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2010 Eleventh Hour Haunted House Review

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Eleventh Hour Haunted House
Berthold's Great Pumpkin Fest
434 East Devon Rd
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

Visited: 10/17/10



This event could be easily found with GPS, but visibility could have been better.  There was some road construction being done and the orange construction cones in the middle of the road were distracting, so you could miss the entrance if you weren't looking carefully.   There was a backlit sign that said "Haunted House Open" at the entrance, but since it was filled with a lot of other text as well, the "Haunted House" part didn't stand out.   Also, there was no specific reference anywhere to "Eleventh Hour", so if you were looking for the event name, you wouldn't see it from the road.  Adding colored floodlights, a simple "Eleventh Hour Haunted House" sign and/or other Halloween decor, would have greatly increased the visibility of this event.  Once in the parking lot, though, there were several arrow signs, showing people where to park.

Wait Entertainment: They had a concession stand and a covered tent with several picnic tables.  The Eleventh Hour attraction was built inside trailers, but with the haunted house facade, you couldn't tell from the outside view.  The spooky facade helped get patrons in the mood for their upcoming tour.  Outside the attraction there weren't any line actors, but there really wasn't a need for any, since there weren't that many people in line on the night that I attended.         
Admission Price: $23.00
Parking: Free 

Creatures of the Corn: 4 Minutes *  
Eleventh Hour: 6 Minutes *  
Catacombs & Intensity: 12 Minutes *  
= Since people move through haunted attractions at different rates, your time will vary. Note: The time shown here represents the actual time spent moving through the attraction. Time spent waiting in queue lines or staging areas has been subtracted.

LPR: 2.391
LPR stands for Length/Price Ratio. It represents perceived value of an event, by comparing length vs price of admission. Higher numbers represent more value per dollar. Actual quality and/or entertainment value of an event are not factors in this calculation. Click Here to see how this event compares to others visited this year by the staff of
Scare Factor: Creatures of the Corn: Low  
Eleventh Hour: Low  
Catacombs & Intensity: Low-Medium 
Crowd Control: They could have done better in this category.  Even though it was a slow night, I still ran into a couple of other groups inside of the Catacombs & Intensity attractions.      


Creatures of the Corn:

Creatures of the Corn was a corn maze and it was the tamest of all the attractions.  It consisted of a twisting path made of corn stalks, with multiple dead ends.  Inside the maze were a couple of actors, who jumped out of corners to scare patrons.  There was also an actor strapped into a bungee harness who jumped down from a platform, then sprung back up to his perch.

Eleventh Hour:

Of all the haunted attractions at this event, the Eleventh Hour was the most detailed and theatrical.  It consisted of several scenes following a haunted manor theme.  To set a spooky mood, the tour started with an actor giving patrons an introduction to the house, in an old room with peeling wallpaper, a hanging chandelier and the sound of a clock ticking in the background.  From there, though, things went downhill.   Even though there weren't that many customers on the night that I attended, I  felt like my group was rushed through the haunted house.   It seemed like there weren't enough actors to cover certain areas, so a number of the rooms and special effects were bypassed and/or not utilized properly.  One of the first scenes in the attraction was a detailed library.  As soon as my group entered the scene, an actor immediately ushered us through to the next area, before anyone could notice any of the detail and/or props that were there.  The toy room featured stuffed animals that hung from the walls and ceiling.  Nothing really happened in this area and the actress at the end of the scene missed my entire group.  In the laundry room there was a washer, a dryer and a pile of cloths in the corner.  An actor sitting on the washing machine just stared, as my group walked by.  That was a bit disappointing, since there was a pretty effective scare in this scene last year.  Another area in the house featured a hallway of doors that normally ended with a great visual effect.  Unfortunately, this effect wasn't even used and the door at the end of the hallway was wide open, allowing patrons to walk straight through.  The attic had stacks of old trunks, suitcases, old furniture and a nice soundtrack playing in the background.  While it was visually appealing, nothing of any consequence happened in this area, either.    

While there were some rough spots in the haunted house, there were also scenes that worked quite well.  The actress in the bedroom was very energetic and entertaining.  In the electrical room there were wires and cables stretched across the walls, and computer equipment was stacked everywhere.  When my group walked into the scene, something unexpected happened to surprise us.  The disgusting kitchen was dimly lit and had a sink full of dirty dishes.  There were also pots & pans on the stove.  I really liked the scene's hidden exit.  I also enjoyed the graveyard, which was laid out with tombstones bordering a twisting gravel path.  Colored lights accented the scene and an actor added to the atmosphere by dragging a shovel over the gravel, to make an eerie scraping sound. 

Catacombs and Intensity:

The Catacombs featured multiple levels of rotting corpses, laying in recessed alcoves.  For additional atmosphere, the catacombs were accented with colored lighting and fog.  Many of the scenes were separated by long, dark hallways.  In several areas, there were textured "rock" walls.  In one of the scenes, there was a 12 foot tall creature and tiered shelving that displayed multiple rows of skulls.  There was also a "Hellevator", which is a room that is supposed to simulate a ride in an out-of-control elevator.  Unfortunately, they seemed to be having some technical difficulties with this effect.  There were a lot of noises coming from underneath the platform, but there was hardly any motion.  Along with the technical problems, there were also some actor issues.  Unfortunately there were a lot of places throughout this attraction that lacked actors, making certain sections of the house too quiet and uneventful.  

Despite these issues, there were still some scenes and special effects that I enjoyed.  One path featured plastic drainage pipes that the group had to navigate their way through.   There was also a part of the house with heavy plastic curtains that had to be pushed to the side, in order to continue into the next area.  The cage maze had some nice green and red laser light effects, as well as some dizzying strobe lights.  I also liked the vortex tunnel with glowing dots and the swamp area with vines that hung down in your face.  My favorite special effect was the semi-truck that came crashing through the wall.  It was a very effective scare, as well as being perfectly timed for my group.  

I must have come on an off night, since this particular experience is not on par with what I have seen from the Eleventh Hour in the past.  I still had fun going through, but the technical difficulties and actor issues experienced throughout all the attractions diminished the overall quality of the show.   This season I just didn't feel like I got my moneys worth.    

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