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2007 Mazon Dungeon of Terror Review
Ravens Grin

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Mazon Dungeon of Terror
515 Depot Street
Mazon, IL 60444

Visited: 10/14/07


Visibility/Location: This event was pretty easy to find.  There was a sign along the main highway (Rt. 47), as well as one in downtown Mazon, showing you where to turn.  There was a "Dungeon of Terror" sign above the entrance and the line of customers outside the event also made it stand out.
Wait Entertainment: There were a couple of costumed characters entertaining the crowd, as well as an actor with a chainsaw.  To help establish a spooky mood, the front of the building was decorated to resemble gray stone dungeon walls and there were creepy scenes set up behind the two picture windows.   
Admission Price: $6.00

15 Minutes *  
= Since people move through haunted attractions at different rates, your time will vary.

Scare Factor: Medium
Crowd Control: They did a great job in this category.  There was one time when I ran into the group ahead of mine, because a patron was too scared to continue, but overall there was a good flow throughout the attraction.    


The tour began with an interesting scene, where everyone was led into a large cage.  A hooded character on a tall platform gave the group an introduction to the house, while several masked creatures reached out at you through the cage bars.  From there, the tour continued through several scenes that were separated by lengths of dark, twisting hallways.   The Dungeon of Terror had some of the darkest and tightest hallways of any haunted house I have been to this season.  The hallways were so tight that my shoulders were touching both walls as I walked along.   Many of the scenes were highly detailed.  The Egyptian scene featured Cleopatra, a sarcophagus, a mummy in the corner and a thick layer of cobwebs on the walls.  Another area that stood out was the Mad Scientist scene.  It had a headless body sitting in a chair and a red rope light that connected the neck to a jar of bubbling liquid with a brain in it.  Just when you thought nothing was going to happen, an actor surprised you.  I also liked their Phantom of the Opera and jungle scenes.  The cockroach hallway featured cockroaches that literally covered the walls and "cockroaches" that crunched under your feet, as you walked along.   A lot of the scenes utilized custom soundtracks & sound effects, as well as appropriate mood lighting to help establish a creepy atmosphere. 

Some of the actors were more intense, like the ones in the Circus Sideshow, while others were more passive and creepy.  Nevertheless, everyone followed through with their intended roles inside the attraction.  There were several times when actors would surprise you, making good use of hiding spots in dark corners.  Those with speaking parts, like Cleopatra, did a great job and played a convincing part, staying in character during their performances.  

The Dungeon of Terror crew really put on a good show this year.  This attraction has really evolved since I visited a few years ago.  They have added a lot of detail to their scenes and have come up with some really creative ideas.  With a modest admission price of $6, this event gives you a lot of "bang for your buck".  While it may be a little off the beaten path, it is well worth the drive.  Be sure to check it out.

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