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2004 Brookfield Jaycees Haunted House Review

Brookfield Jaycees Haunted House
4315 Park Avenue
Brookfield, Illinois 60513

Reviewed: 10/22/04

Visibility/Location: You might have problems finding this attraction if you aren't familiar with the neighborhood. There were a couple of signs a couple of blocks away from the event, telling you which direction to go, but there was no signage from the main highway. If you know the general area where the haunted house is located, the bright lights of the park will help guide you. 
Wait Entertainment: They did an excellent job in this category. They had a DJ outside, with flashing lights and fog coming from his booth, playing music for everyone’s enjoyment. They also had several actors entertaining the people waiting in line. Their persistent attacks kept everyone on their toes. The actors scared people by sliding at them on their knees and by chasing them around with chainsaws. 
Admission Price: $7.00

5 Minutes *  
= Since people move through haunted attractions at different rates, your time will vary.

Scare Factor: High.    
Atmosphere: Outside the attraction they had an open casket scene, as well as a huge animated skull with glowing eyes, which was fastened to the outside of the building. The mood was maintained inside the attraction by the persistent attacks of the actors.
Crowd Control: Crowd control was great throughout the attraction. They spaced out patrons appropriately and I never ran into any other groups.


Their eclectic array of scenes featured everything from Pinhead and Freddy to prison inmates and a toxic waste dump. I liked the strobe light and horn combination in one of the dark hallways; that took me by surprise. I also thought that their dungeon scene with 'stone' walls was well crafted. Their electrocution scene was great too. It featured a girl in an electric chair, banging on a wall of plexiglass, begging to be let out. Along with these scenes, they had some very dark, creepy hallways, as well. 

While the scenes were nice, Brookfield’s main strength was their acting. They have become masters of the pop-out scare. Just when you are lulled into a false sense of security, an actor would jump out at you suddenly, with explosive speed. They were relentless! It's not often that you see actors in a haunted attraction jump up on railings and get as "up close and personal” as they do. 

The Brookfield Jaycees put on a great show this year with their very own trademark intensity. If you want to visit a haunted house that uses some great old-school scares, this one is for you. Although this attraction is smaller than most I have visited this season, the Brookfield Jaycees' intensity level, determination to scare and reasonable admission price makes up for it. This one is definitely worth the admission price.

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