s the men walk along side the house the notice that the sound is becoming more intense and there seems to be the sound of a person whistling, in fact it sounds like the whistling is the tune of ĎWhistle While You Workí as they round the corner of the home they immediately see what both sounds are all about.
Itís Doctor Satan, just whistling away as he uses a large electric knife to cut something that resembles meat and bone.

Rufus lets out a holler, ď Doc, whats ya do-en over thar, looks like your mighty in ta yer work.

Doc Satan breaks from his whistling and turns off the electric knife, then yells out to the two men. Howdy fellers, what brings yu good ol boys here on this pretty day?

Rufus replies, well Doc me and RSFG here thought weíd come a call-en on ya and have us some fun.

Doc Satan replies, well now hows that fer time-en, I was just fix-en up some stuff to through on- ta the ol BBQ. Hey, why donít one of you ol boys go on in-ta the house and bring us out some beer.

RSFGatekeeper replies, Iíll go Doc, Hey Doc you still got that funny little dog?

No replies Doc Satan, he got himself eat-en by one of my nephews more than a year ago. I kinda miss the little crap ball.

Rufus speaks out, Hey Doc, since when do you got feel-ens fer a dog?

Doc Satan replies, Dog, hell I aint talk-en about the dog, Iím talk-en about my nephew, after the dang fool started eat-en that dog he got himself a bone stuck it his throat and coked to death on it.

Rufus and RSFG respond in unison, Gee, sorry Doc. Then Rufus says, so Doc, what ya fixen up over ther?

Doc Satan replies, Why this heres my next door neighbors kid, I think he was about fifteen years old, so the meats gonna be pretty tender.

Rufus then says, Yumm sounds good Doc, and hey Doc you think we can make us some of that kidney pie whiles ur at it?

Why sure Rufus says Doc Satan.

RSFGatekeeper emerges from the house with a case of beer in hand and something to tell the Doctor and Rufus. Hey you guys, I just herd something on the radio while I was getting the beer,

Whatís that ask Rufus.

The President is looking for an asshole.

The President is look-en fer an asshole, questions Rufus.

Yeah, says RSFG, hell he better watch out what he asks for or heís going to wind up with just about everyone in the whole damn world sitting on the front lawn of the White House. (All three men break out in laughter)

So boys, lets get go-en on that thar beer, we can chew the fat fer a while.

Well now, it seems like the guys are enjoying each others company but, the real fun is going to start in, well maybe in the next chapter.


General Don t Fokewitme has just been informed that an aircraft has taken off from a restricted area and it is flying in a No Fly zone.
He immediately orders two F-16 fighter jets to investigate.

The General talks to the pilots of the F-16s and tells them to establish radio contact with the unauthorized aircraft. He tells the pilots to advise him personally about the identity of the aircraft and ends his radio message with a forceful command, saying, if this aircraft turns out to be what I suspect, I want you pilots to shoot it out of the air and that will be a direct order.

The radio air waves go silent.

But what if this aircraft is the channel One News chopper, with Fiona, Sam, Nutt and Apathy aboard (Oops, forgot about the pilot of the helicopter) and the pilot of the chopper too?

Would he, General Don t Fokewitme really shoot down an aircraft carrying civilians?

Humm, just when Nutt was about to get a bath, will the horrors in this story never end?


No, not really. Itís just Adam, still thinking heís airborne over the pretty good sized town of Rockford.

Actually Adams arms are beginning to get mighty worn out from all of the flapping up and down theyíve been put through.

And actually as well, Adamís becoming quite perplexed over the fact that his distance of ground covered while in flight is much less than it was when he had been using short, choppy steps, while raised up on his tippy-toes.

As he looks down to the ground below he sees his shoes and notices that they are flat on the ground.

Drat, he says, I wanted to become a bat, a creature of the night that would strike fear and death into my selected victims. Now I must face the truth, my cape has obviously developed some holes in it, probably from those insipid mouths in Lupusís closet, this is why I canít fly. But, itís not over yet, my becoming a bat and flying into the night. Iíll just find a tailor shop and use a sewing machine to repair the cape, thatís it, eureka! Adam you are such a brilliant fiend, he thinks aloud.

