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2006 Nightmares Basement of the Dead Review
Ravens Grin

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Nightmares Basement of the Dead
42 West New York Street
Aurora, IL 60506

Visited: 10/12/06


Visibility/Location: This event may be hard to find, if you aren't familiar with the area.  While this attraction is across the street from a major tourist attraction (the casino), it is down a flight of stairs and the haunted house's entrance isn't visible from the road.  They did, however, have a hearse sitting in the street and a sign pointing toward the stairs, to help you find your way.  Parking on the street is extremely limited, so plan on paying to park in the casino's parking garage.  
Wait Entertainment: While there really wasn't much of a line, they still had a couple of actors outside, interacting with people in line.     
Admission Price: $12.00
(+ $2.00 for parking in the casino's parking garage, if you can't find a parking space on the street)

7 Minutes *  
= Since people move through haunted attractions at different rates, your time will vary.

Scare Factor: Medium-High
Crowd Control: Crowd control was excellent.  I never ran into any other groups.. 


The Nightmares Basement of the Dead tour started off with a disembodied head reading you the rules of the haunted house, before you entered. From there you continued on through a collection of various scenes, each separated by long lengths of dark hallways.  There was a wide variety of themes presented throughout the attraction.  With few exceptions, most of the scenes throughout the house had a moderate level of detail.  In the dentist scene, there was a patient in a dentist's chair and the loud shrill sound of the dentists drill could be heard.  Just as you exited the scene, the dentist leaped toward you and the floor beneath your feet vibrated.  There was also an area where an actor reached up at you from a pit that was below floor-level.  One of the most memorable scenes was the living room.  As you walked through the scene, half of the wall tilted out at you.  By distracting patrons with the wall, an actress sitting in a chair was able to get a scare by jumping out at the group. The electrocution scene was also pretty nice, with electrical panels added as additional detail in the scene.   

Most of the scenes with actors were out in the open, but some of the unmanned areas featured static props behind a protective cage.  One of the static scenes, which had appropriate sound effects, featured a man who had blown his head off with a shotgun, while a bystander vomits into a barrel.  There was also a nice animated werewolf right before the spinning vortex tunnel.  In general there seemed to be adequate separation between the scenes, which was nice, but  I was a bit distracted by the reflection off the ceiling of the building that was visible in several of the hallways.  

For the most part, the actors inside the house were enthusiastic, to say the least.  While the typical "don't touch the actors and they won't touch you" policy was supposed to be in place, a handful of the actors were so determined to execute their scares, they actually bumped into me a number of times throughout the house.  It didn't bother me personally, but there may be other patrons out there who may not care for that.  

Overall, this was another good show put on by the Nightmares crew.  As usual, they came up with some pretty creative and effective scenes, as well as having some pretty decent scares.   I recommend checking this one out, if you get the chance.   


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