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2005 Creatures Crypt Haunted House Review
Ravens Grin

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Creatures Crypt
1201 Bell Street
Bloomington, IL 61701

Visited: 10/22/05

Visibility/Location: Creatures Crypt had moved since last year, but I was still able to find it pretty easily.  The directions on their website got me there without any problems.  Once you got within a block or two of the attraction, there were parking attendants with flashlights to guide you in the rest of the way.  That eliminated a lot of the guesswork regarding where I should park.  
Wait Entertainment: There were a couple of actors interacting with the people waiting in line for tickets.  Inside the waiting room, there was spooky music playing and a graveyard scene along the walls with a realistic painted backdrop.  Also in the waiting room was a television playing horror movies.    
Admission Price: $10.00

13 Minutes *  
= Since people move through haunted attractions at different rates, your time will vary.

Scare Factor: High.    
Crowd Control: Crowd control was excellent throughout the attraction.  Since you are led through by a guide, holding onto a rope, the groups never ran into each other.     


There is definitely a lot of eye candy in this haunt.  From the detailed two story haunted manor facade to the elaborate Texas Chainsaw massacre scene at the end of the attraction, the entire event was highly detailed.  Creatures Crypt has traditionally had professional-looking props, sets and some great scares.  This year I was not disappointed.  They added new scenes, as well as making improvements to existing ones.  Throughout the house, they hit you with some great distraction scares and one-two punches.  For example, as you were walking through the study, an easy chair opened up and an animated monster popped out.  The patrons turned around and unexpectedly an actor burst out of a hidden panel to scare everyone.  

One new area was a time portal. This was a fog-filled hallway with irregular shapes cut out of the walls on both sides of you and blue flashing lights shining through the holes.  From there, you continued on to a white birch forest that was filled with enough fog so that you didn't see the actors who were hiding in the corners, waiting to scare you.  Next was one of my personal favorites, the Jack-the-Ripper scene.  This scene was highly detailed to resemble the streets of London, with storefronts, doors, windows and flickering gas lamps.  One fine detail, that foreshadowed events to come, was the wrinkled flyer that was pasted to the wall, which read "Ghastly Murder in the East End".  In a very dramatic presentation, an actress circled our entire group begging for her life, while Jack-the-Ripper was closing in on her.  Then just as everyone thought the action was over, something unexpected happened that made everyone jump.   In the Dracula's Castle scene, another detailed area, an 8ft+ tall creature stalked you and reached down at you with his long, bony arms.  At various points throughout this scene, vampires jumped out at you unexpectedly.  It was great. I also enjoyed the spider hallway.  It was filled with spider webs and cocooned bodies were sitting in the corners. While I was focused on the props in the scene, I didn't realize until at least halfway through, that there was a huge six foot long spider lurking in wait, right above the hallway!   Another highly detailed area was their Egyptian scene.  It featured realistic hieroglyphic-covered stone walls, a huge animated Sphinx and actors with great costumes & make-up.   They really improved the layout of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre scene since last season. It seemed like there was more of a logical progression through the house.  First, you had to make your way past a guard dog, to get inside the old shack.  Upon entering you saw a person sitting in a chair having convulsions, while watching Hee- Haw on television.  From there you passed a grungy bathroom with body parts hanging in the shower and a chainsaw sitting on the sink.  Just when you thought you had made it through, you heard the chainsaw start up and Leatherface charged at you.  Then, as you were walking out of the attraction, with the exit in sight, a huge towering creature lunged out at you, blocking your path. That was totally unexpected.

The actors in this haunted house did a great job.  The actors with more theatrical parts were wearing professional quality costumes and make-up.  They were committed to their roles and never broke character.  Those who performed pop-out scares were quick & focused, and scares were timed properly, for the most part.  

The Creatures Crypt group put on a great show this year, especially considering they had just moved into a new location.  On your trip through, you were able to see some great acting, detailed scenes and plenty of animatronics.   I was pleased to see that they slowed down the tour guides this year, so you could absorb even more of the impressive level of detail that this haunt had to offer.  This is definitely a must-see event.

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