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2006 Lombard Jaycees Haunted House Review
Ravens Grin

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Lombard Jaycees Haunted House
1000 N. Rohwling Rd.
Lombard, IL 60148

Visited: 10/13/06


Visibility/Location: This attraction may be a little hard to find, if you aren't familiar with the area.  There was an illuminated arrow sign along the side of the road, to help get your attention.  If you are coming from the East or West, you should have no problem seeing the sign, but since there was no signage on Rohwling Road, if you are coming from the North or South, you might miss it.
Wait Entertainment: There were a number of actors walking up and down the waiting line, interacting with patrons.  One of them was a clown with a chainsaw.   They did a nice job of setting up an "old west" theme in the indoor waiting area.  The ticket booth had a jailhouse facade. The ticket window had bars on it and the lady selling tickets was dressed in a black and white striped prisoner's uniform. The haunted house entrance was set up to look like a saloon and the ticket-taker was wearing a cowboy hat and western clothing.    
Admission Price: $10.00

12 Minutes *  
= Since people move through haunted attractions at different rates, your time will vary.

Scare Factor: Medium
Crowd Control: Crowd control could have been better.  After having been inside the house only a couple of minutes, my group caught up to the group in front of us and shortly thereafter, the group behind ours ran into us.  This happened a number of times throughout the house. 


The Lombard Jaycees Haunted House consisted of several scenes of various different themes, separated by long lengths of twisting and turning hallways.   Some of the hallways were dark, while others were fairly well lit from the reflection off the ceiling of the building (I'll have to admit, it was a bit distracting).  Had some of the hallways been darker, it would have made the atmosphere even more creepy, not to mention potentially adding to the length of the tour.  

The scenes were pretty creative.  I really enjoyed the detail of the Egyptian scene, with it's nice textured walls, sarcophagus and hieroglyphics carved into large "stone" blocks.  The bedroom was also set up nicely.  There was static on the TV screen, a lamp flickering and the drawers of the dresser were slamming back and forth, as if  they were haunted.  Just when you thought that's all there was to the scene, an actor sprang out of a clever hiding place!  The Psycho bathroom was great too.   The toilet, sink and shower were all covered with "blood".  Naturally I expected an actor to jump out of the shower or some other obvious place, but just as I was about to leave the scene, two actors popped out of totally unexpected locations, one right after the other.  The alley, camping scene and Freddy boiler room scenes were also pretty effective.   

Keeping you off balance was something that the Lombard Jaycees did well this season.  They had a lot of good distraction scares throughout the house, similar to the ones I just described. As your attention was focused on a particular prop or part of a scene, an actor would spring out of a hiding place to scare you.  In addition to the pop-out characters, there were some other actors that had more docile roles.  They were there to misdirect your attention and set up some key scares. There were a couple of times when I saw actors looking to see if a group was coming; however, for the most part, their scares were well timed and unexpected.    

Once again, the Lombard Jaycees have come up with some really creative scares.  They also give you a good amount of bang for your buck.  If you get a chance, be sure to check this one out!   


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