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2004 Mayhem on Mansfield Review

Mayhem on Mansfield
8307 South Mansfield
Burbank, Illinois 60459  

Reviewed: 10/30/04


Event Type: Yard Display   -   Admission Price: FREE

"Mayhem on Mansfield" is an outstanding yard display. But that simple description doesn’t do it justice. Besides the front yard, they had also decorated the driveway, garage, back deck, and back yard of their home in a spooky Halloween theme. There were even monsters perched on the roof of the house!  

Approaching the front yard, an introduction to the event was given by an animated skeleton, whose jaw moved in sync with his monologue. The front yard was filled with an array of tombstones emblazoned with clever sayings, along with various monsters, seasonal mood lighting and spooky music playing in the background.  Some of the characters included in the display were a pair of 'rotting' newlyweds, Dracula and a skeleton caught in a huge spider web. 

Front Yard Display

Continuing up the driveway, there was a car illuminated by flashing lights, with a skeleton driver at the wheel.  As you passed underneath the tall "Mayhem on Mansfield" archway, you entered the rear portion of the event.  Off to one side of the driveway was an impressive display of Jack-o-lanterns, which were meticulously carved into the likeness of famous entertainers. Some of the stars exhibited were John Wayne, Lucille Ball and Vincent Price, just to name a few. Because the Jack-o-Lanterns were so highly detailed, you could tell that a lot of time and effort went into carving them.  

"Ghosts of Hollywood" Jack-o-Lantern Display

 The back deck featured various characters, including a group of creatures socializing and playing cards.  In the garage, Elvis and his cobweb-covered skeleton band were ready to rock and roll.  The backyard was adorned with assorted tombstones, creatures and other props. At random intervals, ‘Leatherface’ would pop out of the back yard tool shed with his chainsaw, to startle people.

What really set this event apart from a lot of the yard haunts that I have seen was their light show.   Seemingly countless computer-controlled lights were painstakingly programmed, to flash to the beat of the song "Thriller".   I can only imagine how long it must have taken to set that up! As the music played and the lights flashed, a zombie girl, dressed in white, rose out of her coffin and joined other 'ghouls' who were dancing to the music.  This year, the light show was lengthened.  In addition to performing to "Thriller", the actors did an encore dance to the song “Hey Ya!”.

Back Yard, Deck & Garage Display

Kudos to the Lindich Family.  They really go “all out” for Halloween, providing the community with a worthwhile family-friendly event, FREE of charge. It is a group effort, as every member of the family has a hand in the production in one way or another, from planning to performing. They really put together a great show.  This is definitely an event worth checking out!





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