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2013 Eleventh Hour Review

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Eleventh Hour Haunted House
1940 George Street
Melrose Park, IL 60160

Visited: 10/11/13


Reviewed By: Raven    
Visibility/Location: Very easy to find using gps. George street is located at a stop light right off North Avenue. Located behind two strip malls, the area is nicely lighted, with the big sign and construction horses cautioning you to drive through slowly, you cannot miss it. 

Although parking was a little tricky, wasn’t all that difficult. There is a good number of spots on George street within feet of the haunt. Although marked, the spots are pretty tight, and I decided against parking in that area, moving on to the overflow in the Aldi’s lot about a ½ block away. 
Plenty of parking in this area. Can very easily handle the crowds when it gets closer in to Halloween. 

Building itself is nicely lighted. Inside a standard commercialized warehouse, in the middle of the block, the music being played, the signs and crowd make it very difficult to miss. 
Wait Entertainment: Going in by myself, there was not much of a wait in front of me. Strange creatures lurked the hallways waiting and taunting you as they walked by. A slinky dark cat and a very demented red headed Stewie were among them, working the front of the line. Inside, where we checked in, the mad assistant was there to help guide us through. 

There was much to feast your eyes on in this area. A huge dark winding stairway sat off to your right, while an electrode sent electric shocks through a clear see through casing off to the front right. A huge screen played videos and welcomed you to the haunt as we waited our turn inside. 

Wasn’t much of a crowd this night, it’s still been early in the season for most of the haunts I’ve been to already…usually crowd control hasn’t been a problem, and this was no exception. Although a little more busy then most, there was one small group before ours. Being a party of one, I was asked to join the group of gals in front of me and gladly obliged. Although I wanted to take everything in, haunts are always more fun with a small crowd, especially with a scardy cat on your hands – which we did have! 

Not having much of a wait, we didn’t get to experience it, but one of the attractions they boast for this season is not having to wait hours in line while you wait your turn. Using a numerical system, you are welcome to hang out in the cozy lounge off to the side, having a drink or a bite to eat before going in. Although the option was not there for us to check that out, very much liked the idea and the lounge area. Was very nicely done. 

The entrance to the haunt itself was a large “concrete” arch, very nicely designed. Blackened out, yellow lighted windows lined the sides of the building – giving it a majestic, abandoned feel.
Admission Price: $23
Parking: Free

21 Minutes*

= Since people move through haunted attractions at different rates, your time will vary. Note: The time shown here represents the actual time spent moving forward through the attraction. Time spent waiting in queue lines, staging areas, intro scenes, rules rooms and when traffic jams cause patrons to come to a halt, has been subtracted. 

LPR: 2.647
LPR stands for Length/Price Ratio. It represents perceived value of an event, by comparing length vs price of admission. Higher numbers represent more value per dollar. Actual quality and/or entertainment value of an event are not factors in this calculation. Click Here to see how this event compares to others visited this year by the staff of
Scare Factor: Medium - High

Was not only a good amount of intensity within the zombie hoard that lurked behind every corner, but there was some great actors that really stood out, taunting the boy we were with – was visiting the little girls in the library for a good 5 minutes while they danced and played with the boy – and Rufus and his strange human companion were super fun following us through many rooms. 

If the acting wasn’t enough, there were multitudes of zombies through out the haunt, not only attacking from the obvious corners, but side swiping at your feet and winding through open walls – and tombstones – to follow you to the other side
Crowd Control: Very good. 

We never bumped into the group before us, nor ever seen the group behind. And we were in for quite a while! They did an excellent job at keeping the crowd contained and separated from the others, giving a personalized and fun experience. 


I haven’t been to Eleventh hour in many years. The last few times I had visited – at their old location – was always something missing the mark. Scenes were always the same from one year to another, and a bit stale. For the price and entertainment value, there was always something better to check out, and I didn’t have much of a reason to go back.

Very glad I did this year. Not only are they in a new location, but they do a wonderful job at making the most of it. 

