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2003 Ghouls by the Pool Review

Ghouls by the Pool
1850 Caton Farm Road
Crest Hill, IL 60435
Date of Review: 10/17/03
Visibility/Location: This event was very easy to find.  There was a large illuminated sign along the side of the road, as well as a strobe light illuminated, tall dancing ghost balloon at the entrance. It would have been even more visible from Weber Road, though,  had the multiple plywood pumpkin-shaped signs along the road been illuminated. 
Outside Appearance: To get to all three attractions, you had to walk down a dimly lit, creepy path. While the Haunted House had a plain-looking entrance, The Maze's entrance was a door fashioned out of burlap.  It looked like you were walking into a cocoon.
Wait Entertainment: There really wasn't much for wait entertainment, specific to each attraction; however, there were a number of costumed actors walking in between the attractions to entertain the patrons.  
Admission Price:
The Maze, Hayride
and Haunted House:
The Maze: 9 Minutes *
Hayride: 17 Minutes
Haunted House: 7 Minutes *

* = Since people move through haunted attractions at different rates, your time may vary.

Scare Factor:
The Maze: Medium
Haunted House: Medium-High
Atmosphere: The dark, eerie path between the ticket booth and the 3 attractions was enough to effectively set the mood for the events to come.  Both The Maze and the Haunted House used various props, eerie lighting and fog, as well as spirited actors to maintain a spooky atmosphere.
Crowd Control: They did an excellent job of maintaining crowd control.  Spacing between groups, in both the haunted house and the maze, was ample.  Plus they limited group sizes to a maximum of 4 people, thus ensuring that everyone got a great show.  Needless to say, I never ran into another group in the maze or haunted house.
Other Customer's
Patrons had nothing but good things to say about Ghouls by the Pool. Out of all the attractions there, most customers liked the Haunted House the best.  


The Maze:
The Maze contained an eclectic group of props and scenes.  The car front end, with working horn and headlights was quite a surprise.  One of the most interesting scenes was a path with white reflective cloth strips hanging down, illuminated by a strobe light.  Distracted by the flashing, you become a prime target for the actress in white, who blends in with the scene.  Other scenes included a detailed graveyard, banquet with body parts and more.  At times I  wasn't sure where the exit to each scene was located, making it a challenge to traverse. Just when you thought you were going the right way, actors in the scene would send you into a dead end. This maze had some great twists and turns, as well as some great hiding spots for their enthusiastic actors.

The hayride was a nice relaxing trip through a field and orchard. It was a nice break between The Maze and the Haunted House.

Haunted House:
The journey through this Haunted House started out with a great hotel lobby scene.  Kudos to the hotel desk clerk.  Great acting job!  I thought it was a nice touch to ask the patrons to sign the hotel registry before continuing.  There were some nicely crafted scenes throughout the house.  The fog filled strobe light maze was creatively constructed. Since the actors could not be easily seen (under the cover of the heavy fog), it gave them many opportunities to get their scares. I really enjoyed the detailed cemetery with a real dirt pile (something you don't see in many haunted houses.)  and a convincing actor banging his shovel on the ground, following you.  One of the best scares had to come from the open casket scene.  I won't ruin the it for everyone else, but what happened really took me by surprise.   There were some very creative and effective scenes in this attraction.

This is a great family-oriented event.  It was very well organized; you can tell that a lot of thought was put into the general layout.  There was a logical progression through the attractions, with the exit of one event being located near the entrance of the next.  This event gives you a lot of bang for your buck.  It is quite a bargain, providing over 30 minutes of entertainment for only $12.  



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