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2007 Creatures Crypt Review
Ravens Grin

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Creatures Crypt
1201 E. Bell St.
Bloomington, IL 61701

Visited: 10/27/07


Visibility/Location: I was able to find this event pretty easily, using online directions from Yahoo Maps.  Within a couple of blocks of the event there were large signs along the side of the road pointing toward the attraction; however they weren't brightly illuminated, so you could possibly miss the turn, if you aren't paying careful attention.  Upon entering the parking lot, parking attendants with flashlights were there to guide you in the rest of the way.   
Wait Entertainment: There were various actors interacting with patrons at the ticket booth and in other parts of the waiting line.  In their indoor waiting area there were colored searchlights scanning the area, along with a video of the rules of the house and horror movie clips playing on a big screen television. 
Admission Price: $11.00

14 Minutes *  
= Since people move through haunted attractions at different rates, your time will vary.

Scare Factor: High  
Crowd Control: Crowd control was excellent throughout the attraction.  Since you were led through by a guide, holding onto a rope, the groups never ran into each other.  


The tall haunted manor facade near the entrance helped to establish a spooky mood, before anyone even entered the attraction.  I have always enjoyed the highly detailed scenes in Creatures Crypt. Throughout the attraction, there were a number of facades and walls that were built up two stories tall, which greatly enhanced the overall impact of the scenes they were in.  Before entering the haunted house, patrons were asked to grab on to a rope, where a tour guide would lead them through the attraction.  

One of my favorite areas was the stone castle, where patrons had to enter through a tall stone archway.  Near the entrance were two ten foot tall creatures.  Just when I thought one of them was going to jump out at the group, a great scare came from out of nowhere.  The tour guide led the group around the castle, through a series of twisting pathways.  It almost seemed like we were going in circles.  While zigzagging through the castle dungeon, actors attacked the group relentlessly from various hiding places.   I really liked the acting in the "Jack the Ripper" scene.  Upon entering an area resembling the streets of London, an actress burst out, screaming for help.  With "Jack" chasing here and not far behind, she circled our group a couple of times before exiting the scene.  Just when you thought it was all over, an actor jumped out to surprise the group.  The old west scene featured realistic two-story high facades of storefronts and other old buildings, making it appear that you were walking down the main street of an old west town.  There were lanterns with flicker bulbs hanging on the front of some of the buildings and the "old west" music soundtrack really added to the realism of the scene.   A few actors taunted the patrons as they walked by.  I also enjoyed the detailed Egyptian scene with its textured, hieroglyphics-etched stone walls, huge pillars, sarcophaguses, and eerie flicker lighting.  There was also a huge animatronic pharaoh head whose eyes flashed and jaw moved up-and-down, as it talked to you in a booming voice.  Throughout the Egyptian area there were actors who came at you from some great hiding places.  Speaking of great hiding places, there were a couple of unexpected scares in the jungle.  Blending in with trees and shrubbery, actors were able to easily scare the group.  I never even saw them until it was too late.  Some of the other scenes in the attraction included the playroom, white birch forest, toxic waste accident, spider web hallway and mad scientist lab.  Of course, I can't forget to mention the ending scene "Uncle Besco's Carnival", which ended the tour with a great scare. 

The actors did an outstanding job this year, taking the intensity level up a notch or two, compared to previous years.  Their make-up and costumes were great and consistent with the scenes they were in.  All of the scares were right on target and everyone stayed in character.   

Kudos to the Creatures Crypt crew.  By combining highly detailed scenes, animatronic props and great acting, they have consistently put on an excellent show year after year... and this year was no exception!  Actually, they really outdid themselves this season.  Unfortunately this was their last year of operation.  Best of luck to John Dolan and the rest of the Creatures Crypt crew in any future haunt-related endeavors.       

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