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2004 Asylum of Mad Dreams Haunted House Review
Ravens Grin

Asylum of Mad Dreams Haunted House
103 North Orange
Morrison, IL 61270

Reviewed: 10/02/04

Visibility/Location: This attraction was just visible from the main highway.  There was an "Asylum of Mad Dreams" sign hanging from a poll on the main highway (Rt. 78), but it was hard to see due to the poor lighting conditions on the corner. If you aren't looking for it, you might miss it.
Wait Entertainment: There was a nice indoor waiting area, with a concession stand.  Spooky music could also be heard in the background, while you were waiting.
Admission Price: $8.00

15 Minutes *  
= Since people move through haunted attractions at different rates, your time will vary.

Scare Factor: Medium-High.    
Atmosphere: A spooky music soundtrack could be heard throughout several of the scenes and there were various custom-tailored sound effects to enhance the mood of each scene.
Crowd Control: Crowd control was excellent.  I never ran into another group.  The use of hidden exits allowed them to keep the groups separated quite well.
Other Customer's
The customers who I spoke with really enjoyed themselves and said they would recommend this attraction to their friends. 


Finding your way through this attraction was a bit like solving a puzzle. The Asylum of Mad Dreams isn’t laid out like a typical haunted house with straight, easy to follow paths throughout the attraction. The Asylum is filled with hidden exits and pathways; finding your way through isn’t as easy you may think. One minute you could be sent through a plain hidden panel and another time you could find the way to the next scene by walking through a freezer or a coffin.

This year they have totally redone most of the rooms, so you can have a unique experience this season, even if you visited last year.  Unfortunately, as part of their redesign, they have eliminated the large slides, but it is still a multiple level attraction. There are a number of places in the house where you must either walk up and down steps, duck down or step over a high threshold to get to the next area.  

In your trek through the Asylum of Mad Dreams, you will find numerous scenes that are separated by eerie dark hallways. Some of the more notable scenes were the detailed graveyard with its wrought iron fence & tombstones, and the doctor’s office, complete with x-ray charts and a Frankenstein-type creature laying on an operating table.  Throughout the attraction, there were a few great animated props, as well.

Many of the scenes in the Asylum were interactive. In the Hallway of Doors, an actor asked you to guess which door was the right way out and in the carnival midway scene, you were encouraged to play the ring toss game.  All of the actors were very motivated and really seemed to be ‘into’ what they were doing. Chainsaws, leaf blowers, horns and air cannons were but a few things that they used to scare their patrons. 

Overall the Asylum of Mad Dreams was a very enjoyable experience and quite a bargain at only $8.00.

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