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2004 Fear Factory Haunted House Review

Fear Factory Haunted House
Eastland Mall
Bloomington, Illinois 61701

Reviewed: 10/23/04

Visibility/Location: There is a little room for improvement here. Along the road, there was a plywood sign telling you where to turn to get to the attraction. Unfortunately, once you were in the parking lot, there was no other signage on or near the mall building itself. I had to ask someone where in the mall the haunted house was, because I wasn’t sure where to go. 
Wait Entertainment: There really wasn’t any wait entertainment; however, since the line was fairly short, there wasn’t much of a wait.
Admission Price: $6.00

9 Minutes *  
= Since people move through haunted attractions at different rates, your time will vary.

Scare Factor: Low-Medium.    
Atmosphere: Being held inside a mall building, they really didn’t have much in terms of atmosphere outside, but inside the attraction, the mood was developed by various dark hallways, strobe light illuminated rooms filled with fog and assorted simple scenes with eerie music soundtracks and sound effects.
Crowd Control: The Fear Factory Haunted House was a guided tour, so crowd control was excellent.  I never ran into any other groups.


This attraction had a lot of fog-filled, strobe light illuminated rooms, as well as several very dark hallways. One fog-filled scene featured a narrow hallway with corn stalks running down both sides of the walking path. While you were walking through, actors used the abundance of fog in the room to their advantage to spring out and surprise you. The scenes in the house, like the room with the actors in cages and the Michael Myers room, were simple and effective, yet it would have been nicer had they been more detailed. There was a nice open casket scene, but I was surprised to find the casket completely empty and I was able to walk out of the room without anything happening. There was also a room with a lot of glowing Scream masks hanging from the wall, where one of them turned out to be a real actor actually wearing one of the masks.

For the most part, the actors used the cover of fog and darkness to surprise the patrons, which was effective because it was hard to tell where they were coming from; however, some of their scare tactics (making loud noises by shaking a jug full of metal washers, etc.) were a bit repetitive, thus reducing the effectiveness of each successive scare. Generally, though, the actors were all energetic and eager to frighten you. 

Overall, this attraction was fun to go through, but a few additional scenes and more scene detail would have made it a more enjoyable experience. With the tour lasting about nine minutes at an admission price of only $6, it was a pretty good value.




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