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2008 Realm of Terror Review

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Realm of Terror Haunted House
BEHIND Kristof's Entertainment Center
421 W. Rollins Rd.
Round Lake Beach, IL 60073

Visited: 10/17/08


Visibility/Location: This event would be very easy to find, especially if you know it is located at Kristof's Entertainment Center.  There was a large Illuminated Kristof's sign right along the side of the road, as well as a huge "Haunted House Here" vinyl banner on the side of a semi trailer.  After pulling into the entrance, there was a parking attendant to show you where to park.
Wait Entertainment: There were a few actors interacting with the patrons waiting in line. One that really stood out was an obnoxious clown who taunted patrons with a bullhorn.  There was plenty of covered waiting in tents outside of the attraction's entrance.   Loud music was playing in the waiting area.     
Admission Price: $10.00

12 Minutes *  
= Since people move through haunted attractions at different rates, your time will vary. Note: The time shown here represents the actual time spent moving through the attraction. Time spent waiting in queue lines or staging areas has been subtracted.

Scare Factor: Medium-High   
Crowd Control: Patron flow throughout the majority of the attraction was great (didn't run into any other groups inside); however, the initial transition from the main line to the rules room, to the opening into scene, then to the main part of the haunted house seemed herky-jerky and took a lot longer than it had in previous years. In the areas between the line and the bulk of the attraction, patrons seemed to spend a lot of time standing, waiting to continue.  There was definitely room for improvement here.        


The opening scene of this haunted house was very graphic.  It involved a nurse and a patient fighting over a hand gun and eventually the patient met a gruesome end, with patrons actually feeling a spray of "blood" on their faces.  A large part of this attraction seemed to consistently follow an insane asylum theme.  A lot of areas had white, blood-smeared walls, with fog and numerous strobe lights used to disorient the patrons walking through.  Throughout the haunted house, there were various demented characters dressed in blood-smeared white garb.  Some nice animatronic props were used in a number of scenes.  In the "Shock Therapy Area", there was an animated electrocution prop, with a body laying on a tilted platform.  In another part of the insane asylum, a disgusting mutilated body on a table sat up, when patrons walked by.    

In one part of the haunted house there was a nice clown area with red & yellow striped walls, cobwebs, and evil clowns stalking the patrons.  The last section of the attraction was a white-walled maze with multiple strobe lights and very thick fog;  you couldn't see two feet in front of your face.  There was loud techno music playing throughout the area, as well as a few actors and several dead-ends.  With all of that to disorient you, it was somewhat of a challenge to find the way out.   

Throughout the attraction, most of the actors had high-energy enthusiastic performances, while others were more demented and disturbing, depending on their role inside the haunted house. In the insane asylum area, one of the actors was singing "We wish you a Merry Christmas" and another was singing "Somewhere over the rainbow".  How weird!  A number of the actors were pretty short, which made them less intimidating; however, they all did a good job.  Regardless of height, everyone stayed in character and they seemed to be really into their performances.   

Kudos to the Realm of Terror Crew.  With the exception of some flow issues at the beginning, the show went off without a hitch.  This attraction has come a long way in a few short years, so be sure to check it out!

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