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2006 Creatures Crypt Review
Ravens Grin

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Creatures Crypt
1201 E. Bell St.
Bloomington, IL 61701

Visited: 10/28/06


Visibility/Location: I was able to find this event pretty easily.  Online directions got me there without any problems.  Within a couple of blocks of the event, there were large signs along the side of the road, pointing toward the attraction.  Upon entering the parking lot, parking attendants with flashlights were there to guide you in the rest of the way.    
Wait Entertainment: The main actor entertaining the crowd was the "Mad Professor", a character in a white lab coat, who darted around in his motorized wheelchair, tormenting the people waiting in line.  
Admission Price: $8.00

14 Minutes 

Scare Factor: High.  
Crowd Control: Crowd control was excellent throughout the attraction.  Since you were led through by a guide, holding onto a rope, the groups never ran into each other. 


This is one of the most detailed events I have been to this year.  From the waiting room, to the scenes inside the house, there is an amazing level of detail.  The high ceiling of the building allowed them to create tall features like the two-story haunted house facade at the entrance of the attraction. This enhanced the atmosphere and believability of various scenes throughout the haunted house.  Once inside the house, a guide led everyone through at a slow, steady pace.  This gave the patrons plenty of time to immerse themselves in the highly detailed, realistic scenes.  

I really liked the castle, with it's detailed stone walls.  To enter, you had to pass through a tall stone archway, where you were immediately attacked by a ten-foot tall creature with long arms, who reached down at you.  With the castle's long, winding passageways, it seemed like they had everyone going in circles.   The Egyptian scene also had a lot of detail, with textured stone walls & pillars, hieroglyphics inscribed in the walls and a variety of Egyptian characters.  There were also a few animated props, including a huge stone sphinx with eyes that lit up and a jaw that moved up and down as it talked to you.   Another scene that had a lot of impact was the Jack the Ripper scene.  As you entered the scene, you could plainly see a paper tacked to the wall, foreshadowing the events to come.  The bold headline "Ghastly Murder in the East End" let you know that danger lurked ahead.  The scene was well detailed and constructed to resemble the streets of London.  As the action started, a girl frantically ran past our group, pleading for help.  Meanwhile "Jack" pursued her and was only a few steps behind.  Just after they both exited the scene, something happened that made everyone jump. The toxic waste scene had green glowing barrels and actors pleading for us not to breathe the contaminated air.   The ghost town was great, too.  It was a highly detailed area, set up to look like a street in an old west town.  There were two story buildings facades with realistic-looking storefronts on either side of you, eerie lighting and an appropriate old-west music soundtrack playing in the background.  "Uncle Besco's Carnival" featured various clown-themed areas, including a polka dot room with "floating" polka dots and polka dots that came to life.  In the last area of the sideshow there was a bit of comic relief, with a punch line that really got your blood pumping!  

This attraction had a nice combination of real actors and animatronics that complimented one another, to get some really good scares. The actors all did an excellent job.  They stayed in character and were very enthusiastic with the parts they were playing.   

Kudos to the Creatures Crypt group!  Once again, they put on a great show.  I always look forward to coming back to see the great ideas they come up with each year. Definitely put this one one your list of haunted houses to visit.  This event is a must see!   


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