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2003 Asylum of Mad Dreams Review

Asylum of Mad Dreams
103 North Orange
Morrison, IL 61270
Date of Review: 10/03/03
Visibility/Location: This attraction is located in the middle of town, only two blocks from Highway 30.  There is a sign along the main highway, telling you which way to go, but it didn't really seem to stand out.  An illuminated sign would have been more visible. 
Outside Appearance: The Asylum of Mad Dreams is set inside an old Livery Stable building.  While the outside of the building itself was pretty plain-looking, they had a 1950 hearse sitting outside, to enhance the mood.  
Wait Entertainment: There wasn't much for wait entertainment; however, in the waiting room, they had a nice open casket scene set up, where you could pay homage to the dead.  Keep in mind that I arrived on opening night and all the wait entertainment hadn't been set up.  A little later in the season, patrons can look forward to a large indoor waiting area with horror movies playing.  
Admission Price: $7.00

17 Minutes *  
= Since people move through haunted attractions at different rates, your time may vary.

Scare Factor: Medium-High.    
Atmosphere: They did a great job in this category. A sufficient level of detail was used in various scenes.  One of their most detailed scenes was the cemetery, with a winding path, including everything from a wrought iron fence and headstones to real trees.  The Asylum used appropriate sound effects, in addition to several music soundtracks, specifically suited to each scene.
Crowd Control: In my trek through this attraction, I did not run into any other groups.    
Other Customer's
Most of the customers seemed to enjoy themselves. Many of the patrons I spoke with really liked the spinning vortex .  


I was impressed by the creativity of the Asylum group. This attraction is an interesting departure from typical, mainstream haunts.   Most other haunted attractions have a linear, easy-to-follow path (to maximize throughput), but the Asylum of Mad Dreams was set up quite differently.  

 Many of the entrances/exits to the various scenes were hidden, forcing you to search for a way out, half of the time.  In one scene you had to crawl through a freezer unit with a sliding glass door and in another part of the house you had to crawl across the front seat of a car, opening up one door and exiting out of the other.  At times, navigating the house was quite a challenge.  They even had you crawl on your hands and knees a time or two.  I really enjoyed the multiple levels and long slides. 

The actors were very enthusiastic and on cue nearly every time.  Various areas of the house were either dimly lit or fog-filled, thus providing a great opportunity for the ghouls to come out of nowhere and surprise you.  

Overall, I enjoyed this attraction, due to it's unconventional nature and amount of entertainment provided for the admission price.  If you want to visit an attraction that is unlike "the norm", be sure to check this one out.   

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