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2008 Eleventh Hour Haunted House
& Evil Intentions Review

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Eleventh Hour & Evil Intentions
Berthhold's Great Pumpkin Fest
434 E Devon Avenue
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

Visited: 10/18/08


Visibility/Location: This event was easy to find, using Yahoo maps.  To help the event stand out, there were green, yellow & red floodlights illuminating the trees by the road.  There was also an illuminated "11th Hour" sign near the entrance. 
Wait Entertainment: They did great in this category.  A numbered ticketing system was used, which allowed patrons to sit and enjoy themselves, until their number was called.  It was an enjoyable alternative to waiting in a long line, like you have to do at many other haunted attractions.  While waiting for their number to be called, patrons had a number of activities to keep themselves occupied with.  For a additional fee, patrons could walk through a corn maze or give their rock climbing wall a try.  There was a concession stand, as well as picnic tables set up, so people could sit down and relax while they waited to get into the haunted houses.  The Eleventh Hour had a fantastic haunted manor facade that really set the mood for the rest of the attraction. 
Admission Price: Eleventh Hour & Intensity: $18.00
Eleventh Hour, Intensity & Evil Intentions: $20.00

Other Options
Creatures of the Corn After Dark: $4.00
Daytime Corn Maze: $2.00
Rock Climbing Wall: $5.00


Eleventh Hour: 8 Minutes *
Intensity & Evil Intentions: 8 Minutes *
Evil Intentions: 6 1/2 Minutes *
= Since people move through haunted attractions at different rates, your time will vary. Note: The time shown here represents the actual time spent moving through the attraction. Time spent waiting in queue lines or staging areas has been subtracted.

Scare Factor: Eleventh Hour: Medium
Intensity & Evil Intentions: Medium-Low *
Evil Intentions: Low-Medium *  
Crowd Control: Crowd control throughout all three haunted attractions was pretty good, but patron flow outside the attractions could have been improved.  None of the lines were marked, so some customers didn't know which of the three lines to go to (RIP line, Eleventh Hour line or Evil Intensions line).  Some additional signage and extra fencing would have helped out a lot.     


Eleventh Hour:

Most of the scenes inside the Eleventh Hour were highly detailed and consistent with what you would see in an old manor.  Although this event was held in trailers, they did a good job of concealing that fact.  Since many of the actors had interactive, speaking roles, this attraction was also the most theatrical of the three.  A number of the rooms had hidden exits, which made the trip through more interesting and also gave patrons a little more time to notice the detailed, realistic scenes.  In one area, patrons had to exit through a bookcase and in another they had to go through a closet filled with clothes, to continue through the rest of the attraction.  Scenes such as the detailed study, playroom, bedroom and kitchen all followed the main haunted manor theme.  This year they added a laundry room scene, which featured cabinets, washer & dryer, laundry baskets and piles of clothes on the floor.  Before exiting the scene, there was a nice scare that I didn't see coming.  Also new was a small laboratory scene with all sorts of electronic equipment, flashing lights, sound effects and a floor that rattled beneath your feet.  While there were a few changes made this year, the majority of the attraction has remained the same for a number of years now.  To keep things fresh, it would be nice to see more changes every season. 


After exiting the Eleventh Hour Haunted House, a path led patrons directly into "Intensity".  The majority of this attraction consisted of several long, twisting pathways with varying levels of light.  In some areas, the walking path could be seen clearly, while in others it was completely dark and you had to feel your way along the walls.  Personally, I think a lot of this attraction had too much lighting; darker paths would have given the attraction a more eerie feel, as well as giving the actors more places to hide.  Throughout the house, loud heavy metal music could be heard.  Initially I thought it was just a prerecorded music soundtrack playing, but that wasn't the case.  I was surprised to find that it was really a live band playing inside the haunted house.  I really enjoyed the spinning elevator.  With its glow splatter artwork, flashing lights and dizzying spinning motion, it was a lot of fun.  Toward the end of Intensity was a small chain maze, which was illuminated with a strobe light.  It was nice, but I wish the maze had lasted longer.    

Evil Intentions:

Evil Intentions was a very unique haunted house.  Walking through, it was interesting to see that there weren't any props.  To create a spooky atmosphere, colored accent lighting, strobe lights, fog and a variety of music soundtracks were used.  Throughout the haunted house, everything from heavy metal music to horror music soundtracks could be heard.  Some of the hallways were pitch black, while others were simply illuminated with colored bulbs.  Most of the actors inside performed high-energy, pop-out scares, but when I went through, it seemed that they were really short-staffed.  There were quite a few dead areas.  Had there been more actors, that would have greatly enhanced the experience.  I realize that not having props is what makes this attraction different from most others, but I think adding a scene or two would have made it more interesting.     

Overall, this event was a lot of fun.  The numbered ticketing system, along with several optional activities patrons could take advantage of, really seemed to make the wait a lot more bearable.  Kudos to the Eleventh Hour crew.  They really put on a great show this year.  

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