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2003 Eleventh Hour Review

Eleventh Hour Haunted House
6214 South Cass Avenue
Westmont, IL 60559
Date of Review: 10/16/03
Visibility/Location: This attraction was a little hard to find.  The Eleventh Hour is located in a strip mall, set off the road quite a distance.  Unfortunately there was no signage along the road, leading you to the attraction.  The only thing indicating a haunted house was there, was the vinyl banner posted over the entrance. The mall location did, however, provide ample parking. 
Outside Appearance: Because the Eleventh Hour is in a strip mall, the front of the attraction is pretty plain-looking.
Wait Entertainment: Music was being played outside, by a local radio station "New Rock" 94.7 The Zone.   Once inside the attraction, there was an actor entertaining patrons waiting in line.
Admission Price:
Eleventh Hour: $10.00
Intensity: $10.00
(or both houses for $15.00)
Eleventh Hour: 12 Minutes *
Intensity: 7 Minutes *
Third Dementia: 2 Minutes *

* = Since people move through haunted attractions at different rates, your time may vary.

Scare Factor:
Eleventh Hour: Medium-Low
Intensity: Medium-Low
Third Dementia: Low
Atmosphere: The initial mood was established by great looking murals on the walls in the waiting room, along with colored lighting, and an 11th Hour "ticking" soundtrack.  There were also spooky looking facades at the entrances of both the Eleventh Hour house and Intensity.  The eerie mood was reinforced by some of the more detailed scenes and various music soundtracks and sound effects throughout the attractions.
Crowd Control: There was excellent crowd control in each of the houses.  The hidden exits in the Eleventh Hour house allowed actors to effectively regulate the flow of customers.  Intensity's first scene, which was about 3 minutes long, provided adequate spacing of groups.  In my trek through all three attractions, I never ran into another group.
Other Customer's
There were mixed reviews regarding these attractions.  Most of the patrons I spoke with felt that the Eleventh Hour house was the best of all three houses.  One customer stated: "It was fun, but not scary." That seemed to be a popular opinion among the crowd.  Some customers stated that the attractions weren't worth the admission price.  


Eleventh Hour:
This house focused more on creating an eerie mood, with a theatrical presentation, than it did on providing shocking scares.  Most of the actors performed well; however, in some parts of the house it seemed that they tried to keep patrons in scenes longer than necessary, for no apparent reason.  One actress wouldn't let anyone out of the room until everyone sang her a lullaby.  

The attic and the hallway of doors were the most visually appealing scenes, while others had less detail.  In the attic scene, there was a great illusion of a ghost rocking back and forth in a rocking chair. I also enjoyed the hallway of doors, where the lighting changed and evil characters appeared on the walls.

The "Tornado" was the most memorable of all the scenes in the Eleventh Hour.  In this scene, they have you enter a small room and they lock you in.  As a tornado soundtrack is played and strobe lights flash, the room you are in actually spins, while wind blows down on you.   

Considering the name of this attraction, I wish that the actors had been a little more energetic and "in your face".  In some areas of the house, the actors were few and far between.  They were; however, very much into their roles and never broke character. The graveyard and the alley scenes were the most highly detailed and well constructed.

The initial scene was a simulation of a train crash.  Patrons were led into a completely dark room where a soundtrack was played, describing a sequence of events leading up to a train wreck. At the time of the "crash", the entire room you are standing in rocks up and down in various directions.  This scene was ok, but it would have been more effective with some lighting effects, fog or other special effects. Having actual seats to sit in would have also added to the illusion of being on a real train.

I did encounter a timing issue on my trip through Intensity.  At the end, there was a great special effect where a semi comes crashing through a brick wall; however, most of the people in my group missed the entire effect, because it was triggered before they even entered the room. 

Third Dementia:
On the night I attended, Eleventh Hour management allowed paying customers of the other two houses to go through Third Dementia for FREE.  There were no sound effects or actors, so I assumed that it was not fully functional at that time.  This house featured hand prints and paint splatters, all glowing under black lights.  It also featured some great artwork from the creative mind of Stuart Smith.  There were many great evil-looking characters, one of which was a ghoulish face emerging from the mouth of a monster.   

For the most part  the actors performed well and there were some nice detailed scenes, as well as some good special effects.   However, the final product seemed to fall a little short of some customer's expectations.

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