So if Adam finds this tailor shop will the shop contain a sewing machine?

If it does will Adam really know how to use it, or will he have to find the tailor of the shop to assist him?

How ironic it would be if Mr. JayU were the tailor that owned the shop and the machine wouldnít it? Be ironic that is. (Is this last sentencing actually two questions or does this question really make it three?)

Are you wondering how Gatekeeper7, Lord of Gotham, the HERD and all of rest are doing?

Me too, so itís a wait and see until next time.

Gatekeeper7: Holds the key for the seventh seal. When the seal is opened there will be silence, then truth... For now, we live an illusion.
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: The scene:

Adam is in search of a tailorís shop where he hopes to find a tailor that has a sewing machine; Adam is still under the influence of his auspicious thoughts, that once his mouth eaten cape is repaired heíll be able to take flight, as a Bat of the night, thatís right, a Bat.
So we find Count Drendela (Adam) walking along the roadside of a street in the pretty good sized town of Rockford. Yes, Adamís walking, not on tip toes, using short, choppy steps, but actually walking quite normally.
Now you might think this is a good thing, Adam walking normally. Why we may even speculate that a hint of rational thinking has temporarily taken over his otherwise muddled and delusional mind.
After all, he hasnít raised the left side of his cape up to his face in an effort to become invisible, thatís good, it shows improvement in rational behavior. He isnít making any further attempts to change into a Bat and take flight into the night, thatís good too.
However, these thoughts are as irrational as Adamís normally deranged mind in it self.

Remember, Adam is trying to find a tailorís shop that has a sewing machine that can be used to make repairs to his cape. Once this is accomplished Adam believes he only needs to click his heals together, say UP, UP AND AWAY, start flapping his arms up and down, then soar off into the Rockford night skies, as a Vampire Bat.

Now think about this, if Adam believes he becomes invisible by raising his cape up to his face and that flapping his arms up and down enables him to fly, what would happen if he tried to do both at the same time?

Would he be able to remain in flight? He does need to cover his face with the left side of his cape, right?
Well then, if his left arm is no longer flapping up and down, providing the lift required for flight, would he then be locked into a banking right handed turn? Or, would he go into a downward spiral that would have him crashing to the ground below?

(And just when everyone thought the psychotic episodes of this story where absent from the scene.)

FINDING NEMO, or is it Mr. JayU?

: The scene too.

Adamís quest is surprisingly accomplished in a very short period of time; he has traveled less than one mile on the Rockford Street when he makes his discovery.
As he approaches a mini-strip mall a neon sign clearly spells out, DRY CLEANING TAILORING. Adam now picks up his paced walk and turns it into a running sprint, Adam has found his salvation, but would he be fulfilled, it is three oíclock in the morning, so whatís the chance of the shop being open for business.
Well, tonight Adam is truly riding lucks swiftest rollercoaster. He has reached the doorway to a part of time that has long ago vanished from the modern world.
The tailor shop he has come upon is one where the owner/operator lives in the back end of the shop. Adam is not really aware of this fact, but out of desperation begins to franticly pound on the glass door of the shop, hoping almost without hope that his insistence to gain entry would meet with success.
Adam stands almost awe struck when he sees the figure of a tall man approach the door from the back of the shop.

As the tall man reaches the door and begins to unlock it Adam canít help thinking to himself that the man seems to be in a very good mood, he has a smile on his face and heís approaching the shops door in a manner of almost being happy to see Adam.

The tall man opens the door, he looks at Adam and says, come in and lay your cape on that counter by the sewing machine.
Adamís mind reels with amazement as he think to himself, how this man could know why Iíve come to his shop, itís as if he had been expecting me, who is this man Iíve happened upon? He seems to be able of seeing my thoughts, I must be careful as to what I think. What if he knows what I am thinking right now?

