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2006 Abyss Haunts, LLC Review


Abyss Haunts, LLC
Two Rialto Square
116 N. Chicago Street
Joliet, IL 60432

Visited: 10/27/06

Visibility/Location: This event was very easy to find.  Mapquest directions led me right to it.  Once I was in the general area, it was easy to see the large illuminated sign along the street, in front of the attraction.  "Abyss" was painted multiple times, in bright colors, on the windows near the entrance.  The eerie red lighting inside the building also made the place stand out.   .
Wait Entertainment: There was one actor in costume walking around, outside the entrance of the building.   
Admission Price: $17.00

7 Minutes 

Scare Factor: Medium-Low.  
Crowd Control: I never ran into any other groups, so there was appropriate spacing between groups.


Abyss consisted of several scenes of various themes, separated by a number of dark hallways.  Some of the scenes were moderately detailed, while others had only a few props and plain black walls.  One scene featured a picture on the wall and a skeleton sitting in an easy chair, watching television.  The "Family Art Gallery" was a hallway of pictures.  On the wall opposite the row of pictures, hung a mirror.  As the group walked by the mirror, a great visual effect  surprised everyone.  In the clown room, there were several demented clowns and a table decorated with body parts.  In another area of the house, there was a toxic waste spill.  Radioactive symbols were painted on the walls, several barrels glowed an eerie green color and the actor in the scene actually raised one of the barrels over his head and slammed it to the ground, right in front of my group.  Other eclectic scenes featured Freddy Krueger, a chainsaw wielding maniac, a graveyard and a hallway of cockroaches that crunched underfoot, as you walked along. 

The actors exhibited a wide variety of intensity levels throughout the attraction.  Some just quietly followed you, while others (like the guy in the toxic waste scene) were very energetic.  All of the actors stayed in character and performed their roles well.  

Unfortunately this attraction didn't have as much "bang for your buck" as I had hoped for.  While it was an enjoyable experience overall and they had some pretty creative ideas, I think the ticket price of $17 was just too high, considering the time spent inside and the entertainment value provided.    


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