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2004 Eleventh Hour Haunted House,
Intensity & Third Dementia Review

Eleventh Hour Haunted House, 
Intensity & Third Dementia
6214 South Cass Avenue
Westmont, IL 60559 

Reviewed: 10/15/04

Visibility/Location: The Eleventh Hour is located in a strip mall, which is set off the road quite a distance. I didn't see any signage along Cass Avenue; however, if you are coming from 63rd St, there is a nicely illuminated sign, telling you where to turn. There is also a huge vinyl banner across the front of the building (see picture above). 
Wait Entertainment: There were various actors walking around, scaring the customers waiting in line, inside and outside the building. They even had a performer who did a fire juggling act while I was there.  There was also an air cannon near the ticket booth that kept everyone on their toes. 
Admission Price: One Haunt $10 (Eleventh Hour or Intensity)
Two Haunts $15 (Eleventh Hour and Intensity)
Combo $18 (Both Haunts and Third Dementia) 

Also included in the combo price is a ticket good for two admissions to "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" at Hollywood Blvd.(Woodridge, IL).

Eleventh Hour: 10 Minutes *  
Intensity: 6 Minutes *  
Third Dementia: 3 Minutes *  
= Since people move through haunted attractions at different rates, your time will vary.

Scare Factor: Eleventh Hour: Medium-Low  
Intensity: Medium-High  
Third Dementia: Low-Medium  
Atmosphere: Their waiting room was really decked out. It really set the mood well for the rest of the attractions. The ceiling was covered to give you a claustrophobic feeling and they used eerie blue lighting to further enhance your experience waiting in line. The Eleventh Hour house had a haunted manor-type facade, with a blinking blue light, while the Intensity facade consisted of an industrial-type motif, with pipes running along the entryway.  
Crowd Control: There was excellent crowd control in each of the houses. Various timed scenes allowed them to space out the groups effectively.  I didn't run into any other groups in my travels through all of the three attractions.  

Eleventh Hour Summary:

This attraction is more of a theatrical presentation, using characters with speaking parts, than it is a typical haunted house. The actors performed very well, they knew their lines and they stayed in character the entire time.  Unfortunately there were many loud noises throughout the rest of the house that drowned out their monologues.  There where several occasions when you couldn’t hear what they were saying, especially if you were near the back of a group like I was. 

Throughout the house there were various scenes, with dimly lit hallways used as a transition between areas. Some of the scenes had a great amount of detail.  The cemetery scene was the most detailed, with various tombstones, gates, pine trees, coffins and other props, used to create a very realistic atmosphere. The eerie lighting and spooky music in the scene led you to believe that you were in a real graveyard. The attic had great sound effects, eerie lighting & animatronic props, and was highly detailed. There was one hallway that was quite puzzling, yet interesting.  It had an eclectic array of things fastened to the walls like license plates, pizza boxes, compact discs and pages ripped out of assorted magazines.

While some of the scenes had ample detail, there were a number of them that didn't.  There really weren't that many props in the bedroom scene or the scene where the floor dropped down, just to give a couple of examples.  Had some extra props and detailing been added to the Eleventh Hour house, it would have made these scenes more effective. 

Intensity Summary:

I was quite impressed with Intensity this year.  With no wide-open areas, it was tighter and faster than it has ever been. As you wind down the twisting path, you encounter various scenes and a lot of very spirited actors. The actor's attacks in most of the scenes were on target and they stayed in character.  There was a really high energy level in this house.    

I really enjoyed the spinning elevator with its great lighting and sound effects.  The alley was nicely done, with a real car sitting off to the side, a chain link fence and glowing graffiti on the walls.  My favorite area in Intensity was the dungeon-like scene with 'stone' walls and a 13 foot tall animated demon creature, that towered above you.  

While most everything went smoothly, there was a timing issue with a couple of the scenes. In one area, there was a semi that broke through a brick wall. Unfortunately the timing of the scene was off and nearly everyone in my group had already exited the room, missing the entire effect.  Overall, though, Intensity delivered what its name implies. 

Third Dementia Summary:

Third Dementia was a nice 3D attraction with glowing art on the walls.  There was everything from your traditional splatters to some scary-looking monster art.  While you were walking through, numerous actors come out of nowhere to startle you. I did, however, find it odd that there was very loud music in one hallway, yet is was completely quiet in the next.  Of course, I can't forget to mention the spinning vortex tunnel, which seemed to be a crowd favorite. This attraction was the most family-friendly of the three. 

Overall, the Eleventh Hour was an enjoyable experience and an improvement over last year's performance.  While the admission price is higher than most haunted attractions I have been to this season, they do offer three separate haunted attractions for your enjoyment, plus the added value of two free movie tickets.   

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