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2004 Dungeon of Terror Haunted House Review

Dungeon of Terror Haunted House
515 Depot Street
Mazon, Illinois 60444 

Reviewed: 10/10/04

Visibility/Location: This attraction is nestled in the small community of Mazon, Illinois. Signs along the road will lead you from the main highway to the attraction, which is located in the downtown business district. 
Wait Entertainment: An evil clown and other actors were scaring the customers in line.  They even came out with a chainsaw a couple of times.  There was also a canopy for the outside waiting line, in case of inclement weather. 
Admission Price: $6.00

14 Minutes *  
= Since people move through haunted attractions at different rates, your time will vary.

Scare Factor: Medium.    
Atmosphere: The proper atmosphere was developed before you even entered the attraction.  There were spooky scenes in the picture windows in the front of the building. There was a  character in a jungle scene, with a machete and a bedroom scene with a ventriloquist dummy hovering above an unsuspecting victim lying in bed.  The spooky music playing outside further enhanced the atmosphere. Once inside, the spooky theme continued throughout the various dark hallways and themed areas in the house. 
Crowd Control: Crowd control was pretty good.  There was one time when I briefly encountered another group because a small child was too scared to continue, but overall the flow was smooth throughout the attraction. 


This event begins with an introduction presented by three hooded figures with glowing eyes, standing up on a platform. They warn of you impending danger and ask if you wish to continue (at your own risk, of course).  In your travels through the Dungeon of Terror, you will experience several scenes with assorted themes. I saw flesh eating spiders and an alien ‘X-Files’ scene, just to give you a couple of examples. I enjoyed the detailed graveyard and the black & white square hallway with a strobe light was very disorienting. Also, beware of the electrocution scene this year. If you have attended in previous years, this season the scene is completely different. Many of the scenes had their own custom music soundtrack / sound effects that were appropriate for the motif of the surroundings. The butcher shop was the scene that took me by surprise the most. Distracted by a clever visual effect, you don’t realize what you are walking into until it is too late. Overall, I thought that the most appealing area was the Exorcist Scene. You can tell it’s coming before you even get there, because you can hear the movie theme playing in the background, as you approach the room. This area was detailed to resemble the bedroom of the famous movie classic. As you look on, the music soundtrack blares and the possessed girl ‘levitates’ off the bed and swings out at you. This attraction really gave me a claustrophobic feeling. The Dungeon of Terror has some of the tightest and darkest hallways in a haunted house that I have ever seen. The lengths of dark, twisting hallways were narrow enough where I nearly had to turn sideways to get through a couple of them. 

Besides having some interesting scenes, there were some nice animated props throughout the house. They had everything from an animated tombstone to a toxic waste barrel with a pop-up surprise. But the most impressive animation had to be the ghoul with his arms outstretched, that flew right above your head! I didn’t see that one coming! 

Most of the actor’s scares were right on target and they really seemed to enjoy scaring the customers. All of them were very enthusiastic. The scares seemed to come from all directions by both visible characters and those hidden by the darkness. 

The Mazon crew put together some nice new scenes and additions to their house this year. The Dungeon of Terror is a lot of fun to go through and it is definitely a bargain at only $6.00 for about 15 minutes of entertainment. 

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