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2003 Dungeon of Terror Review

Dungeon of Terror
515 Depot St.
Mazon, IL 60444
Date of Review: 10/12/03
Visibility/Location: This attraction is nestled in the small community of Mazon, IL. Signs along the road will lead you from Rt. 47 to the attraction, with is located in the downtown business district. 
Outside Appearance: While this attraction is held in a plain-looking building, they did what they could to give the exterior an eerie appearance, by creating spooky window displays. There were also some phrases painted on the windows saying things like "I'll be waiting for you..." and "Nobody makes it out of here alive".
Wait Entertainment: When I arrived, there was an actor outside, scaring the customers waiting in line. There was also some great spooky music playing, to entertain the crowd while they waited.
Admission Price: $5.00

15 Minutes *  
= Since people move through haunted attractions at different rates, your time may vary.

Scare Factor: Medium.    
Atmosphere: They did a fine job creating a spooky atmosphere. The first scene, a theatrical presentation by the Dungeon Master, set the tone for the rest of the attraction. Various scenes were more detailed than in previous years, which further enhanced the mood. There were also numerous sound effects and music soundtracks, specific to each scene, as well as some nice animated props.
Crowd Control: They did well in this category. In my two trips through the house, I did briefly encounter one group (because one person in the group was too terrified to continue), but overall group spacing was ample and the flow through the house was smooth.  
Other Customer's
All the customers that I spoke with thought this was a good haunted house.  A few commented that it was a great family-friendly attraction.  


In your trek through the Dungeon of Terror, you will find various scenes, separated by some really dark, narrow hallways. This attraction is not for the claustrophobic. In some areas, I nearly had to turn sideways to fit through! One of my favorite scenes was the swamp. This detailed scene had everything from standing water and alligators to real trees. The swamp also some great sound effects.  A few of the scenes had hidden exits to keep you guessing and there was even a part of the house where you had to crawl on your hands and knees! 

The Dungeon of Terror made use of some nice animated props. They had a couple of nice pop-outs, as well as an animatronic electric chair. There was even a car that came rolling at you, with its headlights on and horn blaring!

The actors for the most part were very enthusiastic, effectively using some dark hiding places to get their scares.   You can tell that the Dungeon of Terror group enjoys what they are doing.  They put their heart into their performance and it shows.

This is a great small town attraction. It was nice to see the improvements they made this year. The addition of more detail in their scenes and additional sound effects/music were nice enhancements.  Overall it was a fun experience and a good value.

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