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2009 Crypts of Campana,
A Factory of Fear Review

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Crypts of Campana, A Factory of Fear
901 North Batavia Ave.
Batavia, IL 60510

Visited: 10/16/09


Visibility/Location: This event can be found using an online mapping utility, but overall visibility wasn't the greatest.  Near the entrance, there was an orange haunted house sign, but you could easily miss it,  since it wasn't illuminated. There were green floodlights shining on the front of the building and there were bright lights in the parking lot, but since the building was set so far back from the road, it didn't really stand out.  At the entrance, there was a pickup truck that was converted to look like a pirate ship, but since it wasn't illuminated, it was also hard to see.  A floodlight or two added by the entrance would have greatly improved the visibility of this event.        
Wait Entertainment: There really wasn't much for wait entertainment.  The waiting room had a mural painted on the wall of medieval castle at the top of a hill.  The entrance of the haunted house was made to look like a castle tower, with gray textured "stone".           
Admission Price: $13.00
(A $3 coupon was handed out at the door, making admission $10)
Parking: FREE

7 Minutes *  
= Since people move through haunted attractions at different rates, your time will vary. Note: The time shown here represents the actual time spent moving through the attraction. Time spent waiting in queue lines or staging areas has been subtracted.

Scare Factor: Low-Medium
Crowd Control: To get to the haunted house entrance, patrons had to walk though a costume shop.  It was a little confusing, because there wasn't any signage, pointing you in the right direction.  The queue line area was also a little disorganized.  There were bleachers set up for people to sit and wait.  There were no ropes or line dividers of any kind, to define the route of the queue line.  

Inside the attraction, patron flow was pretty good; however, groups did run into each other once or twice.         


The tour began with a ride in a freight elevator, to the basement.  The rest of the attraction consisted of a few simple scenes that were separated by a lot of black panel hallways.  Many of the hallways were accented with spider webs, which gave the walls a creepy texture, as you walked along.  There were a couple of creative scenes in the attraction, one of which was a black&white checkerboard room, which was illuminated by a strobe light.  The entire room was built on a slant, so walking through was like walking down a hill.  Another interesting area had lengths of chain-link fence on both sides of the hallway.  On one side was an actor shaking the fence, begging for help and on the other side, there was a waterfall effect made out of pipe with holes in it.  In a couple of hallways there was a great starburst effect, with green laser light.  There was also a short mirror maze that was illuminated with flickering orange lights.  The open casket scene was nicely themed with eerie flickering lights.  I was hoping for a scare, but was disappointed to find that the casket was empty and nothing really happened.  The most elaborate scene was the medical area.  In this scene, there were a lot of bloody body parts spread out around the room.  Bloody white sheets were hung up on the walls and two doctors, who were wearing medical scrubs and face masks, taunted my group as we walked through. 

On the night that I attended, there seemed to be a sufficient number of actors throughout the attraction.  Most of the scares were pop-outs.  The dark hallways gave the actors plenty of places to hide and as a result, a lot of the scares were effective.  While the actors did get some scares, they weren't overly intimidating.  One of the actresses actually said "Boo!" as I walked by her.  

Overall, it was a pretty enjoyable show.  The $3 coupon brought the price down to a level that was comparable to amount of entertainment experienced and the time spent inside.  I really enjoyed some of the creative elements of this attraction, like the tilted room and the waterfall.                  

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