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2003 Brookfield Jaycees Haunted House Review

Brookfield Jaycees Haunted House
Jaycee Ehlert Park
4315 Park Ave. 
Brookfield, IL 60513
Date of Review: 10/26/03
Visibility/Location: You might have problems finding this attraction if you aren't familiar with the neighborhood.  There were no signs telling you which direction to go.  However the bright lights of the park will help guide you. 
Outside Appearance: The Brookfield Jaycees Haunted House is held inside a few trailers, connected side by side.  There was a nice four foot tall skull at the entrance, with flaming eye sockets.  An open casket scene was set up in front of the attraction.
Wait Entertainment: Several actors were walking around scaring customers in line.  They also had spooky music playing by the entrance.
Admission Price: $6.00

4.5 Minutes *

* = Since people move through haunted attractions at different rates, your time may vary.

Scare Factor: Very High
Atmosphere: Atmosphere is provided mostly by the very fast paced attacks from the spirited actors.  
Crowd Control: There were some initial crowd control issues experienced on my first time through, but on the second pass, things ran smoothly and I didn't run into any other groups.
Other Customer's
Most patrons that went through the haunted house said they really liked it and that it was very intense; however a couple of customers stated they would have liked it better if it had lasted longer.  


The Brookfield Jaycees changed the layout of the house this year.  They added some dark, twisting hallways with a surprise or two, as well as a few new themes.  In this attraction you will find various types of scenes with everything from a devil theme to an area with toxic waste barrels.  

What you can expect at this attraction are quick, fast paced attacks. That is what Brookfield does best. I have never seen another attraction where the actors are so intense.  They jump up on railings and get right in your face, invading your personal space by getting within inches of you.  Except for a time or two, all of the actors' attacks were properly timed and effective.

Overall, another good performance by the Brookfield Jaycees.

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