Adam stops thinking and begins to strike up a conversation with the man.

: Adam says:
I apologize for coming to your shop at such an odd hour of the day, but Iím in desperate need of your assistance, Iíll pay you ten times your normal fee for your service if you want.

: The Man says:
Count Drendela, that will not be necessary, I have something other in mind as your payment for my services.

Adam is taken-back by the tailorís comment.

: Adam says:

How do you know me by my title, have we meet before?

: The Tailor says:
No, we have not, but you have been seeking me out for quite some time, your first motive to find me and speak with me was not the premise of your being here right now.

Now Adam is really starting to wonder about this man and who he is, he is truly more than a tailor. But Adam can not yet come to terms with who this man is.

: Adam says:
What do you mean by your statement, I have come here to have my cape repaired nothing more.

: The man says:
Oh really Count Drendela, then why are you so late in arriving at your true destination.
Your true objective tonight was to have a conversation an individual that possessed great wisdom in how you might accomplish your true goal, that of taking control of the worlds supply of Honey Nut Cheerios.

Adams face goes pale, an eerie foreboding sensation courses through his inner being, beads of sweat begin to stream down his face from the very top of his head and he stammers in his speaking back a response to the tailor.

: Adam says (stammering in voice)

Who- ooo arrre you? Ha-how dooo you know so much.

The tailor man just looks at Adam with an impish smile, then says, Count Drendela, you have reached your final destination. You have come to above all, learn, to be taught the ways of true ruthlessness, and so you shall, I will be your mentor.

It now becomes perfectly clear to Adam as to who this tailor man is. Adam responds by saying, it is an honor to finally meet you Sir; but I hope you wont be offended by this question. Are you going to repair my cape as well? Mister JayUÖ

: Mr. JayU replies:
No Adam that will be done as we talk, but by my wife; sheís the one who makes all of the alterations.
Adam, something you should know about my wife, she makes alteration on more than the garments that people ware as clothing,as you will see Adam, my young student; she performs alterations on their souls as well.

Adamís facial expression now turns into a look of bewilderment and he thinks to himself what Mr. JayU was implying in his statement concerning Mrs. JayU.

So, who thinks they really know what Adam has really gotten himself involved with?

How will Adam respond to his teacher?
How will he respond to the teacherís wife?
Do you think thereís been evidence of psychotic episodes in the past?
Mr. and Mrs. JayU just might put a whole new spin on that subject.

Stay tuned, so much more is about to happen.

Mayhem, death and unbelievable events await you at the next turning point. So remember whoís who, remember whatís occurred in the past. There are clues to an upcoming riddle and the riddle will answer the most complex question of the story. (HNC?)Ö

Gatekeeper7: Holds the key for the seventh seal. When the seal is opened there will be silence, then truth... For now, we live an illusion.
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Welcome back little ones, itís been a while.

Please allow me to take some time to explain to you a little bit about tonightís episode.

Perhaps youíll remember from previous episodes that many of the characters have the ability to ďpsychic-linkĒ to each other. Well, tonight Adam discovers that he too has this ability, kind of.
You should understand that Adam really doesnít know he has this ďpower of the EldersĒ but he is about to realize it, in a most embarrassing situation.

