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2003 Dream Reapers Haunted House Review

Dream Reapers Haunted House
1985 North Mannheim Road
Melrose Park, IL 60061
Date of Review: 10/18/03
Visibility/Location: Although Dream Reapers is set off the road quite a distance, they are conveniently located at the intersection of two major highways. While there were no signs posted along the road leading you to the attraction, the long line of customers was enough to get your attention. 
Outside Appearance: Dream Reapers is located in a strip mall, so the exterior is pretty plain-looking.  They did, however, have a hearse sitting outside to enhance the appearance of the attraction.
Wait Entertainment: Several actors were roaming the waiting line, interacting with the crowd.  The night I attended, they even had a demolition derby for the crowd's enjoyment!  Once inside, customers were entertained by horror movies playing in the indoor waiting area.
Admission Price: General Admission: $13.00
VIP Pass: $25.00 (allows you to bypass the main waiting line)

15 Minutes *

* = Since people move through haunted attractions at different rates, your time may vary.

Scare Factor: High
Atmosphere: A great eerie atmosphere was established from the start, by the great artwork on the walls of the waiting room and it continued throughout the house with their various detailed scenes.  Dream Reapers is one of the most detailed haunted houses I have ever seen.  They effectively use lighting, fog and custom music soundtracks in all of their scenes, to enhance the overall mood of the attraction.  The combination of numerous animatronics and spirited actors further added to the atmosphere they were trying to create.  
Crowd Control: Crowd control was pretty good; however there was a time or two when I noticed that groups ran into each other.   Overall, though, customer flow was pretty smooth throughout the attraction.
Other Customer's
Everyone that I spoke with was very pleased with their visit to Dream Reapers.  


The scenes were elaborately detailed in this attraction, which is what Dream Reapers does best.  To keep the show interesting, they added some new scenes this season, as well as making improvements to others. 

I really enjoyed their new scenes this year.  The boiler room was outstanding. With a boiler, heat exchange pipes and other appropriate props, this scene was very realistic.  Another one of their new scenes featured broken pipes, 55 gallon drums and glowing toxic waste oozing from every crevice of the room, to simulate a radioactive disaster.  Dream Reapers effectively used a combination of detailed scenes, eerie lighting, artificial scents and custom music soundtracks in every scene to create an atmosphere of alternate reality, making you believe you are somewhere else, not in a haunted house.  

It seemed like they had more actors than they had last year.  For the most part, all of them were very enthusiastic and well motivated.  In my trek through Dream Reapers, all of the actors stayed in character.  

Dream Reapers really put together a great show this year.  This attraction is a must see.

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