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2006 Twisted House of Horrors Review
Ravens Grin

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Twisted House of Horrors
966 W. Wolfram
Chicago, IL 60657

Visited: 10/29/06


Visibility/Location: You could miss this one if you aren't familiar with the area.  The signs in the windows didn't stand out that well and the online mapping site that I used said the event was further down the block, not on the corner of Wolfram and Sheffield, so that initially threw me off.  Had it been advertised that this event was held at the Cherry Red bar it would have been easier to find.  There was a large "Cherry Red" sign on the side of the building (see picture above).  There was, however, a strobe light at the entrance of the building, to attract your attention.  
Wait Entertainment: They served drinks at the bar, for people waiting to get in and there was loud rock music playing in the indoor waiting area. Other than that, there really wasn't any traditional Halloween-style wait entertainment.  
Admission Price: $20.00

7 Minutes 

Scare Factor: Medium-Low 
Note: Due to the adult themes presented at this event, it was more weird/creepy than it was scary. 
Crowd Control: Since there was a guide leading each group through the haunted house, crowd control was excellent.  I never ran into any other groups.  


This attraction was advertised as a "21 and Over" event and this policy was strictly enforced.  Patron's IDs were checked before they were allowed to enter the haunted house.  This was due to the disturbing nature of some of the scenes, partial nudity in one scene, as well as the fact that this event was held inside of a bar, where drinks were being served.  This attraction consisted of various scenes, each separated by black curtains.  The haunted house was only open on weekdays and the curtains were used so the attraction could be quickly dismantled, to accommodate the bar's regular clientele on the weekends.  Unfortunately on the night I attended I had to wait a considerable amount of time, even though I was one of the first patrons in line (they opened 1.5 hours later than advertised).  

This event was a guided tour.  Throughout the tour, the guide would introduce each of the scenes, often foreshadowing certain events and hinting at the scare attempts that would follow.  One scene featured a "mad doctor" and a disemboweled girl on an operating table.  After he was finished working on his victim, he turned around and came after the patrons with a power saw.  The breakfast scene had three people sitting around a kitchen table, two of which had their faces blown off, apparently with the gun that was laying on the table.  The third person was an actor wearing a robe who was holding a baby (really a doll) wrapped in a blanket.  The actor then repeatedly slammed the "baby" against the refrigerator, in a fit of rage.   There were other scenes in the house that were equally as disturbing.  In one of their torture scenes, there was a girl on her hands and knees, up on top of a table.  As the actor behind her forced a huge metal hook through the skin on her back, she screamed in pain and lost consciousness.   One of their creepier scenes had a necrophilia theme.  In this scene, a masked character was pretending to perform a sexual act on the head of a dead body that was laying in a bathtub filled with blood.  

In other areas of the house, actors would actually grab you or invade your personal space.  There were a couple of times when actors lying on the floor would grab your ankles and some reached through the curtains to grab at you.  In one area, the patrons were led down a narrow hallway that was painted red (one of the few scenes that had real walls).  When everyone got to the end of the hallway, the regular lights turned off, a strobe light turned on and three clowns ran up and down the hallway, pushing their way through our group.     

This attraction was interesting and definitely quite a novelty, considering the Chicagoland area hasn't really had adult-themed haunted houses that I am aware of.  Because the admission price was so high, I was hoping that the haunted house had lasted longer, but I suppose the "21 and Over" nature of the event was the management's rationale for charging so much. I will admit that they had some controversial themes inside, so the age limit was justified. If you are among the squeamish, then this may not be for you; however, if you are looking for an event that is more demented and off-the-wall than your typical haunted house, this would be the place to go.   


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