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2009 Disturbia Torment of Fears Review

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Disturbia Torment of Fears
Links and Tees Golf Dome
880 W. Lake Street
Addison, IL 60101

Visited: 10/01/09


Visibility/Location: There was a brightly illuminated "haunted house" sign along the road, which was visible from both directions.  The golf dome was located back away from the highway and since the dome itself wasn't directly illuminated, the building was difficult to see from the road.  The parking lot was well-lit, though, which helped with visibility.    
Wait Entertainment: Since it was early in the season, there wasn't much of a line, so there really wasn't a need for wait entertainment.  A spooky atmosphere was established, though, with fog out in the waiting area and colored lighting that reflected off the inside of the dome.  Televisions were located periodically throughout the queue line area and they were playing a haunted house video.  As patrons got closer to the entrance, they had to navigate a zig-zag path, made out of wooden planks. In that area, there were two zombies that stalked the crowd.  There was also a nice facade, to help enhance the mood.         
Admission Price: $18.00
Parking: FREE

10 Minutes *  
= Since people move through haunted attractions at different rates, your time will vary. Note: The time shown here represents the actual time spent moving through the attraction. Time spent waiting in queue lines or staging areas has been subtracted.

Scare Factor: Medium-Low
Crowd Control: Upon entering, I wasn't sure where to go to buy a ticket.  Tickets for the haunted house were not being sold at the main counter.  To buy tickets, patrons had to walk past the golf dome's main customer service counter and also the concession stand, before arriving at the ticket booth where haunted house tickets were being sold.  A little extra signage would have been helpful.  Inside the attraction, I didn't run into any other groups.        
Extras: Right next to the ticket booth, there was a concession stand.      


Before entering the main part of the haunted attraction, patrons were asked to walk down a dark hallway, where they were closed in by sliding wall panels.  In this confined space, they were shown a short video before being allowed to continue, through the mouth of a creature that was painted on the wall.  The attraction itself had very minimal detail or props, and most of the scenes had plain black walls.  There were a number of wide-open areas that were accented well with colored lighting and fog, yet they were completely empty, with the exception of a couple of actors.  Even though there wasn't an abundance of props, there were still some interesting and creative scenes.  I liked the spiral hallway and there were a couple of times when actors surprised me by banging on a window of Plexiglas.  There was also a chain-link fence maze, with doors operated by actors.  The slow flashing of the strobe light was very disorienting.  Another scene had a ball pit, like you would see in a McDonalds Playland.  That's not something you see in a lot of haunted houses.  Patrons entered the pit by way of a short slide.  The attraction ended on a high-note, with a chainsaw-wielding actor chasing patrons down a long corridor, out into the parking lot.  

There was definitely an ample amount of actors in the house, especially since it was so early in the season.  Even so, the acting was a bit rough overall.  Most of the scare attempts in the house were pop-outs and some of them were not timed properly.  A number of the characters had masks or hoods, with black cloaks, while others had more distinctive characters (e.g. the girl in the black dress whose eyes had been poked out).   Most of the actors were very enthusiastic about their roles within the house, but there were some who broke character by saying "excuse me"  or "yeah, you're going the wrong way", in a normal tone of voice.  I also saw one of the actresses "texting" on her cell phone, but she tried to hide the phone when my group came into the area.  

Throughout the attraction, the dialogue was very repetitive.  During my stay at Disturbia, I must have heard the actors shout "Get out!" or "Get out of my room!" at least ten times.  A couple of the actors also said "Where are you going so fast?", even though my group was walking at a turtle's pace. While walking through, I got the feeling that they were trying to hold the patrons in rooms longer than necessary, by blocking various exits throughout the house.   After a while, this got to be more annoying than entertaining.  

Overall, it was a nice effort, considering it was a first year event... but I must say that it was definitely overpriced.  The attraction had some very creative aspects that I enjoyed (e.g. the sliding panel enclosure where patrons were shown the video, the slide into the ball pit, etc), but the final product fell far short of my expectations for an $18 event.           

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