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2013 Creepy Hallow Review

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Creepy Hallow's Blood Shed Haunted House, Hayride & Zombie Hunt
24405 S. LaGrange Rd
Frankfort, IL 60423

Visited: 10/19/13


Reviewed By: Webmaster    
Visibility/Location: Creepy Hallow was located at a nursery on LaGrange Road, in Frankfort. They did a good job making the event visible. Along the road, there was a large plywood sign that could be seen from both directions. It would have stood out more, had it been illuminated, though. The entrance was brightly lit and there was additional signage there, as well. Once inside the parking lot, there were flashing arrows, showing you where to park. 
Wait Entertainment: A couple of fire pits were set up in a couple of key locations, to help keep patrons warm. They also had a concession stand set up inside of an enclosed greenhouse-type structure, with plenty of seating. As for traditional haunt-style wait entertainment, they could have done more in this area. The entire time I was there, I didn’t see a single costumed character, to entertain customers waiting in line. They did have a movie projected against the side of one of their outdoor buildings, but having a few line actors present would have greatly enhanced the overall atmosphere of the event.    
Admission Price: Blood Shed Haunted House: $25 
Haunted Hayride: $20 
Zombie Hunt Paintball: $18 
 - or - 
Combo ticket for all 3: $50
Parking: Free

Blood Shed Haunted House: 5.5 Minutes * 
Haunted Hayride: 15 Minutes * 
Zombie Hunt Paintball: 8 Minutes * 

= Since people move through haunted attractions at different rates, your time will vary. Note: The time shown here represents the actual time spent moving forward through the attraction. Time spent waiting in queue lines, staging areas, intro scenes, rules rooms and when traffic jams cause patrons to come to a halt, has been subtracted. 

LPR: 1.311
LPR stands for Length/Price Ratio. It represents perceived value of an event, by comparing length vs price of admission. Higher numbers represent more value per dollar. Actual quality and/or entertainment value of an event are not factors in this calculation. Click Here to see how this event compares to others visited this year by the staff of
Scare Factor: Blood Shed Haunted House: Low-Medium 
Haunted Hayride: Low 
Zombie Hunt Paintball: Low 
Crowd Control: From the nursery entrance to the queue line areas, everything seemed to be very organized. There was ample signage, telling you which way to go, for each individual attraction.

As for patron flow within the attractions themselves… Since the Zombie Hunt Paintball and Haunted Hayride attractions were on a moving hay rack, this category doesn’t apply. Flow through the haunted house was smooth and I didn’t run into any other groups, but since the line wasn’t that long, I can’t speculate on how well they could have handled a large crowd. 


Blood Shed Haunted House

Considering the cost of this event, I had high expectations. It all started off great. The opening scene was amazing. It was very interactive. As I walked in, Simon Baskerville, casket-maker and owner of the estate, greeted me very politely. He had me stand up straight, to be measured for my casket. Before continuing on, I had to sign in, on the registry. When I attempted to sign my name, there was a nice startle scare. 

Unfortunately, that was the high point of my visit. From there, everything else paled in comparison. The rest of the attraction was a collection of simple to moderately detailed scenes. There were a lot of areas with black light artwork and glowing objects, which gave the entire attraction somewhat of a funhouse feel, making it more creepy than scary. In some areas, there were simple static scenes, displayed in alcoves behind chicken wire.

The alley scene featured actors behind chain-link fences, who glared at you while banging loudly on 55 gallon drums. I enjoyed the clown room, with multi-colored flashing lights and great sound effects. As I walked by, a creepy clown crawled on the floor, in my direction. Shortly after that, there was a hallway of tubes that customers had to push through. The playroom was also entertaining. In the jungle area, which was a hallway with foliage attached to the walls, there was a nice animatronic pop-out that took me off guard. Another interesting scene was the room of doors, where patrons had to pick the correct one, in order to exit the scene. Some of the other doors had props behind them, while others led to a dead end. That was fun. Other scenes included a hallway of pictures illuminated with black light and an insane asylum with white walls. 

The graveyard was the most elaborate area. Contained behind picket fencing were a lot of tombstones, coffins and some animatronic props. As I walked in, three or four “zombies” stalked me through to the end, moaning and groaning, as they shambled along. While this was creepy, I didn’t really feel threatened, because the walking path was more than 10 feet wide. Had the path been narrower, the scene would have been more effective. Near the exit, there was an impressive 12 foot tall animated skeleton that was actor operated. Unfortunately, no attempt had been made to conceal the prop’s large metal armature or the actor operating it. They were both in plain sight, which minimized the impact of what could have been a nice finish to the scene and the haunted house. 

A lot of the actors were younger / shorter and most were passive, which kept the scare factor fairly low throughout all of the scenes. 

Haunted Hayride

The hayride started off okay. The tractor-drawn wagon started off on a straight path, through the middle of the field. After a minute or so, the wagon stopped, as we came up to the first scene. It consisted of a small wooden shack with body parts hanging from chains. A ghoul with a blood-splattered shirt and machete approached the hay wagon and came on board. In fact, he ended up riding with us for the remainder of the trip. A little further down the path there was another scene. It had a blood-smeared white sheet hung up, with an animated monster standing in front of it. The rest of the hayride was uneventful and rather disappointing. When we got to the end of the lane, the tractor turned around and we returned the way we came. There were only two scenes along the entire path. Near our starting point, the hayrack came to a stop and we all got off, to walk through a short corn maze. Rope lights bordered the twisting path, to keep customers on track. Various static props were positioned along the way and several actors jumped out of hiding, trying to scare patrons as they walked by. 

Zombie Hunt Paintball

Zombie Hunt Paintball was a ride on a specially modified hayrack, with paintball guns mounted along the one side. As we moved along, we encountered four different scenes, each populated with one to three “zombies”. The scenes consisted of old rusty vehicles, stacks of tires and glowing plastic water tanks. In one of the scenes, we had to shoot through trees with low-hanging branches, which made hitting the zombies even more of a challenge. It was hard enough to hit them anyway, as the guns were dialed down quite a bit. In order to hit anything more than 30 feet away, you had to aim the gun at a sharp upward angle. Perhaps the pressure was turned down to minimize actor injuries? Anyway, I was surprised to see that the zombies really didn’t look like zombies at all. All of the actors were wearing black clothes and had flip-down plastic face shields, to protect their heads. The black clothing made it hard to see whether or not you were hitting them. It was fun, but I wish the ride would have lasted longer. 

Overall, the Creepy Hallow attractions were fun. The lower scare factor and family-friendly nature of the events would make them appropriate for Halloween fans of all ages. Creepy Hallow provides a decent amount of entertainment value, but for the amount they are charging, the entire experience fell far short of my expectations. The different attractions were a lot of fun, but they were not nearly long enough or elaborate enough to justify such an over-inflated price tag. 

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