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2008 X-treme Hauntings Review

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X-treme Hauntings Haunted House
Corner of Sayton and Honing Road
76 Honing Road
Fox Lake, IL 60020

Visited: 10/17/08


Visibility/Location: This event was easy to find using Mapquest.  Within a few blocks of the attraction, there were signs posted, showing you which way to go.  At Honing Road there were a couple of large illuminated arrow signs, leading you to the parking lot.  There were also a couple of parking attendants to point you in the right direction. 
Wait Entertainment: They did a great job of providing wait entertainment.  At the entrance of the event there was a two story facade that looked like a dilapidated old shack.  To enhance the atmosphere, there were also real trees in front of the facade, cobwebs and colored accent lighting.  To keep patrons in line entertained, there were three televisions playing horror movie clips.   There were also a couple of actors who were entertaining the crowd waiting in line.    
Admission Price: $12.00

8 1/2 Minutes *  
= Since people move through haunted attractions at different rates, your time will vary. Note: The time shown here represents the actual time spent moving through the attraction. Time spent waiting in queue lines or staging areas has been subtracted.

Scare Factor: Medium-High
Crowd Control: Crowd control was great.  I never ran into any other groups.    


The tour began in a "Hellevator", which was an enclosure that used sound effects, flashing lights and a moving floor to simulate a turbulent ride on an elevator.   The elevator operator was a very odd character who repeatedly stated that I may not live through the experience.  Continuing on through the attraction, there was an array of scenes with various themes.  The dungeon had grey stone walls, a lot of cobwebs and a girl with her wrists tied up above her head.  As the patrons walked by, she begged to be set free.  There was an area resembling a scene from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  A girl was chained to the wall and several bloody, severed heads hung from the ceiling.  Before the group left the scene, Leatherface jumped out of a hiding place and attacked them with a power saw.  The next room was a bathroom with blood-smeared walls and body parts everywhere.  In another part of the house, there was a clown room with multi-colored lights, colorful 55 gallon drums, clown mannequins that hung from the ceiling, as well as a couple of real clowns that sprung to action, when the group entered the scene.  They also had a cage maze with loud rock & roll music playing, along with multiple strobe lights to disorient you.  Inside the maze, there were a couple of actors to taunt patrons and lead them in the wrong direction.  Toward the end of the attraction, there was a very dark maze with a surprise or two.  Other scenes included a bedroom, creepy nursery and a playroom where the stuffed animals came to life.   

Many of the actors in this attraction high energy performances and were very eager to scare.  There were a couple, however, like the girl in the nursery and the elevator operator, who were more creepy than scary.  For the most part, all of the actors did a great job and stayed in character.    

The X-treme Hauntings crew did a great job this year.  I've seen this event evolve over the past couple of years and I can't wait to see what they come up with in the future.  Be sure to stop by this attraction if you get the chance!


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