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2009 Sweet Dreams Haunted House Review

Sweet Dreams Haunted House
Fun Time Square
11901 S Cicero
Alsip, IL 60803

Visited: 10/15/09

Visibility/Location: If you know where Fun Time Square is, then this event would be easy to find; however, overall visibility was a problem.  There were no haunted house signs along the main road (Cicero Ave.), to show you where to turn and the road leading to the fun park didn't really stand out.  There was a "Fun Time Square" sign in a prominent place, but it could be easily missed, since it wasn't illuminated.  Even though the buildings had flashing lights on them, they still weren't very visible from Cicero, because the view was blocked by the batting cages.  After making the turn off of Cicero, there was a flashing backlit arrow sign to lead you into the parking lot.  While the flashing arrow portion of the sign was working, the backlit portion with the letters spelling out "haunted house" wasn't, so you couldn't read it.  
Wait Entertainment: There wasn't a need for any wait entertainment, since I was the only person in line.  They did have a canopy set up, to keep patrons dry.         
Admission Price: $10.00
Parking: FREE

2.5 Minutes *  
= Since people move through haunted attractions at different rates, your time will vary. Note: The time shown here represents the actual time spent moving through the attraction. Time spent waiting in queue lines or staging areas has been subtracted.

Scare Factor: Low
Crowd Control: When I arrived, there wasn't anyone in line, so it is hard for me to comment on this category.  I got in right away.        


The tour of Sweet Dreams began with the rules of the house being read by a ghoul whose torso was severed at the waist.  The rest of the attraction consisted of a collection of simple scenes that had a moderate to average level of detail.  Most of the rooms were fairly small in size, which fostered a feeling of confinement throughout the attraction.  The boiler room had dingy walls and a rusty pipe running the entire length of the scene.  At the end of the hallway was an old furnace, with "flames" visible through the access panel.  There was also a room of glowing dots, where the dots came to life.  In the insane asylum, there was a crazy man in a straight jacket, who was  inside a padded cell.  After passing the padded cell, the man escaped and stalk me down the next hallway.  The torture chamber featured a girl strapped to a table, with a man beating her, as she screamed for help.  There was a problem with this scene, however, as the actors were completely silent and didn't start acting until after I had walked into the room.  The bedroom had a nice lighting effect simulating thunder and lightning, and the closet filled with stuffed animals had a nice surprise, when I walked by.  I liked the bottomless pit illusion.  When I leaned forward to look down, there was a surprise that I didn't see coming.  Most of the scenes were themed well, but there was a speaker out in plain sight in the first hallway, which could be distracting to patrons going through.  

While there were a sufficient number of actors, their performances were pretty hit and miss.  As stated before, timing was an issue throughout the attraction.  Some of the scares were on target; however, there were a few times when scare attempts were made after I had already passed by.  The majority of the actors were very short, resulting in a lower scare factor.  At the exit of the haunted house, there was a ghoul who followed me for about thirty seconds, revving his chainsaw the entire time.  I think that the haunted house actor's rule of thumb "Get your scare, then get out of there" should have been followed, in this situation.  Looking at it from the actor's point of view, if you can tell that your chainsaw isn't having any impact on a patron after a few seconds, continuing to rev it even more isn't going to do anything but annoy them.           

Overall, my tour through Sweet Dreams was fun, but short.  Since this haunt wasn't overly intense, it would be appropriate for haunted house fans of all ages.  They did a decent job within the confined spaces they had to work with, but for what they are charging for admission, I wish the tour had lasted longer.  

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