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2013 Fables Studios Review

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Fables Studios
8220 N Austin Ave
Morton Grove, IL 60053

Visited: 10/20/13


Reviewed By: TerrorGrrrl    
Visibility/Location: Fables Studios’ haunted attraction was located within the same warehouse as Fear City, which is what all of the outside signage was for. Fables Studios’ haunt was not made prominent until we were in the waiting area for Fear City. There were large banners and signs for Fables Studios on their half of the warehouse space, as well as a light show. We saw a couple of Fables Studios’ actors roaming through the crowds asking guests to visit them. 
Wait Entertainment: We were not in line for very long, so we didn’t get a chance to experience any entertainment in line. We did see the light show and the actors roaming around while we were in line for Fear City.    
Admission Price: $15
Parking: Free

22.5 Minutes * 

= Since people move through haunted attractions at different rates, your time will vary. Note: The time shown here represents the actual time spent moving forward through the attraction. Time spent waiting in queue lines, staging areas, intro scenes, rules rooms and when traffic jams cause patrons to come to a halt, has been subtracted. 

LPR: 5.250
LPR stands for Length/Price Ratio. It represents perceived value of an event, by comparing length vs price of admission. Higher numbers represent more value per dollar. Actual quality and/or entertainment value of an event are not factors in this calculation. Click Here to see how this event compares to others visited this year by the staff of
Scare Factor: Medium. However, Fables Studios makes it very clear at the beginning of the show that they do not intend to be the typical scary haunted house. They are more interested in entertaining their guests rather than trying to scare them with blood and gore. With that being said, their “entertainment factor” would be rated high.
Crowd Control: Awesome. We never ran into another group throughout the entire tour, which consisted of a lot of stops in each room and interaction with the characters. They did a great job spacing everyone out and making sure the groups stayed apart all the way to the finale. 


We approached a stone façade that had banners and signs for Fables Studios’ Carnivale. There were small windows, in which red and white striped curtains were lit up by the light inside. When we were welcomed in, we entered a room that was long and narrow. A long table with miscellaneous knick knacks and curious treasures were lying on the table. A traditional early 1900’s carnie welcomed us in, lined us up along the wall and proceeded to describe the curiosities that were on display; both on the table and inside of the haunt. The oddities on the table consisted of giant bugs in test tubes, molds of dead people’s teeth and body parts preserved in jars. 
We were told that Fables’ Studios was unlike any other haunted attraction in that they strive to be interactive and entertaining rather than gory and terrifying. 

We were led into a space that resembled a fortune teller’s lair, with intricate curtains draped throughout the room and a seat for readings. A kind gentleman asked a lady in our group to pick a card, but he then informed us that he would not be able to read her card. We had to travel farther into the haunt for a reading. The next room that we came into had an altar, behind which was a character wearing an old doctor’s plague mask. Her soft and echoing voice asked us to come closer, and she took the card from the young lady in our group. The reading was dreary and grim, and as the card reader went farther into the reading, she began to rise from the floor, until she was floating over us. The overall feel of the room had become increasingly tense with the sounds around us getting louder and the lights around us flashing. Finally, the card reader calmed down and began to come back to our level. After a little startle as part of the act, we moved onto the next space. 

We met a kind fellow with a cloth mask over his face and he introduced us to his dolls. He said that he had made them himself, but that he was missing his favorite, Penny. He asked us to help him find her and allowed us to dig through a bassinet full of dolls. He was clearly distraught and was begging for our help. Penny decided to play a little trick on us and startled our group, and then she was off again, leaving her creator a babbling mess of a man. 

We walked through a hallway made of cotton candy. Legit cotton candy. The stuff was sticky and it smelled like fresh cotton candy. Another space that we came into had a carnival game set up for two groups. We were encouraged to toss balls into a giant clown’s mouth in an attempt to win the contest against the other couple in our group. We played the game for several seconds and were instructed to wait for our prize as the carnie went to go find it. While she had her back turned, the prize found us and gave us all a good startle.

Our path then crossed the path of a multi personality clown, who was absolutely hysterical and made a balloon figure of questionable nature for the young lady in our group. After a few dirty jokes, we parted ways with the clown and met another carnival game. Someone had to toss a ping pong ball into a gold fish bowl. Once we did that, we were granted access to a maze, wherein the actors taunted us and had us walking in circles. After the maze, we were led back to the goldfish bowl game, and back into the maze. The characters that we had met so far taunting us throughout the maze was comical. 

We met a couple more characters along the way; namely Billy, who was a very sweet man dressed in a sweet little girl’s dress and blond pig tails. He talked to us, warned us of the man behind us, picked on us, warned us of the man behind us, picked on himself, and warned us of the man behind us. This character was just awesome. On the way out, we stopped for a souvenir photo, which turned out to be more than we thought it would be. Surprises are hidden around every corner in this attraction. 

I couldn’t be more pleased with the visit that we made to Fables Studios’ Carnivale. I had a blast walking through the entire event and interacting with a superb actor or two in each and every room along the way. This haunted attraction is so unique and so wonderfully put together. With how well they kept groups separate, performed the set ups and the scares, and somehow managed to remember our names while toying with us in the maze, I find it hard to believe that they have only been haunting for a couple of years. These guys are phenomenal and are totally worth the ticket price. If you haven’t seen their show yet, put it on your list of mandatory visits. It’s a good one. 

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