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2004 Terror on Washington Street Haunted House Review

Terror on Washington Street Haunted House
518 East Washington Street
Clinton, Illinois 61727

Reviewed: 10/23/04

Visibility/Location: This attraction may be a little hard to find. I didn't really see any signs telling you which way to go, but the barricades with the orange flashing lights on top did help point you in the right direction.
Wait Entertainment: There were a couple of actors outside, scaring the people in line. The exit was in plain view of the entire queue line. It was quite entertaining to watch patrons getting chased out of the exit by a chainsaw-wielding actor! 
Admission Price: $6.50

18 Minutes *  
= Since people move through haunted attractions at different rates, your time will vary.

Scare Factor: Medium.    
Atmosphere: The atmosphere was developed by their creative, detailed scenes throughout the attraction.  Many of the scenes had their own custom music soundtrack and sound effects, which enhanced the spooky atmosphere they were trying to create.
Crowd Control: Crowd control was pretty good.  There was one time when another group caught up to mine, but it was in the dark maze, where people had trouble finding their way out.  They spaced out the groups quite well, considering the circumstances.


The Terror on Washington Street crew really put together some great new scenes this year.  There was one that imitated the movie “The Ring”, with a girl in a well. The cockroach room was nice as well, with a plethora of cockroaches covering the walls and a girl sitting in a closet screaming that they were eating her alive.  One of the most interesting areas is one that I will call the "Hell Hallway". This was a narrow path, with crumbling walls on either side of the walkway, with demonic red light shining through and fog drifting out of the exposed wall boards.  On the other side of the walls, actors were taunting you.  What a great concept! That is where the Terror on Washington Street crew excels, using their creativity to construct innovative scenes.  Besides the many interesting scenes, there were some great dark hallways, as well.

The actors in this attraction performed well. They were very energetic and in most cases, on target with their attacks. They were very determined to scare and they stayed in character.   In most cases, you couldn't see the scares coming. There were a number of places inside the attraction where an actor would come bursting out of a hidden panel to surprise you.  The only scare that was really "telegraphed" was at a point near the end, where you got a whiff of gasoline, so you knew a chainsaw-wielding maniac was near. 

I have always been impressed by their creativity.  Being a fairly low budget event, they always manage to put together a very entertaining show.  With the amount of time you spend exploring this attraction, the admission price of $6.50 is quite a bargain.  

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