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2013 Doc Zarvin's Zombie Annihilation Review

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Doc Zarvin's Zombie Annihilation
Casa Italia Cultural Center
3800 Division St
Stone Park, IL 60165

Visited: 10/11/13


Reviewed By: Raven    
Visibility/Location: Using mapquest was a breeze to the address listed for the very pretty Casa Italia complex on Division. 

Very easily found, took me right to the front of the community center. Problem however, is that the haunt is not in the community center located on Division. It is located instead in the park at 37th and Soffel – which a few blocks down. Had to ask an unexpecting – and unknowledgeable! Local – had no idea about any haunted house in the area! I resorted to checking their site once again, noticing the location down the street. 
Was very simple to find after.

Knew right away that I was in the right location – finally! Huge lighted sign right on the corner – and a very sweet Hurst that the undead driver parked right up on the corner. 

The haunt was not buried too deeply inside of the park. Could see it right as you walked up. Nicely lit, and there were a few booths lining the walkway, one for purchasing snacks and goodies and the other rewarding survivors with a comic book on their way out. 

Parking was a breeze. Right along the street, aside of the park. Plenty of it too. Was not very crowded the night I went, but even if it were, there’s plenty of street parking in that area to accommodate a large crowd. 

Wait Entertainment: Being a trailered haunt with outside waiting, there was no eye candy here. The outside of the haunt itself is very simply made up, painted completely black. There is a simple ticket booth with large signs on the side of the haunt pointing you in the right location for tickets. A very simple skull link fence to accommodate the victims waiting their turn in. A good selection of rock was played to help make the waiting much easier. 

I waited a few short minutes for my ticket and for permission to enter. Was nobody in line before or after me, and except for the staff working the haunt, I had it to myself. Which I enjoyed. Gave me a chance to take everything in, take my time and have fun with it.    

Admission Price: $15
Parking: Free

5.5 Minutes * 

= Since people move through haunted attractions at different rates, your time will vary. Note: The time shown here represents the actual time spent moving forward through the attraction. Time spent waiting in queue lines, staging areas, intro scenes, rules rooms and when traffic jams cause patrons to come to a halt, has been subtracted. 

LPR: 1.283
LPR stands for Length/Price Ratio. It represents perceived value of an event, by comparing length vs price of admission. Higher numbers represent more value per dollar. Actual quality and/or entertainment value of an event are not factors in this calculation. Click Here to see how this event compares to others visited this year by the staff of
Scare Factor: Low-Medium

There was some great acting in this scaled down local haunt, but unfortunately wasn’t as intense as I would have liked to see. The doctor was awesome! Setting the mood for the haunt, and although they did a very nice job of bringing the intensity of the zombies through at different points in the haunt, it wasn’t enough to keep you on your toes. 

Was still a very fun experience, but could be made a little better with a few more quick paced zombies added to their collection. Over all, it’s a very nice family haunt which you could bring the kids – without keeping them up all night with nightmares!

Crowd Control: With the intro scene, would think they could handle this aspect quite nicely, but I didn’t have the chance to experience this. Being the only person in, had the entire haunt to myself – from beginning to end.


Didn’t really know what to expect from Doc Zarvin’s. Being only their second year around, had me hooked by their creative story, their cheesy video on the site and the comic book that accompanied it. Looked a lot of fun, and unique – which is really what I enjoy.   Did know going in that this would be a smaller haunt, and was looking for a good old fashioned scary time. 

The opening scene brings you directly to meeting the doctor. Quickly ordered up against the wall – a soldier hurriedly scans you with their laser gun, ensuring that you are indeed human!, before the doctor continues his story. 

The doc explains that he is a doctor of PMS – yes, he gets the pun! Asking you briefly on how you managed to survive – diagnosed me with a case of brain rage! – he is extremely entertaining, and energetic while he explains about his research on the outbreak, showing you specimens he’s managed to collect along the way. He continues on, giving you some information about the disease itself. Not genetically engineered, as everyone believes, he has discovered it’s a very simple case of mind over matter. You must believe that you will not turn – for your survival. 

Right after that notation, zombies break into the complex, Very abruptly interrupting your meeting with the doc. The soldier is now ordered to attack, and is now your queue, to which you need to get on your feet – double time! And scurry out into the unknown darkness that lays waiting. 

Unfortunately this is where some of the excitement ends. 

Although winding through the dark corridors is fun, at first, you realize that except for a few strategically placed zombies, there is nobody actually chasing you. Your haste lessens and you find yourself walking through the haunt, having a few laughs when they do pop out at you, managing to catch me a few times off guard. 

Through out the maze of dark corridors and chain link fences, there are two scenes set up. The first is a simple, yet nicely decorated funeral parlor, complete with coffin. Amy the pretty girl announces that she’s waiting for you. And although Amy is very entertaining! There is no intensity or even make up to believe that she is one of the zombies that you should be worried about. She was so fresh, there was no time for any decay to settle in! Nor, did she ever leave the comforts of her nicely lined coffin. 

A few laser lighted chain link corridors later, you come to an open part of the trailers, and the larger of the two scenes - the graveyard.  This was a very fun part of the haunt. Although the props were very simple, a huge inflatable spider, tombstones and a bunch of webbing. They stood out nicely and there were a lot of actors lurking in this area. Too bad they’re confined behind the chain link fence! Could be a nice touch for them to come in a little closer, chasing you through the remainder of the haunt. 
Few more winding corridors after this scene and the haunt was done. 

Whew! I made it!!  Picked up my very cool comic book – nice touch!! And was on my way. 

Staff was talkative after, asking what I thought and suggested I’d bring more survivors along with me next time – they’re hard to come by I told her! But I’ll most certainly try! 

Although I had a good time at this haunt, I felt that it could have more of an impact with a few more zombies tossed into the mix. A few that actually chased you through the dark corridors or the laser lit chain link fences would add a more intense touch, taking it out of the kiddie zone, and making it more fun for the adults as well. 

For once, I found myself a little disappointed that there were no chainsaws or monsters at the end to finish off the job! 

Did love the idea behind the haunt, and for as simple as the props were, they worked extremely well – following the story line perfectly. The lasers both on the guns and in some of the scenes were reminiscent of days of playing laser tag, which were really fun! Had found myself really wanted to tote a gun in this haunt! 

With this being said, it was still a lot of fun, and with a few minor tweaks, this could be an absolute blast! Wish the Doc and his crew the best of luck for survival during these difficult times!! 

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