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2009 Abyss Haunted House Review

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Abyss Haunted House
7280 E. US Rt. 6
Minooka, IL 60447

Visited: 10/02/09


Visibility/Location: There was a large orange sign along the side of the road, which was brightly illuminated with a floodlight and visible from both directions.  The event itself was more visible than it had been in the past.  This year there was a ticket booth near the parking lot that was clearly illuminated with a yellow light.  There was also a bright light shining on the entrance of the attraction.  The parking lot was pretty dark, though.  It would be nice if some lighting was added there.
Wait Entertainment: On the night I visited there wasn't much of a line, so there wasn't much of a need for wait entertainment.  Near the attraction's entrance, there was a canopy set up to keep the people in line dry (it was raining).  There was also a nice stone facade at the entrance, to help get people in the mood for the tour.           
Admission Price: $15.00
Parking: FREE

12 Minutes *  
= Since people move through haunted attractions at different rates, your time will vary. Note: The time shown here represents the actual time spent moving through the attraction. Time spent waiting in queue lines or staging areas has been subtracted.

Scare Factor: Medium-Low
Crowd Control: Being early in the season, there wasn't much of a line, so this category is hard to judge.  I didn't run into any other groups.      


This attraction consisted of an eclectic collection of scenes that were separated by dark hallways.  In many of the hallways, there was string and other things hanging down in your face, for added effect.  Most of the hallways were pitch-black, which gave the actors some great hiding places.  The tour began by entering through a weathered wooden door, into a detailed study.  Inside the room there was a rocking chair, glowing fireplace, pictures on the wall and oddly enough, what looked like a velociraptor head mounted on the wall.  A ghoulish character appeared in a picture frame, to tell patrons the rules of the house.   Shortly after the ghoul disappeared, the fireplace opened up and I was able to continue on with the rest of the tour. 

Some of the scenes had a moderate level of detail, while others were more highly detailed.  Many of the rooms were fairly small; however, that just added to the claustrophobic nature of the attraction.  The child's bedroom featured stuffed animals on a bookshelf, a dresser and a blood-covered television with static on the screen.  In the corner was a girl trapped inside a crib, which was wrapped in chicken wire.  The crib started to move, then Freddy Krueger came out of nowhere, with sparks shooting off of his glove.  Another memorable scene was the insane asylum, with barred cell doors on both sides of the hallway and a flashing strobe light.  Some really demented patients inhabited that area!  I also liked the jungle.  It had nice lighting, vines hanging down from the ceiling, great sound effects and a group of snakes that dropped down in your face.  There were also lightning flashes that were synced to a thunder soundtrack.  The attic had wobbly floor boards,  unfinished walls and a stack of old trunks.  The lighting was well done and there was a nice visual effect of lightning flashing outside of the window.  Other scenes included the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, circus sideshow and the cemetery courtyard.  

The tour ended on a high note, in the cemetery scene that was located outside the attraction.  The scene had nice colored lighting, tombstones and wrought-iron fences.  Zombies were crawling out of their graves and two actors ended up chasing the patrons into the parking lot with their chainsaws.  

Throughout the attraction, all of the actors were really enthusiastic and into their roles.  Everyone stayed in character and followed through well.  The acting seemed especially convincing in the insane asylum and circus sideshow areas.  The only downside was that several of the actors were much shorter than me, which made them a little less intimidating, thus lowering the scare factor.   

Overall, the Abyss Haunted House crew did a fine job this year.  I will say, however, that the event is priced a little on the high side, looking at the overall entertainment value and the time spent inside.  All things considered, though, I found the haunted house to be very entertaining and well worth the trip.  

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