It must be understood that the art of ďpsychic linkingĒ was passed on from generation to generation of beings called the Elders; which thusly coined the term ďpower of the EldersĒ
The power of the elders or psychic-link must be practiced for decades before someone can use it to communicate with the minds of other beings. Only the true descendants of the Elders have this power from birth, but it must be nurtured into the young by the elder generation.
In 1936 at the University of Transylvania a team of research scientist conducted an experiment on several human subjects. It was a clinical study to determine if a human being could communicate to another human being by thought projection. The results where mixed, some of the subjects managed marginal success, some others totally failed in their attempts, but one of the participants was amazingly successful. A 19 year old male, his ability to communicate his thoughts was astounding to the researchers, so much so, that it led the scientist to dig for answers, how this young man was capable of such ability.
To their surprise they found nothing, not anything scientific, but they did uncover something that struck them as unusual. In a physical examination of the young man a rather strange tattoo was found on the back of his head, it had required a shaving of the hair from the manís head to reveal it, once uncovered, the scientists where able to make out a tattoo that was shaped like a pentagram, but there was something else, going across the pentagram, from the left star-point, to the center, to the right-star point where the letters H N C .The pentagram itself was black in color, while the letters where the color of honey.
In a recently disclosed secret report on the experiment and the young male subject, it was learned that the scientist had resorted to torturing the young man in an effort to gain information regarding his unique ability, and to get to the bottom of the tattooís relevance.
The documents show only that the youth would give this information. My ability is a gift from the Elders, my tattoo is the symbol of my family, my coven, and it is the sign of a cult or culture. It is further reported that the young man died immediately after his comments.

Sorry! My little ones; for having you read this first, but its important information, in particular in regard to Adam.
Adam has no such tattoo, as the one just mentioned. This means that Adam is about to realize that he has some ability to use ďpsychic ĖlinkingĒ but, he has not a clue on how it works. Adam just might find himself in a bit of a predicament.
Itís like this, when someone has the ďpower of the EldersĒ they know how to ďpsychic ĖlinkĒ in thoughts that can be easily understood by the recipient/s.
When someone who doesnít have the ďpower of the EldersĒ but, does have a slight ability to ďpsychic-linkĒ the recipient/s will not receive the complete thought. Got it? Hope so!

So settle in with your favorite beverage close at hand, relax and read carefully as not to become confused. Keep in mind that this is just another ďpsychotic episodeĒÖ It is titledÖ

A Discovery at the Tailor Shop

: The scene:
Mrs. JayU enters the shop area where Mr. JayU AND Adam are engaged in a conversation. The two men notice that she has entered the room and stop talking to each other, Mr. JayU then begins to introduce Adam and Mrs. JayU to each other.

(Mr.JU speaks) Adam, please allow me to introduce you to my wife. This is Annie; Annie, this is Adam.

Annie and Adam both reach out to each other in a hand shake gesture.

(Annie speaking) Well, so you are Adam. Itís a pleasure to meet you, my husband has spoken to me about you before, and I feel as though weíve already met.

(Adam speaks) Why itís a pleasure to meet you Mrs. JayU; please donít think of me as being to forward but, you do look vaguely familiar to me. Have we met in the past?

(Mrs.JayU speaking) I donít believe we have met in the past Adam, not formally, but perhaps youíve seen me going about town, at one of the stores in the area. Are you from the area Adam?

(Adam speaking) Yes, I have lived in this pretty good sized town of Rockford for a number of years, although itís not my birth place, Iím from the country of Transylvania.

(Mrs. JayU) Well, Adam, thatís amazing to me, Adam, I too am from Transylvania, I have never even dreamed about meeting another person from there. Tell me, what your family name is.

(Adam speaking) Itís Drendela, does the name sound familiar to you?

(Mrs. JayU speaking) YES! I canít believe it Adam, I am truly stunned. Itís been years, but I remember meeting a young Count by that name. I was only eight years old at the time and so impressionable, please; tell me that was you Adam.
My family name is Fannie; do you recall having met a young girl with that last name?

(Adam speaking) Yes I indeed do remember such a meeting; I knew there was something familiar about you. I canít believe this myself. It has been a very long time and this opportunity to meet with you now has definitely taken me back to a time that I have always cherished. (Adam is about to continue his conversation, but he is interrupted by Mr.JayU)

(Mr.JayU speaking) Excuse me, I apologies for interrupting your conversation. I am sure that the two of you would like to reminisce about times gone by, but we do have to get started with our business Adam, perhaps Annie and you can resume talking after you and I have discussed some very important issues.

(Mrs.JayU speaking) Iím sorry darling; donít let me stand in the way of your business together. Please excuse me; I do have to start on repairing Adamís cape. So, the two of you can just ignore me while I tend to the repairs.

