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2005 Bridgeview's Haunted Hollow Review
Ravens Grin

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Bridgeview's Haunted Hollow
Bridgeview Park District
89th and Harlem (Behind Midland Savings)
Bridgeview, IL 60455

Visited: 10/30/05

Visibility/Location: Bridgeview Park District's Haunted Hollow was easier to see than in previous years.  There was a backlit "Haunted House" arrow sign along the main road, leading you to the attraction.  The crowd of people waiting in line outside the park building also attracted your attention.
Wait Entertainment: There really wasn't a lot in terms of wait entertainment.  There were, however, numerous horror movie soundtracks playing on their outside sound system.  
Admission Price: $7.00

5 Minutes+ *  
= Since people move through haunted attractions at different rates, your time will vary.

Scare Factor: Medium
Crowd Control: They really excelled in this area.  Since there were two guides, one on each side of your group, they were able to regulate patron flow very well.  The small group sizes and lack of 'stragglers' (due to the use of guides) ensured that everyone was properly positioned to experience the scares. 


This house consisted of various scenes that were separated by short lengths of dark hallways.  In a number of the scenes, they played out little vignettes and in others they used regular pop-out scares.  This mixture of strategies kept you off-balance the entire time.  Inside the house, there were a number of good distraction scares and surprise endings to scenes. My favorite scene was the morgue, which featured a doctor working in a morgue's storage room. He had just pulled out one of the drawers, exposing a "body", which was covered with a white sheet.  Addressing our group, he said "What I am about to show you is pretty graphic".  While everyone was focused on the "body" under the sheet, an actor burst out of a hidden door in the scene, attacked the doctor, then advanced on our group.  That was great!.  In the school room there were desks and  a clock, as well as a chalk board mounted on one of the far walls. There was a school girl who was writing "I will not sleep" over and over on the chalk board, then something totally unexpected happened. The "chalkboard" was actually a panel that dropped down, revealing Freddy Krueger who then reached out at her.   There was a polka dot room, with an actor dressed up in a matching costume. When you approached the scene, the actor moved toward you, making it seem like the walls were coming alive.  As one of my favorite pop-out scares, there was an area illuminated by a strobe light that was painted with diagonal black and white stripes.  That was pretty disorienting; the angled stripes made it seem like the whole room was tilted.  Just when you thought nothing was going to happen, an actor jumped out of a clever hiding place and scared our group. 

At first, I wasn't thrilled with having a tour guide ahead of and behind our group.  It was actually a little distracting. I'm one of those individuals who likes to walk through a haunted house at my own pace; however, I realized that the tour guides did have a practical purpose. They helped keep the group together and properly position us for the scenes as they played out, resulting in more effective scares.     

For one of the smaller attractions I have been to this season, they really packed in some creative scenes and effective scares.  Since the last time I had attended (which was a couple of years ago), they had changed over the entire attraction.  I look forward to seeing what they have in store for us next year.      

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