Enter the Zoo. Melrose Park has a long history of mob activity and unexplained deaths in the area. When a toxic spill affected the area many years ago, the area was designed for study and containment of the undead that roamed the streets. Fast forward many years, and budget cuts later, the Zoo is now opened for the public – or at least the brave or crazy ones who wish to experience the sights. 

The “rules” were a fun play inside of a open area with steel stairways along the actual entrance – giving it that Industrial look. The host, with her microphone, gave us a few guidelines before our guide came to show us on through. Very much liked the idea of a story rather then just laying out the law. Found it a lot of fun, and was easier to set the mood for when you finally went in. 

To get to the Zoo, you must first ride the elevator. Have read people complaining that it was not working at the time of their visit, but this was not the case on ours. Always having that fear of being stuck in one, the elevator scene was very nicely done. Pitch dark, shaky, and enough to toss you off balance a few times. This played out for what felt like several minutes before it finally came to a sudden halt and the doors were opened…shoving you out to the City below. 

Welcome to a city in ruins. Concrete and dust line the streets and you are wound through a destroyed city. The ruins of the clock tower surround you, as the yellow light illuminates from the (very nicely done) skylight. Many of the undead congregate here and are hissing and sliding towards you for a feast. 

The cemetery was pretty awesome. Large mausoleums and tombstones lined the streets here, winding you through the entire area as zombies not only attacked you from in front and behind, but also grabbing at your feet, through broken areas in the stone. Many of the tombs had a see through feature, nicely lighted inside, so you can see what is left of the creatures inside. Many creatures in this area used a hidden door in many of the props, not only attacking you on the way in, but also as you wrapped your way around to behind the areas. Very much enjoyed that. The added smells of must and dust added to the effects. 

The hillbilly house was the first real sign of civilization we encountered. If anyone could survive in the zoo, it would only be these crazy guys!! We are welcomed in by a very energetic hillbilly woman who told us if we didn’t hurry, they’d come for us!

We scurried into the library, which was extremely detailed. Here we encountered the 2 – very playful – 10 year old girls who knew the boy with us was scared. Very much loved one of the girl’s acting in this scene – was very entertaining, jumping around, asking if he’d like to see her mama…and telling him we would have to crawl through the fireplace to escape – not the way out! But the fireplace was very awesome! Dressed in a simple black dress with white color, black hair and pig tails, these Wednesday’ish girls really enjoyed playing with the boy, before they finally revealed the real exit, through a wall of books that they moved aside…finally letting us through. 

We met Rufus and his human at this point. Very friendly, and excited fellow! Wanted to make sure that we knew there was danger – and crazies! – around, but of course, they’re not it! Oh no! There’s others we needed to worry about! This actor had to be the best I’ve seen in a while. Like the mad hatter, he was a crazy man all over the place, finding us on the other side of the hallways though hidden scenes and interacting with other actors. The very nervous – hyped up on coffee and very little soda guy – was great as well. Very much added to the effect of the house. We were shown the bathroom, just in case that’s why we came!, that wasn’t quite working…although there was a bloody mess someone left in the tub!

We stumbled next onto the a make shift lab where a very mad doctor studied this disease and experimented on many unfortunate patients. Being the last in line, he pulled me aside and explained – as I had questioned him – what happened to a few of those in that area. Many – poor souls – didn’t quite make it, yet, he was willing – and able – to experiment more! If we should get bitten, he welcomed us back!!

Was back out to the graveyard again, more zombies surrounded us – so much so, that we went the wrong way out! Was some laughter from us – and the creatures – as we had to come back from behind the scenes to be directed back to the right path. 

Was no chainsaw wielders here, nor monsters at the end. Making it through the enormous hoard of zombies, ensured your survival – and we once again found ourselves outside. 

The people here at Eleventh Hour did a most excellent job this year. From the visuals, to the acting, everything was spot on and perfect for a great time! Was very glad I checked it out this year!! A bit pricey, but with the timing – and the free movie ticket – is a good value for your buck. You won’t find yourself disappointed. 

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