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2006 Wheaton Jaycees Haunted House Review
Ravens Grin


Wheaton Jaycees Haunted House
@ DuPage County Fairgrounds
2015 Manchester Road
Wheaton, IL 60187

Visited: 10/21/06

Visibility/Location: There were signs along some of the main roads pointing to the DuPage County Fairgrounds, so it was pretty easy to find as long as you knew ahead of time that the haunted house was being held thereThere were also "Haunted House" signs at the entrance to the fairgrounds.  The building itself was set off the road quite a distance, but the brightly lit carnival concession stand and carnival trailer next to the haunted house made the event really stand out.      
Wait Entertainment: There was a convict in an orange jumpsuit, clad with chains, entertaining the people waiting in line. 
Admission Price: $10.00 Combo Ticket - Haunted House & Carnival Attraction
Tickets for each event could also be purchased separately:
  Wheaton Jaycees Haunted House - $8
  Carnival Fun House - $3

Wheaton Jaycees Haunted House: 12 Minutes *  
Carnival Fun House: 1 Minute * 
= Since people move through haunted attractions at different rates, your time will vary.

Scare Factor: Wheaton Jaycees Haunted House: Medium-Low   
Carnival Fun House: Very Low 
Crowd Control: Wheaton Jaycees Haunted House: Crowd control was pretty good throughout the attraction; however, several groups ran into each other in the strobe light maze.  Other than that section of the house, I didn't run into any other groups.   
Carnival Fun House: The ticket-taker let one group in as soon as the previous group came through the exit, so there wasn't any chance of groups running into each other.  


Wheaton Jaycees Haunted House:    

This haunted house consisted of various scenes, most following a prison theme, separated by lengths of very dark hallways.  The Wheaton Jaycees created some areas that were so dark that you couldn't see an inch in front of your face, which is something that the they have excelled in throughout the years.  

One of the scenes had a pair of prison cells with bars,  upper & lower bunks and a couple of actors.  Another prison-related scene featured a convict in a white & black striped uniform who breaks out of his cell.  The electrocution scene had an electric chair and electrical boxes / panels mounted on the walls. As the patrons walked by the scene, which was surrounded by chicken-wire, the actor ran around to the side of the barrier, to scare the group.  The bathroom scene also caught people by surprise.  It had a strobe light behind the shower curtain and a toilet bowl that glowed green, but there were no actors in sight.  Just when you thought nothing was going to happen, an actor surprised the group, just as they exited the scene.  The strobe light maze was fairly challenging to navigate.  The walls were painted flat black and the slow blinking strobe was effective at keeping you disoriented.  Throughout the maze, there was an actor taunting people who couldn't find their way out.  They also had a crawling maze, with a few twists and turns, that had quite a claustrophobic feel.  The actors in the haunted house all did a good job, for the most part.  A number of them were fairly non-confrontational and didn't approach you, while others enthusiastically sprang out of some great hiding spots in the dark, to scare you. 

Carnival Fun House: 

The Carnival Fun House was a single carnival trailer containing a few simple displays.  Most of the displays were essentially single masks behind a screen, illuminated with colored lighting. Also inside the trailer was a single air cannon and a clown character.  Considering that this attraction was very tame, it would be appropriate for even the most timid customer.  For the time spent inside, the Carnival Fun House didn't provide nearly as much entertainment value per dollar as the Wheaton Jaycees Haunted House did.  Due to its very short length and limited entertainment value, I would have to say that even at $3, the Carnival Fun House was a little overpriced.  

Overall, it was another good showing by the Wheaton Jaycees group.  They did a great job of creating scenes that followed the central prison / jail theme.  As a side-attraction, the Carnival Fun House would be good for families with small children who aren't quite brave enough for the main haunted house.  With the two different attractions, the Wheaton Jaycees had something for everyone.   


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