: Adam stands in the room with a dumbfounded expression on his face and thinks to himself; hmmm, Mr.Jay U seemed to show a little jealousy in his demeanor:

(Mr.JayU speaks) What was that you just said Adam?

(Adam speaks) Pardon me, I didnít say anything.

(Mr. JayU speaks) Oh! I just thought I herd you say something about jelly.

(Adam speaking) No, I didnít say anything.

: And so it starts my little ones, Adams thoughts are being transmitted with out his being aware of it. And just as I had told you, his thoughts are being received in fragments. Please take notice that the recipient was MR,JayU; thatís because Adam had been thinking about Mr,JayU. Thatís how it works, ďpsychic-linkingĒ; you think of the person that your thoughts are to go to and then focus on the thought one word at a time. The words that have the strongest focus on them are the words that will be received. It is complicated, but that is way a person must be gifted with the power of the Elders. Without the gift a person who tries their hand at psychic-linking is basically in a communication crap-shoot. Thereís just no telling what the recipient might perceive.

: The scene:

Mrs. JayU turns away from the two men and walks toward the sewing machine where Adamís cape has been placed.
Adam watches Mrs.JayU walk away. He begins to think to himself; I remember that Fannie family, what nice people they where. Mr.JayU is very fortunate to have married Annie.

(Mr.JayU speaks with a rather bothered look on his face) Adam what was that you just said?

(Adam speaks with a surprised look on his face) Why nothing, I said nothing at all.

(Mr.JayU speaks in a disturbed voice) So Adam, you are telling me that I imagined you said that I am very fortunate that Annie has a nice fanny.
Adam I did notice you watching Annie as she walked away from us.

(Adam speaks with a hint of panic in his voice) Mr.JayU I assure you sir that I said nothing, in fact, when Annie was walking toward the sewing machine I had just been thinking to myself about remembering her family, that they where very nice people.

(Mr.JayU glares at Adam and says) Hummm, I see. Perhaps we should leave the room and have our talk at the back of the shop, would that be all right with you?

(Adam replies to Mr.JayU in a soft speaking voce, but his demeanor and body language are that of a little boy, whoís just been caught doing something naughty.) Yes Sir, I will follow you.
(Adam starts thinking to himself as he and Mr.JayU leave the front of the shop.) What is going on here, it seems as if Mr.JayU can hear some of my thoughts. Iím just glad he didnít pick up on my noticing that Annieís robe was ripped in back, revealing her under-panties. I mean really, Mr.JayU thinks that I am some kind of pervert, but I am a Count, a Count with dignity and proper up-bringing. I would never say anything that might offend anyone. Besides, I never had the thought of noticing that Annieís butt was kind of skinny, and that those under-panties fit her loosely, thatís not at all my taste in women and what I like to see them dressed in. Why I, I, Oh, I should stop thinking before I become upset over something so silly.

(O.O. Adams been thinking again)

: The scene:

Mr.JayU appears posed for an internal explosion, his face is beet-red; his eyes are shocked with blood and bulging from their sockets, his mouth bares a sardonic-like grimes and his entire body was tensed and rigid, as if it were a coiled spring ready to unwind.

(Mr.JayU speaks in a voice filled with rage)
Count Drendela, you sir have said enough. I will no longer tolerate your comments regarding my wife Annie. You sir must leave here at once; there will be no helping you as far as Iím concerned. You are an insulting buffoon, how dear you speak to me about my wife in such a disgraceful manner. Leave here Count, before I put on a display of contempt for you that will be the last of things you witness.

Adamís face and body contort with shock and panic, he is totally stun by what has just occurred and in a voice plagued with uncontrollable stammering says to Mr.JayU, but Mr.JayU I donít understand, you keep accusing me of saying things that I have not said, I havenít said a word to you with regards to Annie. Please Mr.JayU; I need your help, why would I jeopardize my chances of your mentoring?

