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2009 Hotel Massacre Review

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Hotel Massacre Haunted House
3359 W 115th Street
Chicago, IL 60803

Visited: 10/08/09


Visibility/Location: You should have no problem finding this event, if you use a mapping utility like Google Maps or Mapquest.  Visibility of the building from the street wasn't the best.  The building is set off of the road quite a distance and the entrance wasn't brightly lit.  Along the side of the street, there was a large black vinyl sign, imprinted with "Hotel Massacre Haunted House", to show you where to turn.  Since the sign wasn't brightly illuminated, you could miss it, if you weren't paying close attention.  Once inside the parking lot, the building was easier to see.  There was a green rotating emergency light near the entrance and a huge Hotel Massacre mural was visible through the front windows of the building.  There was also a large vinyl haunted house banner stretched across the top fo the building, above the entrance.  Parking was somewhat limited.  Hotel Massacre shares a parking lot with the 115 Bourbon Street bar, as well as a dollar store and a liquor store.  I arrived shortly after the haunt's scheduled opening time and had to wait to get a parking space.  I found out after my visit, though, that they offered valet parking.    
Wait Entertainment: Their large indoor waiting area was themed fairly well.  There was a large haunted house facade, with weathered boards, in front of the entrance.  Horror movie clips were being projected on one of the walls and spooky music could be heard in the background.  Colored lights shining on the facade added to the spooky atmosphere.           
Admission Price: $20.00
Parking: FREE

7 Minutes *  
= Since people move through haunted attractions at different rates, your time will vary. Note: The time shown here represents the actual time spent moving through the attraction. Time spent waiting in queue lines or staging areas has been subtracted.

Scare Factor: Low-Medium
Crowd Control: It was early in the evening & there wasn't much of a line, so I can't really comment on this category.  I got in right away.       


Hotel Massacre consisted of a collection of scenes, which were separated by dark hallways.  In most of the hallways, string and cloth were hung from the ceiling, for added effect.  The tour started in the hotel lobby, where the hotel bell captain welcomed you to the attraction.  Continuing on through the haunted house, a number of the scenes fit in with the hotel theme; however, there were some that did not.  

The bedroom scene had an interactive nature to it, which made it more interesting.  The girl in the scene presented me with a doll head that had a nail pounded into its eye.  She then asked me to open up the closet door, so I could meet her father.  Upon opening the door, there was a twitching animatronic dummy hanging in the closet and a surprise came out of the darkness.    The funeral scene was introduced by a priest, who was standing in front of a casket.  After he checked on the body inside, something unexpected happened.   The most visually appealing scenes were the cemetery and the mausoleum.  The cemetery featured tall "wrought iron" cemetery gates at the entrance, with multiple gravestones, behind a fence.  The entire scene was accented with various colored floodlights.  The mausoleum was tall and had a stone texture.  Inside there were several stone grave markers, along with some great-looking brickwork.  Other areas inside the attraction included a morgue, a pirate ship and a hallway illuminated with a strobe light.  The last scene of the house had a car front end that slowly rolled toward you, with its headlights on and horn blaring.  After that, patrons had to walk through the 115 Bourbon Street bar, to get back out to the parking lot.  

On the night that I visited, there was a sufficient number of actors throughout the attraction.  Many of the scenes had actors with speaking parts, who would introduce the room and set up for a scare attempt that would follow.  Most of them did a good job; however, there were a couple of actors who stumbled a bit, when reciting their lines.  Throughout the attraction, there was a mix of acting styles.  Along with those performing speaking parts, there were also several actors doing pop-out scares.  Unfortunately, timing was an issue.  Most of the pop-out scares were mistimed and a couple of them missed me completely.    In their defense, though, it was early in the season, so maybe the actors weren't "in the groove" yet.  Also, several of the actors yelled at me to "Get out!", which got quite old, by the time the tour was over.    

My tour though Hotel Massacre was fun, but it didn't meet my expectations, which were mainly based on the high ticket price and the content of their advertising.  On their website, it states: "Hotel Massacre was voted the Midwest's SCARIEST Haunted House!"  Oh, really?  If that is the case, who voted? They failed mention that part on their website.  Anyway, I certainly don't agree with that assessment. I have been to far more frightening haunts just in the Chicagoland area, much less the entire Midwest.  With such a grandiose claim being made, I expected so much more from this haunted attraction.  Taking into consideration the quality of the performance I experienced, as well as the brevity of the tour, I think this event was definitely overpriced.      

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