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2007 St Charles Jaycees Haunted House Review
Ravens Grin

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St. Charles Jaycees Haunted House
Tin Cup Pass Shopping Center
East Main (rte 64) and Tyler Road
St. Charles, IL 60174

Visited: 10/05/07


Visibility/Location: Located on Route 64, this event was pretty easy to find.  There was a bright, backlit arrow sign along the side of the road, telling you where to turn.  There was also a large, brightly-lit vinyl banner hung above the entrance of the attraction. 
Wait Entertainment: I didn't see much in the way of wait entertainment; however, I arrived early on opening night.  With a fairly short line I was able to get in right away.  They did, however, have spooky red lighting in the waiting room to add to the mood.     
Admission Price: $7.00

6 Minutes *  
= Since people move through haunted attractions at different rates, your time will vary.

Scare Factor: Low-Medium
Crowd Control: Crowd control was pretty good throughout the attraction.  They used a television monitor to help space groups appropriately, by not letting another group through until the previous group had passed a certain point within the house.  There was one time when I caught up with a group, but that was because a child in front of us was too frightened to continue. 


This event consisted of several simple, sparsely detailed scenes, which were separated by twisting lengths of dark hallways. Many of the scenes weren't overly elaborate; however, there were a few that were pretty creative.  In one area of the house, you looked into a black box that was filled with hanging body parts.  Just when you thought nothing was going to happen, an actor popped out to surprise you.   Another scene consisted of a dark room with several glowing hockey masks, which appeared to float in mid-air.  As you walked by, one of them came to life and leaped out at you.  I also liked the Christmas scene.   When the lights on the Christmas tree flashed on, an evil Santa jumped up out of his chair to startle you.  

All of the scenes were located behind wooden railings, which I am not a big fan of.  Some of the scares would have probably been more effective without the railings to provide a sense of separation and security to the patrons.       

As for actors, they were pretty well staffed.  A lot of the actors had similar costumes;  most wore black robes and a mask.  They really took advantage of some good hiding places in the dark hallways to get their scares.  They effectively used the cover of darkness to hide in corners and take patrons by surprise.   All of the actors seemed to know their roles well and followed through; however there were a couple of times when they didn't stay in character.  

Overall, I would say the St. Charles Jaycees did a great job.  Everything seemed to be very organized, especially for an opening night.   Because this event wasn't overly intense, it would be appropriate for most audiences.     

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