(Mr.JayU responds to Adamís question in a low pitched and almost foreboding tone)
Count Drendela, you deny saying to me that you like Annieís skinny butt and that you think she has loose pants and you would like to get under them. Do you sir, also deny saying that you would like to taste her while un-dressed, so you could do something silly with her?
Count Drendela you are trying to play me for a fool. Now leave.

(Adam responds to Mr.JayU) But sir, who will help me, who is there that I can go to?

(Mr.JayU replies to Adam) You sir have unmitigated gall. Youíre a pompous ass. But I will tell you someone you can seek out for help, he is called Gatekeeper7. Find him and ask for help. Now, I will say it one more time, get out, get out of my shop and my life and never return here Count Drendela.

: The scene:

Adamís physical appearance resembles that of a person, who has just had a five day bout with diarrhea, but as he exits the tailors shop in the pretty good sized town of Rockford, he turns back to look at Mr.JayU and with the raising of his right hand, he bids ado and says in a most pathetic voice, Iíll see you some other day sir, you will discover you have been mistaken about me.

Mr.JayU looks at Adam/Count Drendela. He goes to the sewing machine and picks-up a pair of large scissors and hurls them through the air, directly at Adam. (Mr.JayU misses his intended target) Adam scurries from the doorway and retreats into the darkened street.

: The scene:

Adam is alone in the street, left to think about everything that has just happened. He knows in his own mind that something very strange has taken place, but there seems to be no rational explanation for the events. He begins to think about the name that Mr.JayU had given him regarding where his help might come from, Gatekeeper7; I know I have herd that name before. For some reason I believe the name was related to an old myth.
About a being that had some kind of power over Lucifer. I wish I could remember more, itís going to be difficult finding a myth and to make things worst, I just remembered that I left my cape back at the tailors shop. Oh fiddle-sticks, now I canít become invisible and I canít take flight. All I can do is start walking, but I have to walk flat-footed, no tipie-toes.

So my friends will Adam find who heís looking for?

Will Adam go back to the tailors shop?

And what about everyone else in this story, whatís going on in their lives?

More will be told I time to come, my little ones, so please hurry back.

Gatekeeper7: Holds the key for the seventh seal. When the seal is opened there will be silence, then truth... For now, we live an illusion.
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Gatekeeper 7 was getting bored watching LordofGotham talk into his own wrist. Using telepathy was much more entertaining, even if nobody ever got the right messsage.

The dark avenger's seemingly odd behavior came to an end when Gotham looked up and asked "Hey Gate, do ya think we could use a giant invisible airship? It's about two miles long and quite well armed."

At the same time, cast out into the street by Mr.JayU, Count Adam Drendela has blundered right into the Magnificent Seven, Gotham's hand-picked cadre of mercenary misfits. Who were, by the way, hunting the hapless Count down.

"He looks pretty harmless," commented Martin Lewis, the tall, dark, and handsome Matt Helm clone. "let's cuff him and take him in."

"Looks can decieve-" said Feng Shui quietly. "I recommend we beat him thoroughly, then cuff him and take him in." The wind swirled briefly, making the scruffy martial artist look like something out of that old western TV show with David Carradine.

Two-Gun Dave, the one-armed pistolier snorted "I'd just as soon plug him now. Cuff him and take the corpse for a drag after, if that's your thing."

"Let me out off dis demmned briefcaze. I cannot zee a gott-demmned ting. Vhat duz dis Count look like? Can I fry his brain now?" Flammenverfer's tinny radio voice buzzed from the speaker on the outside of the satchel in which they carried the evil dis-embodied brain around.

The others had Adam surrounded now.

Mr. Hanuman, the hyperintelligent simian just started smacking the lead pipe he was holding against the pavement. The grudge his kind held against the clan of Drendela went back centuries. Something to do with street performing in funny costumes to musical accompaniment. A humiliating cruelty that would never be forgiven.

I must become something black, terrible...a creature of the night. That's it! I shall become a BAT!
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