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2004 Creatures Crypt Haunted House Review
Creature's Crypt Haunted House

Creatures Crypt Haunted House
510 East Washington
Bloomington, Illinois 61701

Reviewed: 10/23/04

Visibility/Location: Creatures Crypt was held inside a building that did blend in somewhat with its surroundings; however, there was a large "haunted house" sign outside and eerie red lighting shining through the front windows of the building, to get your attention.
Wait Entertainment: There were several actors entertaining the crowd waiting in line, as well as spooky music playing in the indoor waiting area. They also had horror movie trailers playing, and a graveyard scene set up, with a few animated props. 
Admission Price: $8.00

10 Minutes *  
= Since people move through haunted attractions at different rates, your time will vary.

Scare Factor: High.    
Atmosphere: The atmosphere was initially developed in the waiting room and was maintained throughout the rest of the attraction. Near the ticket booth, they had a projector showing upcoming horror movie trailers, as well as video footage of past Creatures Crypt performances. In the main waiting area there was a graveyard scene, along with a television, showing old horror movie trailers. Once inside the house, the many highly detailed scenes and great actor performances really enhanced the eerie feel of the attraction.
Crowd Control: Crowd control was excellent. Patrons were led through the attraction by a tour guide, holding onto a rope. Because it was a guided tour, none of the groups ever ran into each other. 


The first thing that you see as you enter the house is a highly detailed two story haunted manor façade, which towers over you. They kept some of the great scenes they had in previous years, like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the highly detailed Egyptian scene and the castle with the Vampire girl, who levitated down from a platform above you. The eight foot tall monster who reached down at you (a crowd favorite) was also there. 

Along with the scenes that they carried over from previous seasons, they had some great new scenes, as well. The new “Jack the Ripper” scene was outstanding! It was my personal favorite. The action began as ‘Jack’ chased around his latest victim, as she screamed in terror, begging the audience to help her. They both ran out of the scene and just when you thought ‘Jack’ was gone, he popped out from a hidden hiding place, then he popped out of another. This scene was creative, nicely timed and very well done. One of the many  visually appealing areas was the cave, with countless human skeletons imbedded in the walls, surrounding you as you walked through. There was also a toxic waste scene. It featured barrels, with glowing waste oozing out of the top of them. As you walked among the glowing barrels, a couple of actors in waste-stained biohazard suits frantically scrambled about, begging for help.

Not only did they have some great detailed scenes, the Creatures Crypt crew really stepped up their acting this year. While they still had a lot of great animated props, they seemed to rely less on them this season, filling the house with more actors than in previous years. All of them had custom costumes that were appropriate for the scenes that they were in and their makeup looked great. They were very “into” what they were doing and they stayed in character the entire time. 

With their highly detailed scenes and enhanced actor/actress performances, they really put on a strong show this year. Creatures Crypt is always entertaining, but this year they really outdid themselves this time. This is a must see event. 

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